The Main Classes Of Commodities

The main classes of commodities in the world practice the following main classes of commodities: real goods, securities, foreign currency in each of these classes is also not all the mass produced goods may be subject to stock trading, but only those products that meet the requirements listed above: are the mass, are standard and interchangeable; prices, which are formed freely with the development of exchange trade list of commodities is complicated and multiplied in the first place it belongs to a class of securities. With the advent of futures contracts on stock market indexes and interest rate futures list of classes of stock goods could be increased to two, namely, adding: composite indexes of stock exchange prices, interest rates on government bonds. The aggregate index of stock prices on a group of commodities or all commodities sold in This exchange is an ideal commodity prices, since for him the uncharacteristic any limitations inherent in the previously listed classes of commodities. Price index – a number that reflects the state of prices on a range of commodity without reference to specific types within these products. In a question-answer forum Gen. David L. Goldfein was the first to reply. Trade index is based on the prediction of price changes of the market as a whole, rather than the price of one commodity. The same applies to interest rates on government bonds, which are not fixed in advance. Technology stock trading price indices and interest rates does not differ from other technology stock trading derivatives. Therefore, in this tutorial we will restrict ourselves to the three classes of commodities: real goods, securities and foreign exchange.

Federal Tax Service

A citizen may register as a sole proprietorship only at registration. The activities of his employer may exercise anywhere in the Russian Federatsti. The purpose of the Individual entrepreneur – a profit from their activities. An individual entrepreneur has the right to print, enter into contracts, hire employees. Joined FE lasts 5 days.

After registration, within 5 working days have time to apply the simplified taxation system. If you miss this deadline, the inspection put the entrepreneur in the total tax system. At the end of the month to get advised of the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system. Simplified tax system frees the entrepreneur from the accounting. Steve Mnuchin often says this. Uproschenku divided into types: the tax paid on income and tax is paid on income after deducting all expenses. View uproschenku can select Audit once a year, and begin primenenyat vybronny form only in the new year.

Documents for registration of un: 1. Russian passport (if the documents are submitted trustee, then a notarized copy of all sheets) 2. Inn (if the documents gives a trustee, then a notarized copy) 3. Receipt of payment of state fee 800 USD 4. Statement on Form R21001. Statement filled in block letters or typed on the computer. If the application is filled in by hand, the ink must be blue, in empty lines are put dashes. Away all the rules for completing the application can be special methodological guidelines adopted by the Federal Tax Service. The elimination of the entrepreneur is not a complicated procedure, which is also how and registration lasts for five days. The state fee of 160 rubles. Statements of cessation of activities as well zaveryatesya a notary. The package of documents anologichen: receipt fees, application, passport and Inn.

Office Space

In planning the work area office, each company based on the need to ensure the effective execution of business processes. Therefore, defining a set of premises and the area, repelled by those functions performed by employees. In this respect too, there are firms that are content with small, then there is no separate working area: one Indoor work all office staff – the so-called open-plan. It is distinguished by accessibility, as furnishing no need to build walls and not democratic, because all of subordinates to superiors work as a team. It should be noted that the close proximity of peers facilitates the communication process, it is very important, if all employees working on one project.

However, in practice this method applies only to companies with a small number of specialists. "The total working area, usually not more than 30-40 square meters. m, – says Elena Tepina. – Most companies are on the standard path, splitting the space in accordance with the number of functional units that exist in the organization: accounting, engineering department, sales department, and so on. " As an alternative method it calls a zoning by project teams. Indeed, if the above solution works a certain team of various experts, such a plan would be more successful than functional. It should be noted that sometimes there is a need to combine these two approach. If the number of employees in a separate unit is large, such a large staff of sales managers and tellers, then combining them in one place, the employer runs the risk of lower performance subordinates.

Again Outbound Telephone Calls

Not so long ago, when discussing the topic of integrated solutions (CRM-system and Call-Center) have reproached substitution of concepts. Ostensibly CRM-effect described in the example, fully merit the outgoing regime of outgoing calls Call-center. Somewhat later cto Alexander Shevtsov sufficient detail painted outgoing call switching modes used in Call-Centres (Preview and Predictive). Were submitted to comparative analysis and provides an interesting example of the regime Predictive Call-in center. Dennis Lockhart addresses the importance of the matter here. But, in my view, little attention is the fact that the outgoing call switching in either of these modes requires a quality database of contacts with relevant information. Unfortunately, the impact on quality preparation of such information, as a rule, lies outside the competence of Call-center operators. It is in this case can come to the aid of CRM-system, which will accumulate all the information about the client within the company and avoid unnecessary duplication. Segmentation will identify the target audience for effective outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center .

