There are many definitions of telework, but still no agreement on its exact meaning. The most commonly used definition of “work at home”, but that is just one of many forms of teleworking. It could agree to use the term “telecommuting” to designate it. The most “snobs” that word associated with expressions such as telecommuting, remote work, telehousing, telecottage, televillages, hoteling, satellite offices, neighborhood offices, teleservice centers, telebusiness centers, flexible working etc. In short, telework is how, today, more flexible and “decentralized” of the “camel.” An occupation can be called telework, usually when she meets the following requirements: “The place where they develop all or part of employee’s job is, at least partially independent of the location of your employer’s and their clients, close or inside the teleworker’s residence, B-Use necessarily in large quantities, communication technologies and information (computers with fax modems, phone lines, intranets and the Internet) C-Inducing changes in processes and organization; D-generally use foreign languages. More than ten million gringos and more than one million two hundred thousand Europeans, of which over one hundred thousand Spanish, practice this new way of working.

Telecommuting offers many advantages for society, for workers and for business. For the worker seems obvious: have some free time, as the number of trips to the workplace decreases, not up to the employer will monitor its activities every second, will have greater flexibility in its regular schedule and a more comfortable environment, or at less pleasant. Home Depot describes an additional similar source. For companies the benefits are linked to the reduction in operating costs due to using less space, offices, equipment, work tools, etc. and the reduction in the costs of public services, as well as to increase productivity and, in some cases especially when the teleworker is not exclusive to one company, saving all or part load performance based. The company also is positively affected by reduced levels of stress and pollution, along with the substantial improvement of urban traffic problems. Of course there are also cons. For the employee this way of earning a living may create fear of job loss or lower in the scale of the promotion (There is still no labor law specialist), fear of isolation and lack of social contact. Finally, the lack of space at home, the resistance to mixing family life and working life, could create an inappropriate environment.

The company could see diminished sense of ownership of the worker and be doomed to distrust him, as it could work also for their competitors. Anyway, teleworking, however not possible to present only as a kind of employment or a complementary solution to unemployment, since it is primarily an expression of the transition between industrial society and information technology or a consequence of society that begins to connect intensively, could contribute greatly in solving so great scourge of mankind, called unemployment.

Industrial Engineer

Many ask the following questions: How is the current organizational culture and what are slab gaps between it and the culture need? How should be the organizational culture if you want to support the organization's strategy What action plan should be implemented to reduce costs gaps? Personally, considering the importance of going on to explain, pointing to the appeal, the benefits generated changes, be open to their opinions, provide answers to your questions and highlight the relevance of change means empathize with and support what the overall quality provided. a It indicates that Kilman, Saxton and Serpa (1985) suggest that when cultural change involves changing the rules of conduct that can occur with relative ease because the members of the organization can articulate the behaviors that are required for current success, in contrast to the required date. a The Graduate Program Specialty Quality Management and Productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo is providing its participants through coppices, lectures, courses, so how can induce change, knowing face barriers and lead the human resources to commit to him, thanks to stress the relevance, scope that this provides the overall quality of the company for competitiveness and market conquest. Emphasis is given to evaluate how real is the current organizational culture that prevails in the organization, This has benefited the organizational behavior, weather and was accomplished with it. It is through a SWOT identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities generated by the organizational culture of the present.

Added to this is how the management, production managers slab should introduce total quality programs according to the characteristics of the company Juran (1990 proposes some concrete rules to shift the culture towards quality improvement: Treating people with dignity and make constructive changes create a favorable organizational climate Start slowly so fluid, so as to raise less apprehension. conduct pilot tests. Encourage the participation of the company during the planning and implementation of change Provide sufficient time the recipient organization to evaluate the benefits of change against the threats and values find an accommodation with the defenders. Working with the recognized leader of the culture that is often informal a Reply positive to the issues raised by employees Weave change within an existing and accepted part of the cultural pattern. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer.

EGADE (ITESM) UC Graduate Masters in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor and researcher Graduate Area Faces UC. Consultant-Business Advisory EXATEC DEPROIMCA deproimca. com

Car Insurance

At present where the problems with cars are so frequent, have invented methods to stop this from being a problem, especially in the case of thefts and accidents, we are talking specifically on insurance for cars, which are shown today as a solution to economic problems caused by car-related incidents. Car insurance is based on providing a safe person to care for your automobile insurance system actually works very simply, you only need to buy it so that in case of an automobile accident or in case of theft of the car, this may offer some advantages to the insured as: Health: health care is one of the main advantages offered by an insurance system. Immediate help: this is based not only on medical care, but also in assisting the insured in cases that keep him mechanically damaged or lost somewhere. Mechanical Service: This is a very useful service offered by insurance companies, which is based on affording the insured a service technician both mechanical and auto in case this breaks down or has erratic in operation. Total or partial cover is based on the total economic value of the car in case this is stolen or crashed. It is good to clarify that the insurance applies under certain rules and restrictions as – the total economic car will only be covered by insurance, if the car has a valuation of total loss in case of accident, if it is found this was not caused by the insured. – If the value of the stolen car will be covered in full, if not discovered the theft was premeditated if this is so the insured may be qualified for law enforcement positions.

