As obtain and keep your credit in our days there are many reasons to make use of the credit. The possibility of carrying a plastic instead of a lot of airline card is very convenient without fail to consider the reason more obvious, which is none other than the fact that it is increasingly more difficult to live in today’s society without antecedents registered on networks that control the use of the credit. No doubt the credit cards are necessary for, for example: book hotels, rent vehicles, shopping by catalog or over the phone. In some places it is necessary to have a credit even for power card rent videos, not to mention the indispensable that it is having a good credit if it is to obtain a loan in cash, with a reasonable interest, with destination to the acquisition of a car or a House. Credit cards also offer a sense of endorsement or security because attributed to them that they have the power to resolve situations of emergency, as unforeseen illnesses, accidents or urgent making costly repairs. Unfortunately along with these advantages coexist some disadvantages because since to offer a sense of security it induces the individual to not rely on personal savings to cover emergency situations.

The good use of the credit demands of who owns the consideration of some essential points: purchases on credit may be considerably more faces due to the payment of interest and extra costs when the balances are not canceled in time and manner, without disregarding that holders of credit cards at risk of being exposed to scams and frauds if they lost them or be copied them your account number. Having a certain buying power can lead to the temptation to fall into the overdraft creating a situation compromised in the future, whenever we enter on a slope in the relationship ingresos-egresos, redshift of maturities not covered costs could seriously compromise the family economy, They generally entail with the consequent conflicts that situations of this kind. The granting of a credit is governed by what is generally known as the five Cs of good credit, they are: * character: are you a person who pays their bills on time? Capital: does have enough income or net worth to shrink debt payment capacity: are you a stable person?? Are your income and your employment secure enough guarantee the payment of your debt? Collateral: Do have assets or real guarantees that ensure the collection of your debt? Conditions: the current situation on the market and the economic governance of the Government have altered the economic-financial balance to the point that the increase in interest rates would do because you saw it unable to pay its debt as it was established? These five Cs are fundamental principles that are easily verifiable by credit institutions, if a person does not possess a credit history, must begin to demonstrate the qualities that could encourage potential creditors to grant credit you are requesting. The maintenance of a good image will be essential to gain access to the undeniable benefits of the system, but should take into account that financial stability, requires a serious and responsible behaviour, should be considered very seriously some of its basic principles: saving capacity (spend less than income) plan investments, such as housing, education, health, and avoid falling into the clutches of consumerismespecially in times of crisis it is important to know how to separate what is vital from the trivial. Hugo w.

Vice President Carlos Lage

International analyst inside of the Cuban Communist Party could incubate 4 streams: 1) which follow the way Chinese and Vietnamese seek to attract foreign investors while maintaining the monopoly of power of the Castroism. (2) That accept legalize opposition to believing that it could void it with elections Venezuela type. (3) Which would maintain the battle for ideas against the counter-revolution. (4) The most radical called to deepen and internationalize the Socialist Revolution. The CIA knows what happens exactly. It is speculated that in the first sector would be Raul Castro and Vice President Carlos Lage, although other sources believe Raul could be the Caribbean Gorbachev. In the third sector would be the so-called tropical Taliban’s Foreign Minister Perez and the Minister of culture Roque. The last field is the Celia Hart who claimed to Trotzky.

If Cuba continues the first path to eventually become a capitalist dictatorship. The second way multi-party democracy could end up undermining the plan and the economy socialized by Cuba to adopt a regime similar to the rest of the region. The third path involves maintaining the status quo. The fourth would lead to a leftist revolution against sectors of the Castroism. The anti-Castro opposition has two poles. Some point to go reforming and democratizing the system. Others want a popular uprising type which should be bracing for U.S., Eastern Europe. Original author and source of the article.