However, it is worth noting that none of CRM-system will not help if companies do not optimize their business processes and regulations are not set input. As practice shows, the main problem in the campaigns of outgoing call switching is to prepare timely and actual database. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Call-center operators in the regime of Predictive time to make two or three or even four times more than before. Accordingly, “generates” the new lists should also significantly more often, and without adequate means of automation to do this is problematic. Also do not forget about the results of outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center. Without the use of crm is quite possible to do in telephone surveys, where results are achieved, as After the first “dialogue”. But the situation is much more complicated, for example, in the process of working with problem debts, when the communication involves some kind of periodicity, staging, etc. If the results of the conversation in This case will not be fixed Call-center operators in the public system, it is quite possible that a person may unfairly fall into the next campaign outgoing outgoing calls And if some justify this approach in processes Collection, this is a gross mistake, for example, during the sales call I hope soon we have more detail on this issue.

Marketing Department

Sales managers often make one mistake, which puts them in the confusion at the conclusion of a major transaction with a corporate client. Here is the situation, solutions for which I am often asked to talk to sales training. Manager goes to a potential customer. This is a large enterprise, and to start a redirect to the department that deals with the purchase of this type of goods or services – Supply Department, PR-service Marketing Department, Secretariat, bookkeeping. Since in this department receives a large number of similar proposals, the staff of the department did not want to be one long and hard for something to sell. They are asking that the proposal was sent by fax or e-mail, and do not enter into a long conversation. Thus, at this stage it is impossible to differentiate from competitors.

If successful sales manager goes to a good level of communication in the department, the procurement, the situation is often inhibited at the stage of confirming the transaction entity to manage money. Caterer spreads his hands: "I am so, and syak boss explained – he was in any. Or has other suppliers, or simply his vision – he did not particularly something and listen. In short, I can not make a difference, though I want to take you. " Oh, how managers hate this situation! Especially if the boss' so arrogant (busy, steep, etc.), that it has impossible to get! There is one thing that needs to know a professional seller, so do not despair and do not be upset in that situation.

Income And Success

“One of the axioms in life is that the size of income will virtually never exceed the level of personality development.” Michael Haider Most people after leaving the doors of school, college or university are confident that they have in the hands of all that is needed for success in life, do not consider it necessary to develop further, we get some additional knowledge, and the result surprised why prosperity passes them. “Formal education will help you to survive, self will lead you to success. ” Jim Rohn The income level of people defined by their value to the market, the concept of which is the main lesson in economics is not taught in any educational institution. In institutes are taught to sell their time for money, carrying out other people’s goals, rather than their own, learn to manage finances of enterprises, rather than his own personal. Dennis Lockhart may find this interesting as well. Therefore, to achieve financial success, it is necessary to study the success of those Who has reached, it is necessary to study on their own stories of people such as in educational institutions are considered biographies of famous people, who often were not rich.

“If you take all the money in the world and share them all equally among the people, then they soon will be again in the same pockets that have been before. ” Michael Haider Without competent management of money and without understanding how a man should be and how to become money will be lost, instead of having to bring extra income. People themselves are the main cause of prosperity or failure in their lives, ignoring this fact, they justify their failure. “What kind of person you were in the previous year, Gorod is more important than how much you’re in the same year earned. ” Michael Haider After the words of the famous millionaire, that any particular book was the beginning of his career, from her goers read one. Often meet people who proudly speak of the magnitude of its electronic library, which of the thousands of books they have read a single one. But all the leaders – good students, and that knowledge is the path that can lead to dreams and goals.

“In former times, wealth was measured by the amount of land, gold, oil and cars. Today, wealth is measured by the information – its quantity, volume, speed with which we obtain it and assimilates. Richard S. Byard In this age of information technology knowledge of financial success are becoming more affordable. Frozen state in our rapidly changing world can not be achieved. Anyone who is doing well today, may stay in their development pace and get there, where to begin many years ago. With regular investment in itself – investing time and money in their education (training courses, books, videos) the prospect is unlimited potential of people and their financial freedom. Olga Udalova Coach of financial success.

