Buying Property In Cyprus Property

And so your property search over and you have firmly decided to buy a wonderful villa in Cyprus. If you plan to take the credit, you should seek an oral promise to the bank that you will get the required amount for purchase, before signing the contract. Best of all, if you already have an account with Bank of Cyprus. Then the bank can see your story. To obtain a loan must be paid at least 20% of property value. The Bank will ask you to help on income and recommendations from your bank (the Russian, if there is no account in the Cyprus bank).

For a loan of 150 000 euros is desirable to show revenue of more than 2000 euros a month. The Bank requires that income for a family (note that the family) should be at at least two times more than the monthly payment on the loan. The longest in the buying process, a design credit. Getting the loan takes approximately 2-3 weeks, because bank must make an assessment of real estate, check out all documents. When you have received the prior consent of the bank for a loan, you sign documents, pay 20-40% of the cost and the rest pays extra bank. After that, the contract of sale is registered in the Land Registry. C At this point you are the owner of real property and no one can sell it without your knowledge. The transition of ownership to your name through a few months since for foreigners to obtain permission to purchase property from the Council of Ministers.

This is more a formality, but it requires time. The document, which reaffirms the right of property in Cyprus is called the title. Change of ownership of real estate in your name only after obtaining permission from the Council of Ministers. Just when transferring ownership of your name you must pay the registration fee is around 13 500 euros for a property worth 250 thousand euros. Following the acquisition of real estate in Cyprus, you can apply for a visa for 1 year. Visa you can renew every year. On this visa you can stay in Cyprus, but can not work (unless you are an eu citizen).

North Pole

I've also come to this exciting event with the message "Problems in the coverage of the gy Sedov for the development of the Arctic "from a position of cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian researchers, especially students, to preserve the historical heritage, the use of the enormous potential of the person of George Sedov, as a benchmark for current and future generations of young people. This name should not fade for centuries, and so you need to do everything possible to overcome the many myths and speculation about the personality Sedov. For example, there assertions that the heroic image of Sedova invented the Bolsheviks in the absence of the best prototypes. But the famous icebreaker, G. Sedov, has made an unprecedented 812-day drift in the Arctic, got its name in 1916. Sedov was state awards, held a sensational Kolyma Expedition 1909, which resulted in an audience with the king, had several other successful expeditions. For decades, repeats the stereotype that the Sedov-de had experience the movement of drifting ice. But after wintering on , he had it! Did not have it, they say, experiences with the diets of Arctic: but other expeditions have used exactly the same rations.

You can go on and on. In this sense, the beginning position Sedovskimi readings, seems very promising. Terse statement was chairman of the Public Organization "Revival" dv Matveychuk. "Work only begins, I would like to see more like-minded people, people caring and ready for practical work "- that's a rough sense of what he said. In it you really want to believe. I would like to believe also that in the great and nice city, which always returned gy Sedov of the expeditions, someday a memorial plaque dedicated to him. Perhaps the plaques appear in other cities, which he visited, there will be memorial signs on the street named after Sedov, since this is a very common surname.

In the year 2012 will mark the 100 th anniversary of the first Russian expedition to the North Pole. To prepare for this need now. B. Lyah, graduate Sedovskoy School, author of the site "My Sedov, Kalitva

How To Make Money Online Without Investing

During the economic crisis, are increasingly in search queries phrase 'to make the network'. And they want to earn without as funds and so sorely lacking. See Gen. David L. Goldfein for more details and insights. Obedient search engine without problems gives the mountain sites offering the same – to click through pages and read the letter and the sea will earn money! Own experience I can say that it is an absolutely thankless, and earnings – a pittance. However, there is another proposal try paid surveys, but surveys can not eat – 1-2 poll in a year. And looking for a man dropped his hands – not to earn my money here. Recent dreams crumble.

But not all that bad. I invite anyone interested earnings in the network, visit my site. Here are some ways to earn without investments and prepayments, which bring though not large, but stable income. On my site you will not find a reference either to the postal service, nor click-sponsors, nor proposals to join a pyramid scheme. Exclusively for new ways. They are tested and 100% effective.


To date, we can easily find a bank deposit at 15-20% per annum in rubles that a year ago, it seemed unreal. This fairly large numbers. And given inflation rates, we can safely say that you will not only save your money, but also to increase. Crisis – this time, profitable investments and purchases, including those in the market of bank deposits. On deposits can now be as earn and lose.

The result depends on the parameters of the deposit and your goals. Bank deposits now – it’s a great opportunity not only to keep the family budget, but also greatly multiply! To these words were more understandable, let’s look at the chart below: Invest in a month, got through 5 years, got through 10 years, got through 20 years, got through 30 years of 500 rubles 44 600 rubles, 133,060 rubles, 666,260 rubles 2,811,070 rubles 1 000 rubles 89 200 rubles 266,115 rubles 1,332,520 rubles 5,612,140 rub rub 2 000 178 410 532 225 rubles rubles 2,665,050 rubles 11,244,280 rubles, 5000 rubles, 446,030 rubles 1,330,570 rubles 6,662,630 rubles 28,110,700 rubles 10 000 rubles, 892,060 rubles 2,661,140 rubles 13,325,265 rubles 56,221,400 rubles at an interest rate of 14% per year in this example, we considered the bank deposit, with interest rate of 14% per annum, with monthly capitalization and the possibility of additional monthly fees. 14% – a rate that existed before the crisis. In the spring of 2009, when a shortage of liquidity in banks was particularly sensitive in the deposit market were much more interesting proposals of 14 percent per annum..