Canadian Pension

Before a variation drastic exchange rate or a devaluation of the currency (current thing in our lands), the Fund is reduced. Life expectancy is increasing, which affects certain pension funds. What is that? One is the whose background this determined by your contributions and their earnings. This is divided into parts that you will be paid as a pension for retirement. But and that this has to do with life expectancy? Say that your pension fund divides it into equal parts to your last salary (the minimum required to maintain your lifestyle) and reach you for Live 8 years but you live 12 years more! Are you going to do the other 4 remaining years? Are you going to look for work to live? We could be tempted to think that it is not so serious that the only pension is 60% of our usual salary since we will not have more children to keep.

See tell that to a retiree in 70 years has not finished paying your mortgage! Maybe you don’t have children, but will need medical care before you not needed and the worst thing is that every time with more frequency and we all know (or maybe not, might be reason for another article!) that medical services are on the way of becoming luxury goods. The repercussions of the current problem of pension systems are many, but what more it hurts to see today are high taxes to pay pensioners that are already saliento, and the high rate of the elderly who are forced to return to work in order to live. So seen, not surprising therefore that Wal-Mart has been elected in January this year as one of the best employers in Canada, if it is one of very few companies that hired the elderly (do not dire the why this but is almost clear, no?). But with a few simple steps could you revert the problem and seek a better future. The great task here: 1. Save 10% of your monthly salary in a savings account dedicated especially for retirement. The account must be separate and different from the regime of pensions that contribution currently. 2.

Do not leave to eat as often to the street and save those $6.00 for the daily menu in the account referred to in point 1. It won little more than $1,500 a year and step not undermines the stomach with so much junk food. Are 3. you not a power saver? Not torture, use technology to do this. Coordinate with your bank to make a transfer automatic from your salary to your investment account account. Phew, that difficult! Walter Hernandez Aguado publishes your ezine with tips and information on immigration to Canada, integration into Canadian society and the achievement of a new successful life.

Columbian Government

The Colombian Government Announces is released unharmed to Ingrid Betancourt, 3 Americans and 11 military hostages of the FARC. This will boost to Uribe in his struggle with the Supreme Court (questioning him by the illegality of their choice or why 20% of their congressmen are linked to paramilitary activity) and to go towards a new election (with which he wants to extend its mandate which according to the Constitution should end in 2010). Also benefiting McCain (who went to Colombia) and strategy of anti-terrorism heavy-handed against Obama (who requests meet with Chavez and freeze the FTA with Bogota). The presidential ex-candidata Betancourt, kidnapped by the FARC in 2002, became an international symbol. Chavez initially wanted that FARC let go it so that it strengthen its policy of showing Uribe as a hard and encourage the guerrillas to legalize then get to the Government through the electoral (type Nicaragua or South Africa). After Uribe to release her without granting nothing to change, its image both internally and grow international and continental right will want to use this to launch a counteroffensive against the Governments and leftist parties in the region. What’s more, you can have some impact on American electoral career because Republicans will want to use it to keep in power showing that the best way to defeat terrorism is to invest more in intelligence and military actions. For McCain that should be the way to defeat in Iraq and hunt down Bin Laden.

As in the case of Sendero Luminoso in Peru a guerrilla that discredits for making unpopular armed actions ends up weakening itself left and trade unions and helping forces that want to consolidate a greater liberalization of the economy. The strategy of the FARC to negotiate its re-introduction or the freedom of hundreds of their prisoners suffer a severe setback. This may include new crisis moments in which changed from Chief for the first time. The defeats of the FARC have an impact within the left. While a sector will draw conclusion that individual and isolated violence conspires against his ideal move towards a mass uprising, the majority of Socialists seek to distance themselves from any violent measure for wanting to appear as a moderate able to be good Democrats. Uribe will want to convert the most popular President in the region and a symbol that the opponents of Chavez, Correa, Morales and Ortega used to undermine the advance of the pink tide in Latin America. Uribe victory, for example, want to be used by the Venezuelan opposition to beat Chavez in the Venezuelan regional elections or the Bolivian to go fencing to the Government (who had just lost the election of Chuquisaca and is crashing with Alan Garcia).

