District Headquarters

Relief figures had contributed for the progress of Belm in its primrdios, among others, Antonio de S Arajo, Manoel Oak Alves, Joo Avelino de Carvalho Dando and, admittedly, the lieutenant colonel Hieronymite Saucers of Oak. Belm was raised to the category of Clientele, for the Provincial Law n 1885, of 12 of October of 1835 and provided canonic in 1910, with the nomination of its first vicar, the Priest Norbeto Phalampin, even so the population of Belm already had been raised to the category of village in 1902. The waters of the river great San Francisco in its full one, in 1919, had almost destroyed the totality of the city with flooding, compelling its messengers to construct in the high parts. One counts that only the Church of Ours Lady of the Sponsorship, padroeira of the city, was of foot. The city needed, then, to change itself higher up for a part of the edges of the river. By legislation, the city of Belm of the San Francisco was created in the same date of emancipation of Cabrob, in 11 of September of 1928.

In 1972, in another great full one of the river San Francisco, the church of Ours Mrs. of Belm, was destroyed, remaining its rubbles as initial landmark of its history, being this place, for coincidence, in front of the church of the Boy God, in firm land, the current Belm of the San Francisco. Of the settlers of Belm, the city values the main figure of its founder Antonio de S Arajo who inhabited to the time of the population of Canabrava. District created with the denomination of Belm for the provincial law n 1836, of 12-03-1885 and municipal law n 2, of 01-12-1892, subordinate to the city of Cabrob, was raised to the category of village with the denomination of Belm, for the provincial law n 345, of 1305-1854, desmembrado of Boa Vista. Headquarters in the village of Belm consisting of the district headquarters and installed in 08-11-1854. For the state law n 597, of 07-05-1903, transfers the headquarters of the village of Belm de high Cabrob to the city condition. Em1924, the city of Belm started to call Belm de Cabror and the state law n 1931, of 11-09-1928, determined the denomination simplified for Belm.

In referring administrative division to the year of 1933, city is constituted of the district headquarters and in 1938 adquiru the district of Itacuruba of the city of Floresta.Em the period of 1939-1943, the city was constituted of 2 districts: Belm and Itacuruba. In 1943, the city of Belm started to call Jatin and in territorial division of 1950, the city is constituted of 2 districts: Jatin and Itacuruba, starting to call Belm of San Francisco. In 1955, the city is constituted of 2 districts: Belm of San Francisco and Itacuruba, thus remaining at1960. By the municipal law n 129, of 26-09-1962, is created the districts of Ib and attached Riacho Small to the city of Belm of San Francisco and for the state law n 4939, of 20-12-1963, desmembra of the city of San Francisco the district of Itacuruba, being raised to the category of city. In dated territorial division of 31-12-1963, the city is constituted of 3 districts: Belm of San Francisco, Ib and Small Riacho.

First Republic

The economic conjuncture, according to Loyal, was the economic decay of the farmers. This decay caused weakness of the power politician of the colonels face of its dependents and rivals. The maintenance of this power passed, then, to demand the presence of the State, that expanded its influence in the ratio where diminua of the land owners. The coronelismo was fruit of alteration in the relation of forces between the agricultural proprietors and the government and meant the reinforcement of the power of the State before the predominance of the colonel. The historical moment where if it gave this transformation was the First Republic, that lasted of 1889 up to 1930.

For Jose Murilo: the coronelismo is, then, a system national politician, based in bargains between the government and the colonels. The state government guarantees, for low, the power of the colonel on its dependents and its rivals, over all yielding the control to it of the public offices. It is the phase of longer process of relationship between the farmers and the government. The coronelismo did not exist before this phase and it does not exist after it. It died symbolically when he gave himself arrest of the great bahian colonels, in 1930. Definitively it was embedded in 1937, after that to the implantation of the New State and to the falling of trees of Flowers of the Wedge, last of the great caudilhos gauchos. In the coronelismo, defined for Loyal, ' ' the control of the public office is more important as instrument of domination of what as empreguismo. The public job acquires importance in itself, as income source, accurately when the clientelismo grows and decreases coronelismo' '. In its conception, the coronelismo: it would be a particular moment of the mandonismo, accurately that one where the mandes start to lose force and have to appeal to the government.

The Quality

It fortifies your car concept or image. Cntrate in your talents, not in your defects. Result: you will project a strong, powerful, proactive leadership. 3.Tristeza/depression This emotion helps to prepararte a loss significant or to assume frustrated expectations. When it is prolonged, it means that you live under constant labor dissatisfaction (or personnel). Recommendation: it cries if you were not promoted that as much you wished, if the project that you carried out did not give the planned results or if you have visited 30 clients and all they said that no.

But later takes hold a handkerchief, dry your tears to you, releases the pain that this caused to you, otherwise you will begin to perceive to the full world of bitterness and you will become paralyzed, making the problem more serious. It undertakes a new beginning but applying a different formula. You do not return to do the same because you will obtain the same results. If east step becomes difficult to you, requests aid. Result: you will reflect an optimistic and creative leadership.

4.Preocupacin Permite to concentrate all capacities and creativity in the resolution of a challenge or problem. If constantly you are worried, means that you perceive too many labor or personal situations or challenges like circumstances on which you do not have influence or control, reason why most probable is than you are under constant stress or anxiety. Recommendation: before a challenge or problem, tomato a time to think about its possible causes and solutions. It defines well your strategy and it undertakes the required ways that dictate to your experience and common sense to you. Concntrate in the accomplishment of the actions that you decided. Although it seems contradictory, I recommend to you that psychologically you free yourself of the result that delays. This one will arrive as a result of the actions that you realise now, in other words, I want that you understand that the quality than you do in the present will form the quality of your future.