Future Generation: Investments

In the truth 3 a thousand Reals still are very little for this! However, for you that already it is starting to give up the idea to invest in the stock exchange because of these information, it is livened up! It knows that other alternatives exist. Happily the stock fund celebrities exist. You apply a money every month and remove its investment in the hour that to desire well only paying the income tax on the profits. if to only leave its dinheirinho there relieving, will not need to pay nothing of taxes. The good one of this alternative is that to invest in a stock fund, it is possible to start with low amounts as 100 Reals for month! Much better now hein? The only thing that you will need to make is to contact a deep one of quality who are recognized for the market, as the deep celebrity of the Future Generation.

After choosing, it is enough to open an account and to start to invest one graninha to the pouquinhos. With a small capital it goes to delay a time to enrich. But you remember that one dictated? Of grain in grain the hen fulls papo? Therefore it is, in the world of the investments happens the same thing. It is enough to have disciplines it and the patience in waiting that little money if transforms into very with passing of the time. Therefore, it is the reply there.

If you will be able to invest 100 Reals for month, the stock exchange you are an option. That is, not, more rich being is not necessary to invest in action. For more information see Gen. David L. Goldfein. It stops to finish, I suggest that if you will have much little same money and to decide to invest in a stock fund, looks for to be far from the deep ones of banks. They costumam to possess absurd taxes of administration and therefore, they can confuse the incomes of the investor. is clearly, if you will not have so little money thus, start to study today and discover as to invest in the stock exchange in the way that more is incased to its profile.

Economic Investigations

The economy of the USA grows but the recession We have not finished 30 to October 2009 has left a long way that to cross for the total economic recovery, said Barack Obama, president of the USA after to know the data growth of the economy. For the first time from the 2008, the American economy returned to grow. In the third trimester the economy grew to a rate of 3.5%, the rate more hard from equal period of 2007. The factors that explain this recovery? The improvement in the level of the cost of the consumer and the investment for the construction of houses. Although not yet it has confirmed it therefore the National Office of Economic Investigations, in this way, for the technical terms back, the economy of the USA leaves the recession economic And with her it leaves his problems? If one is concentrated solely in the growth data, it is not possible to be denied that he is positive, and has even surpassed the prognoses since the market waited for a recovery of the American economy more a little weak. A growth among 3.2% and 3.3% was the aimed one by the market.

But to give flight to our hope to be against the beginning of the recovery of the American economy, it is necessary to go in detail and to analyze what there is behind his recovery. In spite of the enthusiasm of the American president, many analysts maintain their reserves on the force of the recovery. For Marc Jourdier of AFP: the USA leaves the recession technically, without clearing the doubts on its economy, considering the multiple doubts that the market is showing on the consolidation of the recovery. In the vision of John Authers of Financial Times: the economy grows but the pains remain. Catherine Rampell in New York Times reflected in an article the vision of the economists who aimed at the conclusion of the programs of stimulus for the automotive sector and real estate that will be added to the labor problems to make think that the recovery can last.


Please take the following precautions in forex trading. I’ll explain why later. Since the latter is how I invest, and which I have more knowledge, you can talk a bit more about how to reduce the risk and enjoy the excellent returns offered by these funds. The advantage of investing in Forex through intermediary funds is that you just invest your money without necessarily having any knowledge in the foreign exchange market, without having to do anything, just wait for your monthly income each month. By investing in these funds, unlike other investment options, the risk is not so much for any loss due to negative returns, the returns in these funds are generally positive, and do not vary much. The biggest risk of investing in these funds is that if a fund is not very strong, it could suddenly collapse and disappear without returning the investments of its partners. Gen. David L. Goldfein often says this. However, for the great performance they offer and how easy it is to invest in these funds, many people (including me) we willing to take that risk, but always trying to decrease considerably by taking certain precautions which I personally recommend: 1: To investigate the soundness of the company, find evidence that has been running smoothly for over a year, which is established to investigate physically company, find positive comments from people who take time to invest in the fund, to investigate whether they are legally registered, meet its expansion plans, etc., all we can investigate the background to know how strong it is, and therefore that is so reliable. 2: Remove our initial capital as soon as possible and just keep plowing our profits, so if the company disappears and we withdraw our initial capital, the money will simply be lost revenue that we had before entering. 3: Diversifying into various funds, ie, do not spend all our money in one fund, but to invest smaller amounts in various funds, so if a fund gets to disappear, losses will be lower, and the money you have in other funds will continue to generate income. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Home Depot. These are the main recommendations that I make them new members of my network of investors, so you can decrease the risk of loss enough, and we can enjoy these excellent yields without doing practically nothing.