Trivia Data Information

(I) many things we ignore for reasons sometimes do not have time to investigate them, but they are necessary, learn more when we by a certain time journey on this planet, subject to facts, news, knowledge that are needed to be taken into account. To this is added, the abundance of information according to the interest and each person to investigate. In this opportunity we have developed some writings that contain valuable information provided by those who increase their knowledge and share it interests them. We have respected your source of information and believe in something they collaborate continents are large tracts of land separated by ocean waters. This surface and solid part of the Earth’s crust consists mainly of sial, crystalline rocks of about 100 km in thickness. The continents cover about 29% of the total area of the cortex. Most of these lands is located in the northern hemisphere, where two-thirds of the continental land surface. The continents are divided into six large blocks: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

n with stakeholders is grow, know that it is happening on planet Earth. America is the second mass of the planet’s largest landmass. The approximate area is 42 million km2. Population: There are about 650 million million inhabitants. Three sets include: North America: subcontinent that encompasses Canada, United States of America and Mexico. It also includes Greenland, the largest island in the world, as well as the small French departments of overseas of Saint Pierre and Miquelon and the British colony of Bermuda. Central America: geographically it is a long and narrow isthmus that connects North and South America. It has an extension of 523,000 km2 and it is comprised of the following countries: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Generate Residual Income Online

The business from home, or multilevel fashion Internet, HD here are some suggestions for doing business online, and to be able to understand how you should treat prospects and members in our multi-level sales, business, business internet, prosperity, freedom Financiera.Todas these are words that often we found on the net, MLM programs are just around the cornerall promising gains fabulous with a leverage that leaves short to Donald Trump, Buffet system. Paul Getty and in the very same Bill GatesEl Mr Robert Kiyosaky in his book La Escuela de Negocios, strongly recommends starting in a marketing business network, where as, will teach you all the techniques of financial education so you can achieve your financial freedom in a short time and create residual income that could even be inheritable to your children.But then, do this kind of business for the network doesn’t work for most people? It has been statistically shown that only 5% of the affiliates to a network do work cash and prospects that you can achieve contact, only 2% manage affiliate and of that 2% waiver you 1% or that, after months in the MLM, you realize that you’ve only managed to maintain some few members that do not give you, or give you, so cherished financial freedom.Personally I am one of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people disillusioned with this business, after months of trying to overcome me financially and about to relinquish my MLM program, I gave the task to investigate thoroughly what was happening. My knowledge of business administration served me to apply a reengineering to my way of prospecting and try to win affiliates, through traditional methods and here is what I found: 1) was dealing with lists of prospects which engavetaba into folders by month and in numerical order, talked about my prospects of June, July, August. Etc.Les sent mass mailings with the same text to 20 prospects at the same time, trying them to sell the idea that this was the business of your life and they fought for their debts in a short time.

Web Hosting

The number of companies that offer web page hosting service seems to increase every year and you can find different prices that vary depending on their characteristics. However, before hiring any of them is recommended to determine the reason for the appeal amount, because many times we ended up acquiring a service that satisfies our needs nothing. First, you should determine if the level of our portal will remain or not much time inside of what is known as inactivity or downtime. If the page is perfectly designed, but is not active, it is no good the investment of time and money in its construction, then who wish to access you can almost never do so. Let us remember that the first click is what comes when sales account. Similarly, if you don’t know technical aspects, you can make the mistake of hiring a hosting service whose bandwidth, speed and capacity are minimal. For that reason, before hiring any Web Hosting service, you must make sure that these three points they are suitable for your page. For example, bandwidth which is a basic tool for the number of successful visits that your site has be greater if your page this topics, products, or services that are in demand for search for users on the network.

For its part, space that deal with content and portal applications is crucial if you want your page to have the capacity of some applications that are built with purposes statistical and financial, as for example buying and selling items in real-time, content multimedia and games video, etc. Finally, don’t forget to ask concerning the technical support offered by the hosting company, because it depends on the speed with which any technical problem your portal will be turned out. Ideally, that in less than a couple of hours the staff offers you a solution to the problem. If it takes more than one day, better considered another Web Hosting company.