Modernization As A Form Of Investment Activity

The upgrade is a device to refurbish built premises. Upgrading involves improving stairwells, elevators, refuse chutes, the implementation of balconies and loggias, the replacement of certain types of supporting structures (walls, stairs, floors, roofs) improving the architectural expression of the building, rebuilding roofs, insulation and soundproofing of buildings, equipment missing types of engineering equipment or increase its level, conversion of external systems (except trunk). Isolation of modernization as a component of the reconstruction made on the basis of works in the existing dimensions. When upgrading rising consumer quality, the reconstruction may change as the dimensions and functional purpose of buildings and structures. For example, the modernization of the following types of works: conversion of unexploited space in the attic exploited, bringing all elements of the building to modern regulatory requirements for thermal resistance (thermal upgrading), protection of buildings against noise and vibration, enhancing the architectural expression or replacement type facades of buildings; device balconies, loggias, porches, terraces, full replacement of wooden floors on fire-resistant, complete replacement of windows and doors on the product with heat engineering characteristics meeting the regulatory requirements, the device window openings and separate entrances basements, renovations to heating systems, conversion of ventilation equipment systems, hot and cold water, outer and inner fire water supply, sewerage, gas supply to the accession to the existing backbone networks, systems, fire protection device, translate the existing electricity grid to increased computational load. The assignment of a particular type of work to repair the (current or capital) and reconstruction, including modernization in the first place should be for features and functions operation of the facilities upon completion of works, ie or a restoration quality (if it will repair both current and capital), or the acquisition of new qualities (if it will be reconstructed, including the upgrade).


It is no secret that at present there is an active construction of networks of third generation mobile communication. In our country – is primarily a network standard umts. They allow you to provide subscribers with a wide range of new services: video call, video streaming, positioning, online games, high-speed Internet access (up to 14, 4 Mbps), etc. It would seem that the days were numbered and gsm networks in the near future phones this standard will be found only in museums. But do not jump to conclusions. It's safe to say that the 2G for a long time will remain in the ranks. This is due to several factors: 1. Widespread networking standard 2G.

Already functioning networks are a major source of revenue for operators and bring good income. Naturally, no one will abandon them until such time until a credible alternative. 2. The number of subscribers devices that support the umts standard the total number of not so great. Until now, most sold handsets support only the gsm standard, and, abandoning the networks 2G, the operator immediately lose most of their subscribers.

3. gsm networks provide a wide range of conventional services to subscribers: voice connections, sms, mms, conferencing, voicemail and more. so many subscribers a set of services are quite satisfied, and the use of new standard and, therefore, purchase a new phone does not matter to them, nor any sense. The question then arises: why operators make huge investments in building new networks, if a gsm network can still bring benefit to the owner and address (although to a lesser extent than 3G) subscriber demand. The answer lies in the desire of mobile operators to increase the share of income from the so-called value-added services, which, just and true data transmission. This tidbit a long time does not sleep leading players of the mobile market. Existing in gsm data transmission technology such as gprs and edge do not meet current subscriber requests for speed (Up to 384 kbit / s), and umts networks to support hsdpa technology enable Internet access at speeds up to 14.4 Mbps. This compares with wired technologies like adsl, fttb, Ethernet. Thus, cellular communication can compete with dedicated Internet access service quality, and it promises no small income for the operators, which can be comparable with the income from basic services (voice transmission). So after all, what would be the coexistence of gsm and umts in the future? In First of all it will be good neighbors. Some operators initially build a 3G network specifically for data transmission, is prohibited in their voice calls, sms and so on, allowing only access to the Internet. So manner, while conserving valuable resources of the new network for the most significant trends. At the same 2G network unloaded due to the outflow of Internet users. Over time, the network of the second and third generations will coexist as equals. The subscriber can choose for myself used a network depending on their needs and capabilities of the phone. Say the same when it will begin withdrawal from service of gsm networks is still too early. The fact that it is often advantageous operate loss-making network, as well as the dismantling of telecommunications equipment requires large funds. Therefore, at least a few years nobody will think about how to turn off the gsm network in favor of a new generation. So it is too early to get rid of your gsm phone, but it is to choose a new – umts device.

Faster, Higher, Stronger, More Expensive !