Call Centers

Whatever did not say that Russia should not adopt Western lifestyles. Yet some elements of that style of life quite well and fit into our reality. As the most striking example cause such a moment, as the emergence of more and more organizations such as call-center. If we talk more about what is a call-center, there should first call this his attribute, like work with clients. Looks like.

In a fairly large room there are several operators who respond to customer calls. Also, operators can, through a computerized telephone system redirect calls to clients to other specialists of the company or to conduct public opinion polls. The fact that such a volume of appeals can handle one or even several secretaries usually even out of the question. And this means that the call centers – is a direct need for any major company. After each call the customer – is primarily an opportunity to earn money.

And every missed call – it lost money. Not to mention the fact that dissatisfaction with regular customers – is generally a very real threat to the wellbeing of the company. But simply put a few people in front of computers and telephones for the organization is really quality work such department, as a contact center – is absolutely insufficient. In order to work call center has been really effective, it needs at least three essential elements. Euro Pacific Precious Metals can provide more clarity in the matter. Firstly, it is certainly a good information base. Even the most skilled operator is not necessarily remember all the minutest details. For even more details, read what Robotics says on the issue. Also when it comes to dealing with what or technical applications, services for which the company provides its customers, here the system should work more clearly. As an example, the work of call center isp. As primiera can cause such a situation is a network failure. Naturally, the all who serve the organization immediately begin to call its help line. And, accordingly, the duties of employees of the department as a call-center in this case would include an explanation of the reasons customers fail. In addition, in call centers every day receives thousands of calls with questions about how to perform an action. And in this case, the operator will have to provide the client with all the information and provide detailed instructions for action. The second important element of a good job call center is a well-honed work of telephone lines. It is desirable that, in this part of the computerization of work has been used only the latest systems. This will allow avoid this effect, when a customer, slack on the wire and listening to music in her 10 minutes waiting for an operator is ready to rage on foot to go in a call-center. For understandable reasons, to work with the customer to the operator will be even harder. A ability to perceive the latest information provided by the operator will at all equal to zero. Of course, we must not forget at the same time that yet on what the professional level of the operator also depend very much. It is difficult to say that in this case would be more important – his awareness of the issues that relate directly to the company's activities and assistance to clients. Or, vice versa, so to speak, psychological component. Since even most informed, but tempered the operator can not work effectively with the client.

Crisis Management in Business

Denying a crisis does not change reality, this is independent of what you think or feel, if you are in crisis but has not realized perhaps lacks preparation, if you are in crisis and may not accept it lacks humility and common sense this can lead to creating a parallel world, a pseudo reality which will cost you much support and will worsen the crisis by using effort and resources to recreate and sustain that parallel reality, instead of accepting and using resources to change with them their true situation. I’ve seen enough examples of this in the commercial world, companies spend enormous budgets on maintaining a product that people have stopped eating, looking through the advertising and promotion to change the public’s taste for it will continue to buy, often at a loss, but refuse to let it die, instead of offer a new product, according to the tastes and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. Kenneth R. Feinberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors, identify a need in the market and supplement, take advantage of them, because they have no bond with the past of the product, do not care and do not have to bear the burden can work more freely.

The situation continues for a time which can be more or less long, and will last until they are exhausted its resources, shortages when it appears, by that time they have to accept it, no they have no other way, they should try different solutions and then, only then begin to travel the road to recovery. Scarcity, paradoxically is what generates activity, as shortages terms of resources is the partial or complete lack what is necessary, the power shortage forced to move, to try new activities, looking for answers.

Consider that much of the most productive activities are born of scarcity, when something is not enough to meet demand, there arises an opportunity, soon will identify any provider and move to seize it. When resources are scarce are used as efficiently as possible, pushing scarce resources price hikes by the laws of the market, so they must care for and be sold to anyone interested in paying a fair price, and it will be others interested in into the business and competition push upgrades for the user of the product or service. The sooner you accept the crisis, the faster start working on the solution and less wasted resources and businesses holding untenable situations, then you are in a better position to solve them, have more time and more resources will be one of the first offer solutions to existing problems, while others will be offering adjustments to convince their clients to help them solve problems that do not actually have.