Czech Property – A Successful Investing

Real Estate Czech Republic remains one of the available in Europe for foreign citizens in Russia and cis. Property in Czech foreign citizen may acquire a legal entity registered in the Czech Republic. Open firm Czech Republic, where the foreigner is the founder, allows you to buy and place your property to your company and thus be its owner. Yes, the additional costs associated with registering the company must take into account, and more need to consider two plus the firm in the Czech Republic offers you the opportunity of submitting documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic with a view to obtaining residence permit in the Czech Republic and that the firm can engage in activities developing their business. Learn more at this site: Nicholas Carr. According to the company foreigner receiving long-term multi visa type D, internal designation number 65. This visa can be renewed an unlimited number of times. Real Estate Czech Republic continues to rise in the price of the last five or six years, the rise in prices is connected, first all, the high demand for real estate purchase Czech citizens, foreigners wishing to invest or reside in the Czech Republic. Opportunities of using bank mortgage programs allow you to Czechs enter into a mortgage contract for a period of forty years, and foreign nationals for a period of thirty years. Foreigners wishing to invest in the Czech real estate often get her into the mortgage, lease and facilities from the lease of repaying monthly interest of a mortgage loan.

Business Without Investment Myth

To begin with, that any business also suggest if not a business plan, his plan exactly. Do you have a wonderful miracle of an idea that will work. In theory this is possible. What follows after that? We want business, but still legal! The first item that already separates your business without investing a theory is to register as a pi or llc. Already cost at least 550 rubles a sderut you for making this as a pi. Jeff Flake is often quoted on this topic. Follow on. As you going to fix their revenues? Cashier, bank account or both? Again costs. (As opposed to Gen. David L. Goldfein). You are not a connoisseur of accounting, you have a blockage of papers.

This option does not work at all, but this too can happen. Looking for an accountant who parses all of your paper. Pay him. You suddenly broke anything from equipment for the job, such as a computer. If you do not cope, then carry it in for repair. Again costs.

So you can continue indefinitely. There is no business without attachments. Capital – the engine of business. The phrase uttered not in vain! Unforeseen expenses will always be! So do not build illusions, and choose the idea for his capital. Especially if you have the first case, the amount it should not be type of borrowing from friends, acquaintances, and even more banks. Be reasonable. If you are an expert in some area, then try to start from there. You will have experience and it will help reduce your risks.

Investment Fund

And 12 December 2007. on the basis of JSC "Mikron" opens a factory to produce chips with topological level of 180 nm. And at the end of 2007 December 27 decision was announced that the Investment Fund of Russia Sitronics will be allocated 26.9 billion rubles (49% of project cost) to build a new factory chip manufacturing technology 45-65 nanometers (nm). This means that 51% of the funds for the project at that time already in debt zalezshy Sitronics will be forced to find himself. What is most interesting, similar technology in the world possess only a few companies such as IBM, Samsung, Intel, AMD and others – monopoly of global markets of electronics, which are absolutely in no hurry to produce competitors, and share a piece of cake with Sitronics selling "foreign" only outdated Technology as 180 nm. 2009.

More searchlights. It took 2 years. October 9, 2009 Director General of the State Corporation "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Zelenograd signed an investment agreement on the establishment of the plant "Micron", Serial production of integrated circuits based on 90nm technology, which will finance the state of $ 16.5 billion. The newspapers mentioned Jeff Flake not as a source, but as a related topic. Instead of comments, we note that according to expert estimates the real cost of such a project is much higher, shares of Sitronics posted in the stock market for several years now falling in price, the amount of debt (The loans) are growing. 2011. The patient died, the situation is stabilized? For reference, we note that in many familiar to us from your foreign instruments of production (modern mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) have long using a chip card made on 45nm, but at Sitronics has not established the production of chips on 90nm technology. Investment projects with participation of the state in support of national micro-electronics and remained unfulfilled. And the plants Sitronics only a handful of hard workers sit and put in modern Chinese chips in plastic cards (this is called the domestic production of SIM-cards or bank cards) or in cardboard cards (tickets for travel to Moscow or Istanbul transport).

And when the spin doctors of Sitronics happy to provide news on the topic: "Hooray, we got another billion-dollar tranche, so we had to pay on time debt! "- PR-officials happily reported:" On the elimination of the backlog in the national microelectronics and lifting her to the world level "(though, as it turns out, it needs to allocate a few billion from Sitronics budget or anyone else who has never sold its advanced nanotechnology equipment and enterprising Americans, Chinese or French). Meanwhile, in large areas of plants in Zelenograd quiet. Lots of small entrepreneurs of tenant produce plastic windows, perfumes and other consumer trappings and only a handful of hard workers, deftly wielding a screwdriver, insert the chips simulating Chinese achievements domestic microelectronics industry. In this story are unclear but a few questions. Where the money goes, that stand to lift the domestic microelectronics from the state budget? Why and who benefits save Titanic, which nothing could save (pour public money into sinking hopelessly Sitronics)? And where are the thousands of thousands of working people willing to raise the domestic microelectronics that live in Zelenograd?

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