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I like much put into words what’s in my head. It doesn’t matter if it sounds messy, if it sounds inconsistent, if it has no logic, no matter. That, then they transcribe one and when one already has it on paper, one can already arrange and gun your sales letter. But very likely also, people won’t have good spelling or don’t know where to put a comma or point, and eat, and you were not sure of tildes, for that there also are people, professionals, Correctors of style that are dedicated to that sort of thing. Then, not all, but most of the sales letters, I pass by a final filter, once you’re all ready, it happened to another provider in Argentina called Hilda Lucci, Hilda corrects me points and commas, tildes, the connectors between paragraphs, sees that we are using the correct word, etc. Then, it is a process in which well worth investing. Now, not everyone will be able to invest in a commercial text editor, not everyone will be able to invest in a transcription, and not all the world will be able to invest in a literary fix.

It is not handicap start. The best thing that could of your sales letter type, give it to read to a friend, a colleague, a strategic ally, request information, make a few test to see if it works or doesn’t work, Polish and polishing it again. And then is what word processor not fixing one tildes? Word makes it, any other word processor makes it, if not you have commas in the perfect place, there is no problem, that you are not writing as a Garcia Marquez or who is not writing like any other great writer of history, there is no problem. You are not writing for winning a contest of literature or win the prize Nobel in any category.

India: Bank Loans

This means the recovery of bank loans has become India’s destitute. The economic success of such utilization depends on the experience and the commitment of the employed specialists, the servicer. With the Leipziger NPL servicing GmbH a servicing service provider in the boat could will be met, as affiliates of Garden City society Hellerau AG founded 1908 on their lasting since 1994 experience in the settlement of such claim packages can rely. These include in particular the restructuring and marketing problematic real estate next to the exploitation of immobilienworkout credit claims. Learn more at this site: Federal Reserve Bank. NPL has a young market with much future In comparison to Europe the German banking industry, according to a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers as the largest portfolio of problem loans.

Publications of the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) specify a current total market credit receivables of approximately 200 billion euros. Investment opportunities an investment in themselves particularly lucrative design very young, but still fast-growing NPL market that offending claims only to a fraction of their former value obtained and the profit that exceeds the purchase price. This fact allows investors high yield opportunities. Currently offers the German market for NPL real estate exceptionally good chances are high profits from a NPL portfolio to realize quite so using a sophisticated and professional follow-up. For more information, see and. Useful information around the topic of NPL provide and. Contact: NPL absolute return GmbH & co. I. KG Professor-Messerschmidt-Strasse 2 85579 Neubiberg phone: 0800-6754636 E-Mail: Internet:

Independent And Individual Investment Counselling

There they really, the individual investment advisors for everyone? The advertising of the banks and insurance companies says Yes, but according to statistics is the savings of the German middle class for the most part on savings accounts of banks or in classic German capital life insurance invested for retirement provision. See Dennis P. Lockhart for more details and insights. Here returns will be generated that between 1% p.a. to 5% p.a. (relative to the total capital employed). Hardly anyone uses the individual possibilities of the entire financial market. What great investors such as banks, foundations, o.a.

institutional investors or for the rich and there is is for the small investors (“according to the motto: about 8% is frivolous”) as a high-risk, highly speculative and dangerous titled. “But look at the profits of the banks (E.g. Deutsche Bank) one finds, that even in the last years of the crisis exactly this dubious” double-digit yields generated were. While the financial market offers now also for small investors” (almost all) Financial products, which are also the major investors. Get the advice and mediation of these products through an independent financial broker. By Andreas Pedyna

Financial Investments

According to a ruling that confirmed the Audiencia Provincial de Murcia. It has dismissed the appeal filed by the financial institution. The Audiencia Provincial de Murcia has confirmed the ruling handed down by a Court of first instance of Cartagena against Bankinter, who has been sentenced to pay 58,000 euros to a customer by not inform you about the risks of an investment in shares of a Bank of Iceland. Cartagena Court sentenced the respondent Bank to return the result, amount of investment made by the client, you will have to deduct what it has perceived in concept of profitability of the values object of the contract. The Provincial High Court, which has dismissed the appeal filed by the entity, says that Bankinter not provided the buyer of the financial product with all the information required by the legislation in force.