The choice of Sochi Winter Olympic Games venue in 2014 already had a positive impact on the Russian market. In addition to improving the country's prestige and economic recovery in the region, conducting the Olympic Games, there are quite certain items of income, which is usually calculated hosts games and future Sochi Olympics will be no exception. However, not always the Olympics brings only profit, costs for which grow continuously. And were frankly a failure in financial terms the Olympics. German Gref, head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry expects that all costs associated with holding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be repaid within ten years, with an approximate initial investment of $ 12 billion. The amount is significant, where did the money will take and what items of expenditure will be spent on? Analysts Antanta Capital on Based ftp "Development of Sochi as a mountain resort (2006 -2014 gg.)" argue that " In accordance with this program, in its first scenario, means choosing the city as the venue for the Olympics, planned to spend a total of $ 12.2 billion from this enormous sum of $ 7.6 billion will be financed by the federal and regional budgets. Sources of funding: $ 7.2 billion Federal Budget The budget of the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi 0.4 Extrabudgetary 4.6 Total 12.2 The core costs of the program – construction and reconstruction of existing transport infrastructure of Sochi, the erection of a complex of sports facilities for winter sports construction and reconstruction of tourism facilities


Massage Equipment can be approximately EUR1 thousand, and the waiting room and the administrator’s workstation, suggesting a special design and rack ‘made to order “- for EUR600. The equipment can accommodate up to 70 square meter. Total equipment and furniture will need to spend about EUR13 thousand to repair 70 sq.m room – eur 2 thousand Thus, the initial costs of establishing Salon will be more than EUR15 thousand size of your initial investment and variable costs (about EUR38 thousand in the year – see “Expenses”) as well as daily revenue (about EUR154 – see ‘Income “) and the number of working days per year (345 ), we find that the cabin will pay off about a year. Profitability after ‘the regime will be approximately 40%. how to open Joined entity (LLC or PE). * Search and decoration of the room. This phase includes the engineering expertise of the premises, verification of documents of ownership, registration of sale or rental.

* Approval of the draft with the department of architecture, a legally and ses before the beginning of construction work. * After the reconstruction – to necessary acts and conclusions in the above-mentioned organizations (the list of normative documents regulating the arrangement of space for shops, see the Business 27 dated 07.02.2001, the, p.24-27). * If you intend to make the cabin except usual hairdressing and beauty services health services must certify to the Ministry of Health all the institution or its branch, which is relevant to medicine.

Shop Mobile

Manufactured mobile stands pop up with different sizes, which allows you to choose a convenient size for any event in the pavilion or at the presentation. Folded mobile stands pop up conveniently carried in a special carrying case or box-platform, so these stands are convenient and transportation, and at the exhibition. Boxing stands are typically used as a promotional stand, so the composition with the use of popup is complete. Pop up stands can be used repeatedly, easily changing the graphic panels. Thus, the use of mobile stands pop up ideally suited to participate in exhibitions and presentations, exhibits at registration or as a self-advertising vehicle – it is convenient and economical, practical and effective. As optional equipment to stand pop-up frequently used lamps. The use of lighting makes the image clearer, focuses on the advertising message. Stand pop can be both the main and the additional element of the exhibition exposure.

In other words, the pop-up booths are very comfortable, versatile mobile stands, designed to showcase the huge graphic panels. Exhibition stands popup have many accessories, including them the opportunity to add lighting to a graphic image to increase its effectiveness. Buying a mobile stand popup will be an excellent investment that you make in your business, they create an image that you want to example of professionalism, or youth and style, and thus, they attract the expected audience. Use a mobile booth popup possible in any room. You can put it in his office and used to presentations during business meetings, etc. Use stands popup variously, in addition, you can supplement them with other advertising structures, small banner stands and Brochure.

Buying a mobile stands popup make sure that the material and size that you chose will be perfect for long-term use. Choose mobile stands well-known brands – it will be the key to a successful long-term investment in marketing program of your company. cc Riword – a leading manufacturer and supplier of advertising equipment recalls that vnashem Shop, every day of the new special offer. Visit our Demo Room at: Moscow, nab. d.4

B2b Internet Marketing

How important is visual positioning in the B2B sector or the selection of the best places for publishing companies of business-to-business (wholesale goods, business services, and other lines of business to business). Accepted that the advertisement in Secor Business to Business’ does not say. ” The use of television or radio ad, like ‘wholesale goods’ or ‘industrial equipment from a direct producer’ is not effective because almost reaches target consumer. But there are exceptions – business services, which actively use the means ‘voice’ media. In the absence of ‘voice’, it is important to visualize your product, properly positioned Your company, place the company logo on the business portals, add the product to the board business ads. B2B sphere already in full use of Internet resources, establish and update the corporate web sites.

The most effective placement is ad ‘with the picture. ” To decipher the text takes time and effort (eg a long and complicated description of the technical characteristics of metalworking equipment, of course, should present). Graphic information (pictures of equipment) are processed much faster, can demonstrate the size, will create a general idea. If your corporate website you head, you bet Conditions developers determine how best to present information, how many pictures to add and how to insert into the text. Another thing with placing ads on third-party business portals, e-catalogs, trading floors B2B, specialized forums. The owner and developer sets a certain ‘rhythm’ to your business ads. Your opportunities (placement of photos, logo, size, location) in advance limited developer.