Developing Self-Confidence

In children need to develop this same responsibility, which will be the foundation of their adult life successfully. The next question – "What to do when scared?". Pavlik replied: "To repress his fear and think that you are not scary." Yulin answer: "Trying not to panic." It is important to learn how to act, despite the fear, as well as maintain and develop self-confidence. The question "Why do some people have a hard life?" Do not put children in a deadlock. Tanya gave a very interesting answer: "These people all my life asleep – she flew past them, but they did not notice." And Pavlik is not far behind: "People create their own problems, not able to do something at one time." These answers may sound harsh, but they do not far from the truth. Even in childhood, should learn to "wake up" to full adulthood. What kind of answer to the children the question: "Can you get rich without working?".

Pavlik thinks that it is possible, if someone will work on him. Julia replied: "Yes and no. With start-up capital, we can invest it, but on the other hand we must first earn. " We must learn to put those first money wisely. Tannin is the answer "You can win the lottery." Very important and sensitive issue for many: "What debt?".

Tanya said this: "Get someone else money, with salaries to pay", the child learns from parents that the debts should be returned, but saw only one real way to do. The question: "Do you believe in luck?" Very optimistic guys responded, "Yes." They need to explain the true nature of luck, so they learned to build on its strengths, then they have success in life is inevitable. Next question: "What traits do you want to develop in themselves?". And Paul, and Tanya said, "Compassion." In Julia's reply: "Communication skills, persistence, determination." "If you caught a goldfish, what would you 3 wishes put forth? "Tanya Pavlik began to enumerate his desires, and Julia gave the answer:" It must first catch. " This response shows lack of confidence in their abilities Julia, but Julia has acquired this quality – has learned.

Organizational Issues

This is organizational – the implementation in practice, worked out the course, the embodiment of political decisions in life, integrative – the strengthening of stability and unity society, the stability of its political and economic systems, prevention and conflict resolution, building consensus on the fundamental principles of the life of the state. ” These functions should be add more communicative – effective representation, expression and reflection of the political agenda of interests and needs of different social strata and groups, implying the protection of social goals, ideals and values characteristic of the society. To effectively implement these functions, the elite should be characterized by such qualities as a modern mentality, a state of thinking, a willingness to Protection of national interests, etc. Also, the political elite has the following functions: investigation and analysis of the interests of different social groups; subordination of interests of different social communities; reflection interests in political attitudes, develop a political ideology (programs, doctrine, constitution, laws, etc.), a mechanism for translating political intentions, the appointment of staff personnel administration; creating and correction institutions, the political system, nomination of political leaders. The role of elites in society, government, economy reflects its function: 1) the elite play a crucial role in determining the political will social group, whole class and to develop mechanisms to implement the will, 2) designed to form elite political goals of their group, class, and 3) elite to regulate the activities of political representation of groups class, batching support, enhancing or limiting it, and 4) are the main reserve of the elite leadership training center for recruitment and placement of executives in different parts of the political and public administration.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The power of prayer based on feeling, is an opportunity to act at this time under a new paradigm of understanding and feelings that reflect what we would experience in our lives. Nothing needs to be created, as any result imaginable for a situation, is already present. We will be more useful in the first service if we feel the result of what we experience in our own world. The appreciation and the gratitude we feel is what creates the quantum effects, allowing the creation is tied to our feelings. If when I'm praying, experiment, feelings that my prayer has been answered, then show the ancient quantum principle stating that the conditions for peace in our bodies, is reflected off them. According to the investigator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Greg Braden, the ancient Essenes (the spiritual community to which they say belonged to Jesus) had to pray that way, very different from today.

The future is this: Let's create this practice today as a good practice to start our day: the purpose of taking time to create my day. In this way I'm acting in the quantum field to generate what I want. Suggestions for practice: 1) create your daily Practice day 2) Choose a place and time where you do not interrupt 3) quiets your mind and commit to practice. 4) Use the intention and attention. 5) Find room with an open heart. 6) Cultivate awareness of synchronicities 7) Create affirmations and visualizations to support your practice.