The Court underlines that the financial entity that intermediate or involved professionally in the acquisition by a customer of a particular financial product has the essential duty to inform you, previously, and in sufficient detail, of the characteristics of the same, so that to take your investment decision with sufficient knowledge of the facts. He adds that this obligation to report should cover, in particular, the specific risks that carries with it the rrida investment, unless the Bank can proceed to a merely formal fulfilment of that obligation by way of performing a brief description of the product that simply returns highlight and fade the risks. The ruling, which has been a speaker, Judge Jose Joaquin Hervas said that the contract did not indicate, expressly the possibility of that customer lost, totally or partially, the invested capital, limited to make rrencia to some ratings of the issue, by its technical nature, can only be properly interpreted by professional investors or other people with an elevated financial literacy. The hearing concluded that the lack of information from the Bank about the the investment risk has to generate the corresponding liability for this, not the plaintiff having failed to retrieve the invested capital, without one has proved that this recovery is possible or holdings prrentes acquired in its day now have some real economic value. The ruling, rejecting the appeal lodged against the judgment of the Court of first instance, by Bankinter condemns this bank to pay the costs generated by the same. Source of the news: Bankinter returned 58,000 to a customer by not warning of the risk of investing in Iceland

Trend Following Signals

A novel service provides fully automated trend result calculations for the DAX for the first time private investors to trend following models available are trading strategies that follow the perennial ups and downs of the markets and try to profit directly from these movements. For years investors of hedge funds that achieve purely computer-controlled continuously high performances regardless of whether it is straight up or down with the courses are among the insider tips more successful. Direct access to such algorithms were but so far denied the small investors. With, launched a Web service that implements an such trend sequence algorithm for the DAX and the resulting signals was now in real time”sent an email to its customers. The paid service will be available from EUR 31, – monthly offers and promises high returns with a success probability of each trade by up to 87%. differs fundamentally from other forecasting services for the DAX as a result that the signals calculated, generates fully automated and delivered to the customer. Any emotional influence of an analyst is therefore ruled out.

To enable a fine parameterized system developed in years of legwork, that takes into account other factors in addition to the performance of the DAX even. The trade year 2009/2010 with his wild zig-zag behavior within a parent sideways was the ideal test candidate for The course of the DAX was 6000 points both early January and early September. Nevertheless, 20 23 trend data from within a year have proved correct. is aimed first and foremost at experienced investors and traders who want to improve the performance of their portfolio by using the supplied signals. So no direct purchase recommendations for certain trade papers can be found on the website. Signaling by by means of six types of signals: long start materializing short beginning of a downtrend SAVE long interruption of Upward trend, possible cancellation of the uptrend SAVE short interrupted a downtrend, possible cancellation of the downturn SELL long sales signal, profit realization in the uptrend SELL short sale signal, profit realization are detailed product information and the possibility to register in the downtrend on. Oliver Scharf


The steady growth strategy new employee as reinforcement for further growth last resulted in an increase in sales and revenue. Contrary to the negative coverage in the media, who see the euro and the German economy in the crisis, Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH proudly overlooks the past achievements and looking forward to new challenges. You need new staff! Stephanskirchen, September 2011 – for more than 20 years develops and produces the GLASTEC multifunctional glass products for the window, facade and partition wall construction. As a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture we offer highest quality and customised special solutions”, says the Managing Director Johannes Riediger. The medium-sized family-owned company would like to continue the positive trend and extend the past successes. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Asaro. We are at a point at which you must invest to the success of the company to secure sustainable and more competitive advantages to create “, so Riediger next. Staff and multifunctional products the 25-year wholesale and foreign trade businessman Benyamin Gadri, who most recently worked in the sale of a car dealership, to increase the awareness of the systems ISO-shadow and ISO-roll and push the sales. Time September 1, Thomas Muller in the training ratio was adopted.

