Mercedes: The Stages Of A Long Journey

Happy Birthday Car is January 29, 1886. This is the date is on the patent number 37435, issued in Berlin, Karl Benz, who proposed the idea of 'NGV crew. " The word "NGV" should not be interpreted too narrowly. As written in the patent, the gas can be obtained from naphtha or other petroleum products, particularly from gasoline. Crew Benz was open, double and three-wheeled. The engine was located between the rear wheels, which were higher front. Instead of steering was a bit of reverse grip. With the help of chains motion passed on to the rear axle.

Crew Benz looked fine, but the reason for this was the first in what the engineer wanted to make the machine easy, because the motor was too weak – about two-thirds of horse power – and could not pull the heavy car. Benz used parts and designs, known for the production of bicycles. The first trip to the crew Benz made in autumn 1885. These attempts, as he recalled, ended in a collision with the factory walls. Gradually he was able to increase the distance traveled – first hundred meters, then kilometer. Until the spring rate of the crew has already reached 16 kilometers per hour, but every journey exposing new flaws and shortcomings. For example, Benz quickly abandoned the idea of magnetic electric lighting, as the brush of the generator during traffic on the bridge is constantly bouncing and the current will then flow was stopped. Benz stopped at elektrobatareyah.

Multiple Springs

One of the oldest and most necessary parts of the machine – spring. Spring is a spring consisting of a first or a stack of plates to bending. As a kind of coil spring has all the properties characteristic of the springs. Despite this happens that some machines softer leaf spring suspension. This means that the spring have made a firm.

But the springs have special characteristics. Plus, the spring screw in that it is practically impossible to destroy. When you compress the coils will fall on each other and spring spring will not suffer, at least broken and only the wheels, frames and bridges. A spring due to bending can be completely destroyed. The same applies to tensile screw springs.

There are different types of springs, they can be odnolistovye, Multiple-and malolistovye. Leaf springs in our country are the most common because thanks to them can be evenly split the load. In These result in a rigid structure and can do without the other structures for holding the bridge. In this design all the sheets spring will serve roughly the same period as are in the same conditions. Another plus that due to the deflection decreases buildup of the car. Often it can not use shock absorbers. To make the leaf springs used carbon spring steel. In order to give the desired deflection Richter sheets, and the stamp mills. Then the sheets are subjected to heat treatment. Spring on the car fixed ladders. It is possible to mount the top and bottom. As for any arrangements for the springs to be watched. When proper care of your car springs will last you much longer. For on that spring work to do sometimes pull up ladders and sheets regularly lubricate springs. Very convenient that in order to lubricate the springs they should not be removed from the vehicle. First to lift the car, the wheels were hanging over the floor. Then the lower ends of shock absorbers struts should be separated from the lining of springs. Then bend the fabric, which wrapped up spring and thoroughly lubricate the springs sheets of graphite lubricant. For unclamping all possible to use a screwdriver. Once a year, spring should be removed and dismantled for cleaning and lubrication. If there is something damaged gaskets must be replaced. After As you will gather again spring abundantly it, you need to grease got all the space between the sheets. Well, first of all take care of your car and suspension. Manage your car carefully and avoid the bad roads.

Ten Tips For Choosing Autosignalisation

Installation Center 'Signalochka' recommendation. 1. Do not buy a cheap car alarm. Car alarm from a low-cost may not be functional and good quality. By installing a car alarm can faced with many challenges, for example: not long life car alarm, and then again have to spend to buy a new car alarm or car alarm will not fit you for functions, and more another, because of the cheap car alarms wait is not worth much.

2. Do not buy car alarm with a dubious title. Car alarms with dubious or little-known name, as well as the car alarm from a cheap series have low quality and do not work for long. 3. Before buying a car alarm is necessary to determine, with parking the car.

If the car is a low-cost group and will stand near the entrance at home, then come up and usual one-way car alarm (without pager). If the average price of a car or standing in a seashell or a garage near the house, then you need to install car alarm with pager, car alarm that would have been able to notify you if necessary. 4. What features should be in the car alarm. When buying a car alarm that would not pay for unnecessary functions you need and for the installation, you need to think what features you need at use of alarm systems. For example you may need auto engine, turbo timer, hands free. 5. Choosing a car alarm must be considered.