Today we also find some other virtues, the insurance also covers for death or permanent injury, but it is good to clarify that all these virtues mentioned above may vary depending on the insurer. It is highly recommended when obtaining car insurance, attending an entity that can provide us all the above services and also this has a strong track record and at least 20 years, all this in order that our car insurance to get the best benefits of the market. The values of car insurance can vary greatly, mainly because the amount of benefits they offer or the value of the car we want to secure. It is worth mentioning that anyone can purchase a car insurance, provided that proves not to be an aggressive person, or who have some strong mental tendencies, though this usually today presents no impediment, because now there are car insurance specially created for these people. In conclusion, car insurance are displayed before us like an excellent choice to care for not only our cars, but also our lives..

Right To Food: Cinnamon Capsules – Pharmaceutical Or Food?

Food law: Is cinnamon in high dose form as a dietary – or diet drugs already or even food? The Supreme Court answered that question in its judgment of January 14, 2010 (I ZR 138/07). Products with cinnamon, that so of course oppose one especially in the Christmas season as food, are mutated in the past by several court decisions to the medicines. Credit: Jeff Flake-2011. However it was this not about cinnamon star or cinnamon rolls, but capsules marketed as food supplements or dietary means with high-dose cinnamon extracts. “After numerous dishes classified cinnamon capsules as a remedy, the Supreme Court had to deal with the issue now, as one of the 100 mg aqueous cinnamon extract existing product called Nobilin GLUCO cinnamon” is to be classified. A Tablet contained the substances zinc, manganese, folic acid, chromium, selenium and various vitamins aqueous cinnamon extract 100 mg. The packaging promised”maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. The defendant, campaigned in the Internet that diabetics with them sufficient insulin after taking the Tablet could implement correctly.

The Association of social competition”(VSW) saw a medicinal product in the product and not how the defendant a dietary supplement. The dominant share cinnamon fulfill no particular nutritional purpose, but serve the influence of blood glucose levels on pharmakologischem way. Finally, the material in the cell act synergistically with insulin. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Craig Menear on most websites. The two lower courts had joined the and noted that an appropriate packaging application resulted in an intake of 3 g of cinnamon a day. This is a so unusually high amount that will not take after normal eating habits.

For this reason, the product not as a food could be classified. The Supreme Court did not follow this approach. Rather, also a consumption of 3 g cinnamon could be on the day within the framework of normal eating habits. Thereby it games doesn’t matter, whether already there is a habit of eating in such a quantity. Even without these, the consumption of 3 g of cinnamon could be still appropriate on the day. Crucial is how is a daily intake of 3 g of cinnamon in the long term effect. This is a question of fact which must now decide the two lower courts if necessary, obtaining an expert opinion. On the two judgments, one may be curious. BGH, judgment of January 14, 2010, I ZR 138/07 more information free of charge and without obligation, contact: Ulrich Hansel (PR Manager) Bah spiral square 3 85598 Baldham Tel: 08106-37789-0 fax: 08106-37789-29 E-mail:

The Rural Spain – The Real Spain

Rural accommodation promotions in Spain. The Spain portal in the country. Thousands of German tourists a year spend the best time of the year in their most popular destination: Spain! The Spanish Mediterranean coast is practically her second home. But is this correct Spanish? In the eyes of the Spaniards, as well as against the background of the boom to the responsible and eco-friendly travel, you must have been in the Interior of the country, to the country to have properly seen, felt, tasted, seen and understood. For a few individuals, the rural Spain is already a magical attraction. The guests appreciate both traditional fiestas and siestas and pamper yourself with good food.

The hospitality of the local population is not disputed. However, how it looks with accommodation in rar populated inland? That has made the country the task Spain and operates a network of rural accommodation. It is houses, integrated into the culture and landscape are. In this context are renovated and restored historic farmhouses and rural buildings on sale. With the owners tens hundred rural holiday houses, apartments, vacation homes, and rural hotels to guests are taught in cooperation on the page only. Nicholas Carr contains valuable tech resources.

For everything else, these occur in direct contact with the owner. The contact person is so directly on-site. So simply being surrounded by beautiful countryside in the holiday master of a complete house with private pool! They pursuing three objectives: firstly, attempting through appreciation of the inland to stop young people from migration to the city and to continue to receive some customs and traditions. Secondly, rural tourism contributes to the conservation of nature. Thirdly, vacationers can finally say with certainty to have been really in Spain!