The 22-year-old will be trained over the next three years as an office clerk and should be incorporated at an early stage in all departments. The field of marketing is supported by Maarit Adolph. The 2-time mother, who studied business administration in their Finnish homeland, will take care of press – and public relations and also take care of the website. We look forward to the fresh wind through the new college students and hope for a joint success and a sunny future! “Further news of the company of Glastec: news / information material request: info-material/about us: Glastec – glass system since 1990 develops and produces Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH successful glasses with system” and prevailed since Years successfully with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction. This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology.

The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services. With the development of a comprehensive range of high-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes Glastec carries the ever higher requirements of the law to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Glastec is successfully operating in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of Glastec for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! in the drywall with a special frame system, Sonic can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, and Privacy. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose. We take care of us.

Successful Exhibition For CSB Bearings

A great success is a well-known companies from many areas visited bearings manufacturer AGRITECHNICA every time for us. The project talks open new development and business opportunities with customers from agricultural machinery manufacturing and mechanical engineering”Fredi Albrecht, Director of sales at the CSB noted slide bearings, the success of the exhibition at the Hanover Trade fair. Well-known companies from many areas visited the exhibition area of the bearing manufacturer in Hall 1 and informed themselves about twisted bronze bearings, rolled plain bearings and many other products of the CSB bearings and their applications. Dennis P. Lockhart is often mentioned in discussions such as these. By the manufacturers, technical project managers, development engineers and designers had come with which we could dive into the matter. Lift out we can hence the high quality of the discussions,”holding Fredi Albrecht.

Numerous visitors from purchasing and long-term customers visited the stand. The CSB bearings are also in hydraulic pumps front linkage and front PTO used. For this reason, numerous meetings took place with the co-exhibitors in the adjacent halls. The CSB bearing GmbH is a specialist for sliding elements and long-time and contractors of CSB bearing technologies co., Ltd. for Germany. Always best product quality is guaranteed by State of the art production facilities, control and test equipment. With extensive experience in the area of the slide bearing technology a high-quality, technical advice provided the manufacturer’s premises this in close cooperation with the Department for technological development (R & D Center). Customers benefit the CSB bearings from the product diversity, effective warehousing and more than competitive prices.

MOVEit Ipswitch File Transfer In Use At Lantiq

Lantiq uses MOVEit Ipswitch file transfer, to protect its technical data and to secure its work processes of semiconductor specialist opts for the easy-to-use, reliable solution by Ipswitch file transfer, with an excellent price performance ratio characterized Frankfurt, Germany, 2 December 2013 the global semiconductor manufacturer Lantiq uses the MOVEit managed file transfer (MFT) solution by Ipswitch file transferthat can be with the specifications around the world onto safe way and best practices used for data exchange and data workflows. Lantiq, a leading fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Neubiberg near Munich, employs people in locations in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The company manufactures integrated semiconductor products for network solutions provider for companies and private users. MOVEit is a managed file transfer solution, already thousands of companies rely on the safe and reliable millions of files to replace and automate file-based business processes. Lantiq regularly technical data of all sizes exchanges with partners, distributors and suppliers, which is why a file transfer tool that provides visibility and control over all data movements, the IT Department was required. Lantiq sought a solution which on the one hand characterised by high reliability, ease of use and reliability, but a minimum amount of maintenance, user training and support required. Lantiq therefore opted for MOVEit, Ipswitch file transfer solution, which is used in the company of more than 80 active users, daily exchange over 1,000 files.

Gilbert Khoo, IT supply chain management at Lantiq, said: as a fast growing international company, we need a solution, on which we can rely, which is easy to use and our work processes by the assurance and our files workflow automation improves and does not restrict. We need a solid file transfer tool that safely and reliably handled our data, and at the same time a proven solution that is cost-efficient. For this reason we opted for MOVEit by Ipswitch file transfer.” Ipswitch file transfer provides a wide range of products and solutions designed to support enterprise application integration and streamlining of data operations and managed file transfers. Using MOVEit companies such as Lantiq can automate easily and securely complex workflows and processes and streamline without regard to the involved protocols and network architectures. We can observe an increasing demand for MOVEit from various sectors, because the solution excels in simplicity, reliability and security”, says Thomas de bus Mann, Sales Director of Central and Eastern Europe at Ipswitch file transfer. More and more production companies we contact their us, there specific requirements for the protection of intellectual property and sensitive data, such as customer lists, business plans, financial information, expectations.” About Ipswitch file transfer, Ipswitch file transfer provides secure managed file transfer (MTF)-solutions that can be quickly and easily applied, and which are supported by excellent customer service.