If you agree to mitigate the crisis early losses, many things will change, but may keep too many others, especially not waste time and will be strengthened. All human activities are cyclical, constantly move between cycles of expansion and contraction cycles that occur as part of the dynamics of the natural world and society in this dynamic influenced by many external and internal factors that can not be controlled by actors individual who can only adapt and influence to add value and win. The initial step to deal with a crisis is to accept that we are in it and we must start working to solve it.

Deliveries To Kazakhstan – Cancel Borders

Exports of goods from Russia to anywhere in the world is the foundation of the company. Now, virtually any Russian company can with our help to sell their goods abroad. There are two ways to send goods for border. The first – self-management operations in foreign trade activities. If you choose this option to send their goods abroad, you will need an independent decision of many issues related to Organisation of export of goods from Russia: the collection of certificates, passports, the conclusion of international contracts, compliance with currency legislation and other procedures without which to export goods.

Second – use our firm as an agent in the organization of export of goods from Russia. On this version dwell a little more. Now, step by step we will try to convince you that it was preferable and economically advantageous use OOO Realeksport “in the organization of trade on exports of goods. Step 1. Usually, the question of exports of goods arises from the company when the company had never sell their goods abroad, to receive applications from foreign customers to supply their goods abroad, for example supplies to Kazakhstan. Sell the goods to Russia and to sell abroad are two completely different trading.

If the sale of goods by a usual Russian sales agreement is only required registration of invoices and invoice, in order to export goods from Russia would need a minimum clearance of customs documentation, the correct conclusion Contract, the issue of certificates. Step 2. So, you have defined for themselves what to work on export to you appropriately through our company OOO Realeksport. How it will look like and what the cost of our services. The basic scheme of work with Russian companies: A) you conclude with “Realeksport” ordinary Russian sales contract for the supply of goods, you will bill us for payment of VAT and are providing the goods are all available in your certificates and technical certificates. B) We subscribe to your client to foreign economic contracts, expose him to the invoice for payment in rubles, dollars or euros at the rate of VAT 0%, open foreign exchange transaction passport, waiting for payment, prepare a package customs documentation and the necessary certificates, send the product the customer by road, rail or air transport. Step 3. After sending goods abroad, our organization decides on VAT refunds. This procedure is perhaps one of the most difficult in the organization of services exports of goods LLC Realeksport, offsetting export VAT, provides its customers with return of the VAT as a bonus. This means that if you make out through our company export transaction abroad, you get to get us to 50% (!) of the amount of VAT. Agree, this gain is quite significant, considering that in the process of organizing export your company not involved.

Nevis Economic Citizenship Programme

When granting the second citizenship is not required notice of the country original nationality. Visa-free travel to most countries of the world citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis can travel freely in most countries, including countries of the EU: 27 November 2008 between Governments of St. Kitts and Nevis and the EU signed an unprecedented agreement for visa-free visits including the Schengen Agreement, including but not limited to, the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain and most other Commonwealth countries (except Australia). Tax exemption for income citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis are exempt from tax for revenue from any external sources, including overseas (for example, unlike the U.S., where taxes are subject to U.S. citizens regardless of their place of residence and / or place of origin of their source of income), income from capital, receipt of an inheritance, receiving a source of income and / or valuable property by gift, including those from abroad.

Holder of the passport of St. Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Programme has the right to work and / or establish a business in St. Kitts and Nevis after obtaining a passport and a Certificate of Citizenship. Immigrant children who are residents of St. Kitts and Nevis, have advantages and benefits to enroll in a number of colleges training in the UK.

Investments in the natural paradise Despite the small size of the island – the natural diversity, ranging from volcanic mountains covered with forests, coastal plains, golden beaches and coral reefs in warm clear water. Islands have excellent environmental and climate changes with balanced temperature and low humidity, very favorable for the comfort of a European, as opposed to Southeast Asia. There is no income capital gains tax and tax on inheritances and donations Legal entities are not taxed on income derived from activities in the offshore areas. Tax on transactions in property is typically 1.5%. In the country You can get professional help off-shore lending institutions. The article benefited from the official websites Astakhov & Partners and the full version of articles on the site for Passport Investment

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