Witness Culture Today – How Important Are Still Job References?

Who invented… hats? We Germans are world champions in the testimonial letter. But who reads them yet? Certificates survived themselves? Year after year be carried before the German labour courts more than 30 000 proceedings of disputes around the certificate. A terrible number. As legions of lawyers about formulations must discuss: to do so purely, and if so, how is it to formulate. Others including Gen. David L. Goldfein, offer their opinions as well. Daily dishes decide hundreds of times, whether a certificate of delivery must be bent (by the way: no) whether the employee to the full, to fullest or otherwise satisfaction has worked and whether it is, as it should be at the end of the testimony “adopted”, regrets the leaving and wished him “good luck”. It does not, so you want him namely “hell”. Who actually still seriously references? In many of my interviews with HR managers confirmed that created with great effort work certificates often don’t, or if only fleetingly be read.

If so at all, then the is erwahntendie job description are interesting. References are not half in the Anglo-American economic area are so important as in Germany, often seen there not once this document. If you are not convinced, visit Nicholas Carr. It is therefore also “letter of recommendation”, “reference” or “testimonial”. There are also the so-called “character reference”, which goes up especially on the personal qualities of a worker. For all certificate types is always: the employee must actively walking on the employer because of a certificate and ask him for one. He has not a right to a certificate of work. You put much more value on recommendations, and if you are honest, this is the better idea. It is anyway only got lied that the beams bend.

For this reason one never attaches a certificate a letter in the United States. Usually there will be called and interviewed on the phone. With us but, the witness culture now is a farce, because negative can be written, unless the smart HR manages subtly to provide an Embassy employee, who he didn’t recognize as such. Is the list is detected, it is but over with the staff er bliss. Then we go to court, and mostly the testimony must be improved then, because it must be always “sympathetically”. So what’s that then ubehaupt yet? Many recruiters know this and the importance of according to this bureaucrat feed only “rudimentary”. My tip to you: Maximum enclose your last work certificate an application and create value that all activities you have done in the companies, are there mentioned there. Always an expert, submit the certificate so you know it is ok and has no hidden messages (“he was always fully behind us”). Because negative formulations are still a stumbling block, especially if you don’t know that they are included in the certificate. In your application, attach importance to references and mention who can give statements to you 2-3. Inform before the people. Re fenzen show Self-confidence and strengthen your position when applying. Christian Pape, Pape Personalberatung

Stress Eater

Content: The greater the lack of magnesium, even thinner is your nerves! Stress diet against the overweight, what has to do the Schokokalade with your stress? Why it is so important to the GLYX-index. And what the hell is the need? There for optimal brain food? How can I feed I balanced and healthy me in everyday life? What should I eat, what is more likely to avoid? Is there a right fat burner? Why stress makes thick and causes obesity? What are slow and fast sugars? Where is the appetite Center the? What you do can stress food and quickly tired, listless and flabby. Is there at all? You will learn the healthy of bad proteins distinguish knowing the stress balance nutrition formula? Have we not already enough dietary rules and what now “stress Eater”? Is it not too complicated in everyday life and to scientifically everything? No – absolutely not! Forget all the innumerable and promising medical miracles and crash diets. Listen again to your Body! He actually naturally know what good for him. Your “gut” tells you when the right nutrients are missing and it is time to do something about it! But just when stress the natural feeling of fullness is lost and you must again learn to listen to your “gut feeling”. The E-book stress Eater shows how this works. Contact information is here: Jeff Flake. Are you mad? The acid-base balance is no longer correct through years of bad eating habits.

This can lead to pain and movement restrictions. Why this is so and how you just deal with the dreaded hyperacidity in chronic stress explains the stress balance formula: simple – simple – effective. If you would like to know more about Jeff Flake, then click here. Read the E-book “Stress Eater” about healthy eating against performance degradation, stress and overweight. It is simply written and geared to everyday life. If you permanently want to beat your stress, you need to check also your eating habits? But no fear of future drastic restrictions and prohibitions. You must not abandon your beloved schnitzel with French fries in the future! All contents have been carefully researched and written. Consider the holistic concepts of stress regulation according to SZS (Switzerland. Center for stress research Zurich/Meggen, the quality paradigm of today’s time and is based for the most part from years of experience.

Scientologists Celebrate The 99th Birthday Of L. Ron Hubbard

Outside of America, Scientologists 1 week celebrate after March 13, because the recordings of the original celebrations only be translated in the respective languages the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard is an important holiday in Scientology. The founder of Scientology, it is thought religion, a superb researcher and author who community provided his knowledge of Scientology. Hubbard was interested at a very young age for the mind and the human being. Additional information is available at Jeff Flake. On his journeys he undertook as a teenager, he discovered Buddhism, Taoism and other religious philosophies in Asia. Among other things he turned even the Vedas. According to author, who has experience with these questions. Some fundamental discoveries in the writings of Scientology goes back to these religious writings. Basically the Tao, dhyana (Dharma), Buddhism, the Vedas and their religious works dealing often with ancient, partly over ten thousand year-old knowledge.