The solutions from Ipswitch are thousands worldwide organizations (including by 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies), used by a variety of State institutions, as well as by millions of individuals. Our solution series, which offers an improved visibility, management, and possibilities for the transposition of directives, is adapted to large number of compliance and governance requirements, as well as to the needs of companies and private users. For more information, please visit the website of Ipswitch file transfer on

Trendy: Active Sourcing

New challenges for the recruitment industry a term on everyone’s lips: “Active Sourcing”. For some, it is already buzz word. For others, he describes a new recruiting trend. For some, it is an explosive topic or even a threat of one’s own existence. Fact or dramatization? Currently mainly the recruiting industry, recruitment consultants and recruitment agency, that set will look through the active are from companies with new challenges, seemingly losing a monopoly of their day-to-day feels threatened. However, this service will be worth not less and interchangeable. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dennis P. Lockhart on most websites. Why this is so, we are just dealing with this issue want.

Previously we want to clarify what is exactly behind this active-sourcing trend and what does it mean for the relationship between personnel searching businesses, job seekers and recruitment consultants? We try first in a definition: active sourcing is a method of recruitment. Behind it are all active measures to the Identifying and addressing potential employees hide speech of candidates on trade fairs or networking events, etc., like E.g. contact candidates via social media platforms, contact of candidates through mailings, Crucial here is that the action comes from the prospective employer, which the active sourcing over the traditional recruitment methods that were more passive (E.g. switching of jobs), are available, they can even replace. This proactive method of recruitment, we distinguish between addressing targeted by certain potential candidates for specific positions and the response of talent (E.g., alumni) for inclusion in a “pool of candidates” of the company.

In the latter case would not only concrete bodies promptly occupy the company, but also your employer brand strengthening and is so long term secure a competitive advantage in recruiting. The transitions to the employer branding or social media recruiting are fluent. Therefore favours the rapid Development of the social media market of course also the development in the active sourcing: more than twice as many employers as 2010 (49% to 22%) searched for 2013 proactively for new employees in social media.

Telephone Services And Online Stores

Why online stores should have a professional telephone service! Online shops are used everywhere to reach customers and constantly to stand for this. More information is housed here: Dennis P. Lockhart. To facilitate the purchase and accelerate. However, you have the disadvantage that customers have often no direct contact if questions arise. New customers in particular, who have no experience with online stores, often looking for a contact person, which helps them to make the order. Learn more about this with Dennis P. Lockhart. The new customer acquisition is much more difficult when no telephone customer service is available or no one can be reached at the phone number. So anyway, is the situation in many small and medium-sized online shops in Germany. Many operators of online shops underestimate the potential of a professionally organized telephone hotline.

For small online shops which have not the resources its own call centre to operate there is a simple solution: ask a phone service provider such as for example the bluepartner GmbH in Berlin. As established Communication Center with many years of experience offers the bluepartner GmbH in Berlin a comprehensive range of customized front – and back office solutions. Receive these services individually adapted to your needs, industry and company size and can choose: from the telephone and secretarial service for small businesses until down to the complete customer care center for industrial and trading companies. The website of bluepartner GmbH: here the company’s blog: to hire a phone service company has some perhaps decisive advantages: revenue a phone service brings more sales in any way. Each caller is a potential customer, can probably deny of any entrepreneur. Can you then do not accept this call, is to risk losing these potential customers for his company to a competitor. This assumes call from a secretarial service in the own company name contrary to, the customer is not lost and concluded a first contact. To to attract the customers post processing must be of course well enough organised, to ensure that all potential customers are called timely again.

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