SHB Immobilienfonds Still Big Demand

Hardly an investor doubts on the attractiveness of the location Germany only two percent at the last Expo real from Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprufungsgesellschaft surveyed exhibitors believes, that the location Germany is losing attractiveness for real estate investors. Then the real estate expert refers to Hans Gruber of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The company, based in Aschheim near Munich, sets real estate funds in the retail market for many years, in which a wide layer of investor can participate. It’s believed that Lord Peter Hennessy sees a great future in this idea. “According to real estate newspaper the remaining assessments are split evenly in rising” and the same constant “on appeal. After all, 44 percent of those polled believe that the German residential real estate market remain the same, almost as many (42 per cent) expect an increase. That reduced the attractiveness of, hardly anyone believes (6 percent). This assessment coincides with the General market development. So buyers in Munich for free-standing houses must be the average more than ten times as much pay 775.000 euros as in East German medium-sized cities.

Also Wiesbaden with an average of 650,000 euros, Freiburg (600,000 euros), Frankfurt am Main (550,000 euros) as well as Stuttgart and Heidelberg (550,000 euro each) are very much in demand. For real estate professionals, it is clear that the demand for home ownership is a response of consumers to the financial crisis. Home ownership as a sustainable, secure and inflation protected asset is experiencing a revival”, explains the SHB expert. That drive the demand according to existing real estate, but also in the field of construction. After the depression was reached in 2009 with 83.898 new apartments in one – and two-family dwellings, the tide turned. 2011 issued permits for the construction of 112,000 homes in and nationwide two-family dwellings. In the first half of 2012, the number of newly approved single-family homes dropped again easily, that the number of approved condos grew rapidly. Who also wants to set against this background property, but

Fund Percent

Can rent an electric car for himself dear weekend.” More mobility tips: the classic, better times to cover short distances by bike or public transport, is always worthwhile. And benefits for the environment and wallet has a proactive and constant driving, as well as the use of car-sharing services. Financial tip including the GLS Bank / Christof Lutzel, spokesman for GLS Bank advises investors: who wants to put his money sustainably, should the transparency of the supply as regards the criteria applied and the actual use of the money to observe. “Because who knows which social organic companies and projects, its capital is invested, can make the company with its investment.” More Investment tips: is important in the investments, to be in advance clear what and who you want to; support for example if you would like to finance in renewable energy, the organic industry or the social sphere. Also on the type of plant, it is important to be clear: sustainable investments include traditional savings and money specials as well as equity or Fund. The typical criteria such as liquidity, maturity, to take into account profitability and safety are in addition to the meaningfulness of the plant.

Energy tip from Blogger Andi Bernhard recommending Blogger Andi Bernhard to also keep in mind to check its own mobility behaviour in energy consumption. Because a large part of the CO2 personal fingerprint is created here. Trust the industry advertising promise, runs most likely behind’s light.” Another energy tip: the heating is the second big energy guzzlers. Here are 75 percent of the energy consumption in private households. Often the heaters run with yet fossil fuels such as natural gas. A switch to 100 percent eco gas is an effective decision for energy transformation. There are now offers how as by Polarstern, which you pay more only around five to ten percent for 100 percent eco gas average as for fossil energy tariffs for the basic utilities.

Savings Bonds

Compare savings bonds savings bonds increase yield respected as per who effectively and safely to the side would like, should be smart about savings bonds as fixed investment product. Investors have the option with a fixed interest rate over a specified interval with savings his balances to increase. The buyer can sell unlimited, at any time and easily to banks as also for financial institutions. Online savings bond comparison shows where the savings bonds have the best return and the perfect conditions. The savings bond system operates on a very simple system. A savings bond at almost all savings banks and credit institutions can be purchased at a disposal rate. Occasionally a minimum investment amount is required, a limit is not given up. Minimum transit times depend on the provider.

Usually, the savings bonds with a term to 10 years are available. At the appropriation of savings bond, the interest rate settings are defined clearly. So the buyer knows him already at purchase, the total amount at the end of Run-time or expect in annual interest payment. The optimal selection of the most suitable system, helps comparison with detailed data about the highest paying offers a savings bonds. There are 4 interest ways to choose the customer the usual savings bond is purchased at a full nominal value and the interest paid each year on the account of the customer. The on estimated savings bond dispenses with an annual payment of interest. American Writer pursues this goal as well. At maturity they will count the savings bond. Interest and compound interest will be paid out in this case together with the nominal value of Sparbriefes at the end of the term.

The discounted savings bond purchase is deducted already where interest and compound interest by the purchase price, which would apply for the life imitation of. The purchase of discounted Sparbriefes reduced thus to the amount of interest. The savings bond to the full nominal value will be sold at the end of the investment term. The savings bond with rising interest rates are mostly temporary cash investments. After a small wait, can the buyer at any time the repel savings bond at par and are plus the interest income cash out. The efficiency of Sparbriefes stands out clearly by the stock market-oriented form of investment. He has a steadfast interest rate and a constant rate of return. Deposit fund fully protect savings bonds, so that there is no risk of losses. A fixed investment period simplifies economic planning with the precise characteristics, the yield will be high after the system time. Flexible payment options are interest commissions. Savings bonds are mainly suitable longer-term investment. It is even more important to cut the duration of the private financial situation. The online savings bonds comparison should be help to extract the most optimal offer. After specifying the desired run time and plant height comparison provides the momentansten of available offers of savings banks and financial institutions the savings bonds. From the overview, the deals can be to the best interest and contracting criteria recognize, Savings bonds offer which is tailor-made to meet the demands of the customers. With the savings bonds comparison always side is to the immune.