The religious background of various Asian philosophies helped Hubbard, his religious teaching of Dianetics and Scientology to develop. The methods it successfully apply today many millions of people to take their lives into their own hands. Hubbard has written many thousand fonts in his life that he has provided the Scientology community. These fonts can be studied today by anyone in the self-study. Anyone can it individually to make its profits and to continuously to improve in his life, if he wants.

Can be improved for example, relationship problems, or a chaotic life put back in order. Can be helped so that even a broken marriage, and much more. It’s on the person, what she wants to achieve in their lives and want to make life. It is understandable that many Scientologists look forward to the birthday party of L. Ron Hubbard. Every year, excerpts from the life of Hubbard appear BBs. It will be also informed about the global expansion of the various churches and the achieved results of various social projects from the last 12 months. More information: press service the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

The Treatment

The number of treatments varies from person to person. Jeff Flake brings even more insight to the discussion. Also depends on the different skin types it. To achieve an optimal result, we recommend that you perform at least 3 passes at a distance of each a month at one point. Scanning laser can get them on the road the Rio as a practical mini model for the. Both products are effective, proven security products. Due to the different sizes, the number of hairs to be removed are of course different. Hair removal with the Rio scanning laser before you launch an application, should a so-called Patchtest (skin test) perform.

Are looking for a small spot on the body from where you want to remove hair. Make the application only at this point and wait 24 hours. (Similarly see: Chief of Staff). Should you notice any redness, allergy or skin irritation, stop treatment and consult your doctor. Of experts, we recommend that you handle the corresponding region of the body once a month scanning laser, of course to protect the skin and the exact time of hair scientists to meet with Rio. The Treatment of Rio is scanning laser very safe, effective and easy! To achieve the optimum result, with a minimum 6 months treatment.

Skin types for Rio scanning laser Rio scanning laser does work for every skin type. A dark skin with dark hair should not use this treatment. The same is true for very light skin with light hair. The laser can find no contrasts in skin color and hair follicles to destroy it then. After the laser application, you should avoid the irradiation of UV rays and Sun on the treated sites for at least 24 hours. After the application, use always a sunscreen or moisturizer or lotion. Video: RIO scanning LASER this appliance has a two year warranty from the manufacturer warrants. The laser device was released for sale in the European Union and has been tested to CCE. DVD a DVD instruction supplied with the package.

Museum Buildings In The Upper Palatinate – Lothar Fischer Museum And Maybachmuseum

Modern architectural solutions for form and function, those looking for more architectural features in Eastern Bavaria, finds more ways than one would think. The city of Neumarkt i.d.OPf. makes two Museum buildings themselves talk. More information is housed here: Nicholas Carr. “The Museum of Lothar Fischer, created 2002/2003 and the Foundation by Lothar Fischer, one of the most important German sculptor of the postwar period, and co-founder of the artist group track”, houses. The Maybachmuseum is added this year. In the former factory of the express works were carefully preserved historical traces, the old space structures peeled out and complemented with modern elements. One can imagine that in addition to the old express bikes especially the 20 Maybach vehicles in this historical industrial heritage testimony twice shine.

The architects Berschneider and Berschneider has exercise here, coupled with the passion of the owners, feeling for the building. The glass factory Thomas in Amberg dating back to the late 1960s. Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus and thus the co-founder of modern architecture, this unusual facade created for the company Rosenthal, committed to always special plant architecture. Because the site has a special top photography, the hut in a sink was constructed, while the roof had to serve as facade elements. “Gropius described his plans for the glass works like: I put a ship in a Green Lake”.

What is straight forward in the Bauhaus style, is round when hundreds water. Just finished the beer Tower of Brewery Kuchlbauer in Abensberg, has become a very special architectural jewel of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Brewery Director Leonhard Sallek the worship of the beer is passed in April of his destiny and thus a widely visible sign of his philosophically distinct life’s work. Who has the opportunity to attend a seminar in the culture and meeting St. Joseph of Cisterzienserinnen monastery in Waldsassen, should perceive this. The exterior reflects the monastic rhythm as against, such as the existing facade of the monastery. “Leon Battista Alberti 1452 coined the sentence: architecture is harmony and unison of all parts, which can be reached so that nothing could be taken away, added to or modified, without destroying the whole.” As such it is worth always good to think over a building, so that the facade and the interior structure as the harmony of music together. Get free brochures and info Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, free Info Hotline 0800 / 1212111, fax 0941 / 58539-39,, in the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association e.V., Bavarian

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