Legitimacy in the application of the alternative right 1 Fernando Muniz 2 Rayssa Amorim Summary: Introduction; The 1 silogstica interpretation of the norms; 1.1 The Tpica interpretation dialtico silogism; 2 Alternative Right; 3 legal Legitimacy to apply the alternative right; 4 Consideraes final SUMMARY The Alternative Right suggests a judgment form that favors the opressos of the society, that is, looks for to fill lacks that the positivada application of the right leaves, making, in such a way, an inversion of the critical marxist when analyzing the right as an instrument the service of the ruling classes. The practical one of the Jurist to apply the Alternative Right in its sentences has gained much force in recent years. However, such practical, in measure where it gains adhesions, also gains critical and questionings concerning the legitimacy of the judges to make its use. Legitimacy, Judge, Alternative Right, Legality. During all the historical process, we can perceive the diverse frames that the right assumes ahead of the 0ccasional necessities of each time.

In this direction, the right has been object of study of some doutrinadores, that they search to give to an accurate formula for its production and application. Of certain form, with the modern State monopolizing the right and positivando it, a formula was reached. Such model of production and application left as inheritance to the judge, a paper of ‘ ‘ mere detainer of frmula’ ‘ , this repassed it through all a pragmatic system, and with this, imported of the positivado right the reduction of its powers and its independence, losing, for example, the observed rational capacity in the jurisprudentes of the Roman law. Destarte, the search for the accurate concept of justice or one mold, is still, so vehement how much to the search for the one of the right.

Effective Wiper

"Wiper" car in the autumn-winter season, removing the dirt from glass, salt and ice, most rapidly deteriorate. The quality of the blades in the spring is markedly reduced. What can be done in this case, not to change "Caretakers" every season? What primarily determines the efficiency of the wiper? Serviceability of the frame "caretaker" and "wearing" a rubber scraper to it. Here is the rubber part and the damaged first. Working gum edge "work" profile, it becomes a rounded edge, it loses elasticity and becomes deformed. Depreciation is not externally visible, but of the "wipers" are eloquent patterns on the glass.

Worn brushes even pure water is poorly removed. Quality cleaning glass deteriorates with an increase in the elements of frame brushes backlash, with decreasing angle of the blade against the glass. To assess the wear and tear "wipers," to determine the total gum condition and mobility of rockers. And yet – replacement or repair? 1. Acquire new "caretakers." This version is definitely more expensive.

Brushes should be replaced if they are frayed or gum lacerations working edge, if they turned on each end. There is no longer invent anything. 2. Refurbishing old ones, reducing the cost of about 3-7 times. "Wiper" should work. With a simple machine to five months dry brush and lose their elasticity – a this case it is better to be removed and stored separately. Frameworks "janitors" with metal rocker, you can recover, unlike plastic, which can not be restored. In the application of a hammer and a pair of pliers can be eliminate wear rubber latches and hinges. Repair Kit Replace the wiper just gum. The choice of such products on the car markets and in stores is great: – simple – black – with a Teflon coating – with yellow stripes – silicone – white or colored – made of rubber and graphite mixture – are distinguished by a slight smell of vanilla and a gray hue. "Universal" Rubber spare length of most items is from 61 to 71 cm, that is suitable for most vehicles. At the car you can buy gum just "in bulk" sales to cut straight to the bay and immediately set to "wipers." Can be purchased individually gum foreign producers – according to their width, which can be different. Guarantee Terms define a resource manual "wipers." To their rapid deterioration and damage to their work is "dry", damaged or heavily contaminated glass. Rights Act allows consumers to exchange the windshield for two weeks in the identification of these hidden manufacturing defect. But long-term guarantees nobody will give you – so that, in this case, the hope we need only to themselves, as in many other things, on careful handling and proper care. Buying parts for your car in our online store KoreShop, you get not only quality products, but also a guarantee.

Sales Promotions

Sales promotion – a system of measures aimed at stimulating consumer demand, accelerate the process of goods movement and sale of goods. Sales promotion includes working with retailers and Encourage consumers. Promote retail competition provides for vendors or their staff, provide special promotional support, and additional bonuses when trading the condition of achieving the planned sales volume. Promote direct buyers is to: provide free samples, discounts, gifts, conduct various contests and sweepstakes. Budget royalties on sales promotion company grow from year to year, because this method is gaining in popularity among marketers. Nevertheless, read in Russian on the theme of 'sales promotion' (sales promotion), until recently, time was almost nothing, except a few articles in specialized media. In 2006, there were two good books on this subject, which offers you a website

The book "Sales promotion" Image advertising of the budget manufacturers pushed promotions, discounts and an infinite variety of presentations, contests and lotteries. What's really effective – challenging, commercial or branding? And how to make and sales increased, and the image was fixed in the minds of your target audience? This book answers these questions using a large number of 'live' examples. Shows the range of marketing communications in its modern interpretation, are described 39 classes of methods to stimulate. The author demonstrates a strategy for the integrated interaction between branding, product, price advertising, branding, brand promotion, events, PR Public shares of sales promotion. Book 'Promotion. How to launch an effective promotional campaign 'Zes details the experience of sales promotion (sales promotion), acquired companies in the UK: content, structure and stages of a promotional campaign, specific methods and strategies, financial and legal issues, as well as methods of assessment results by using appropriate tests and studies. Examples dealt with 30 cases of the most successful practices of the author. The book will be useful to those involved in the promotion of goods and services – brand managers, merchandisers, marketers, managers or employees of trade, advertising agencies and PR-agencies, promoters directly, as well as students and teachers with a degree 'marketing'.