Investment BGM

Latest brochure on the topic of BGM compact summarizes findings according to which summarized results of the study is in a current brochure of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants BGM is a double return on investment. Qualified employees will according to the studies, to the bottleneck. BGM secure the performance of the workforce and could help to achieve competitive lead and maintain. Multiple benefits of BGM showing studies carried out on behalf of Roland Berger Strategy consultants on, that a relevant part of the population although unhealthy lives, feels but not ill and therefore hardly at the doctor’s Office is. However, 78% of this group work and therefore are particularly good to reach on occupational health management in the workplace. According to the study results, members of this group are mostly men (72%) and relatively young mostly between 35 and 49 years.

Were hardly interested in their health, were seldom or never sport, are often heavy smokers and showed a lack of interest Checkups. However, health programs of the employer or the insurance company find generally good about 90% and over two-thirds would participate in a health check, if this would be recommended by the employer or the company physician. Even if every person was responsible first for his health, the individual could however are supported specifically through appropriate incentives. Because a large part of the life time at work is spent, the setting is in a special key role operating. A speech in the workplace is highly useful according to study results so in several ways. In addition, BGM is an indispensable contribution to health promotion in the company. Will you improve namely the health care of the population with limited resources, must concentrate on those individuals, who are not healthy of their own accord. The brochure can be downloaded for free at the following link: media/pdf/Roland_Berger_tac_Occupational_health_20120124.pdf learn more Roland Berger Strategy Consultants ( nationwide health initiative in operation even fashion”( area of specialisation BGM ( studiengaenge.html) studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG), the students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness and health qualify.

Geothermal Energy Provides Opportunities

High-tech investments offer attractive yields energy generation was and will remain a good deal. Due to the growing energy demand and diminishing resources of fossil fuels, modern techniques offer not only better alternatives, they promote new business models with attractive yield opportunities for investors. So, Germany plays a leading role not only in the development of wind power and photovoltaic technology, but also in the development and use of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has an impressive eco balance and also baseload capable, can be won so unlike about to solar and wind energy regardless of the weather and time in exactly the amount, which will be in demand. We exist alongside sites that are suitable for the hydrothermal process (thermal water use), including many suitable locations for the hot-dry-rock-“or HDR method, which promotes heat from deep layers of rock with the help of pressed water.” For their development is now proven technology to the Available. However, the financing of such projects proved in the past often hard to overcome hurdles. Robotics understood the implications. Although the market certainly has the necessary funds, the investment opportunities in geothermal energy are still little known and are therefore much to seldom used. The rds energies GmbH, Berlin, has recognized this need and offers new ways to solve the problem.

The company has written to the promotion of renewable energies on the flags, and would like to initiate a large number of new geothermal projects in Germany in a short time. To convey the Berliners with a unique service, the rds acquisition services, cooperation between project developers and investors. Our acquisition managers are equally competent contact person for project developers such as for investors, the opportunity-rich and yet responsible investment seek. “, describes Eva-Catrin Reinhardt, CEO of rds energies, the new approach. With our market knowledge and our international We bring together targeted network market participants could not use so far enormous opportunities just because lack of the appropriate partners.” Meanwhile no longer only the company is even convinced by the success of the idea. Another, sure but not the last module of the success story is the cooperation agreed recently with one of the leading German geothermal companies that rely on the initiative and competence of rds energies to the implementation of its projects. About rds energies: The rds energies GmbH contributes to worldwide to promote renewable energy and to spread. With the rds acquisition services initiates and supports strategic partnerships the company and acquired wind power, photovoltaic and geothermal energy project rights, projects and investors in the international business areas.

Managing Director

Underwriter is continuing its growth Hamburg, May 31, 2012. The underwriter UNITED INVESTORS consistently continues its growth course and won Andreas Greiling as recognised Fund specialists. Greiling to support as a priority, to expand the product range of the Hamburg-based emission House. UNITED INVESTORS is so far so positioned to stand strong development target companies in the development of the divisions as a finance partner page. Investors benefit from the economic success of the target company. In the future we apply more fields next to this orientation also in terms of width distribution”, Greiling says. Born 1971 in Thuringia, Andreas Greiling, who has trained among other things to the investment and finance specialist (IHK) and studied economics in St. Gallen, gained his experience first in the sales of real estate and investments until he worked from 2000 to 2004 as Sales Director and Konzeptionar for an Austrian private investment bank.

Until 2007 he accompanied several initiators and issuing houses following as a consultant in this task pane. 2007 he moved finally to the Hamburg-based issuing House Steiner + company, where he later also as partner and manager responsible for conception and fund management. We are pleased to have found a colleague who has many years of experience in sales questions and conceptual expertise’, so Hauke Bruhn, founder and Managing Director of UNITED INVESTORS. And for the choice of Hamburg of Andreas Greiling with second home in Andalusia, Spain, is exactly the challenge of agile and innovative emission House he ran UNITED INVESTORS. When I was asked, had I not long thinking, because UNITED INVESTORS only experienced professionals who know where they want to work and I would like to contribute my ideas with clear concepts, to support this positive development”so Greiling.