Engine Oil

Replacing oil in the engine car is straightforward, although there may be some difficulties and therefore should adhere to certain rules in carrying out this work. Before changing the oil in engine it is desirable to use washing the engine. Autochemicals offers a great range of facilities for washing motor internals. Should choose those that are cast into the engine for a few minutes to replace oil, the so-called minute. One should note the following things: If your engine uses hydraulic lifters valve clearances, and the insides of the engine are not very clean, it is better refrain from the use of drilling fluids, for the reason that soluble washing fluid deposits can get into the inner cavity of lifters and disable him. In this case, better use the detergent properties of the oil, and make the next oil change at an earlier date.

(usually the extent of pollution of oil.) Once the motor is going to play with washing fluid set time should be stop the engine and by removing the drain plug to drain the old oil, it is not necessary to unscrew the filler cap, the inner cavities of the engine enough seats communications with the atmosphere. Once the butter is completely drain from the crankcase (normally it takes about 10 – 15 minutes.) should tighten the drain plug in place. After this untwists oily filter, applying for this special device, if not, then untwists by hand, pre-wrapped body of carnival filter coarse sandpaper. If this method does not work, try to break his body a suitable screwdriver, and unscrew it with unyielding filter. Before installing a new carnival filter should grease his rubber gasket, and in the cavity is not superfluous to pour a little oil, which in future will be used in the engine. Especially hard on tightening the carnival filter should not be. Usually, after the rubber seal touches the cylinder should dovernut its still about 1 / 3 turn. Following this with a funnel pour oil in the engine, but not all, as suggested by user maintenance of the car, and about 2 / 3 of its parts, usually for four cylinder engines is approximately three liters of oil.

Tighten the filler plug and start up the engine. Once the oil pump motor oil fetch all the channels the engine light will go out the emergency oil pressure. Usually it will take a little more time than normal engine start. Give engine for several minutes and stop it. Add oil to the engine to the mark 'MAX'. Browse again if there were any drips of oil (oil filter, drain plug.) In this procedure the oil change may be considered complete

Volkswagen Polo

At Volkswagen Polo sedan a top speed of 187 km / h (1.6 Automatic) and 190km/chas (1.6 ILAC) has a maximum speed of Renault Logan 162km / h (1.4 ILAC) and further 175-180 km / h. The 1.6-liter engine has a maximum Fiat Albea speed 162 km / h (1.4 ILAC) Acceleration to 100 km / h at maximum take Solaris 4.13 seconds in the version with the 1.4-liter engine and automatic with manual transmission Hyundai accelerated for 1.12 seconds. Sedan with a 1.6-liter engine with manual gearbox required 10.2s, but with Automatic – 11.4 seconds. Renault Logan accelerates to 100 km / h in 13.0 seconds (manual transmission 1.4l) and for 11.5sek (1.6l, manual transmission) Volkswagen Polo hatchback. Acceleration to 100 km / h in 10.5sek (1.6 ILAC) and 12.1sek (1.6 Automatic) Fiat Albea.

Acceleration to 100 km / h in 13.5sek (1.4 ILAC) It turns out that the maximum speed of Hyundai Solaris, along with the sedan Polo ahead, accelerating to 190 km / hour. Competitors do not overcome 180 km / hour. And develop 100 km / h 1.6 l engine Solariss faster opponents. For efficiency comparison in favor of Hyundai Solaris 2 urban cycle with the most economical Solaris 1.4-liter engine and mechanics consumes 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. A vehicle with a 1.6-liter engine consumes 7.9 liters, and automatic transmission increases the engine performance at 0.9 and 0.7 liters respectively.

Out of town rates significantly below the 1.4-liter with Solaris mechanics requires 4.9 liters of fuel, with a gun – 5.2. These competitors include: 3 Volkswagen Polo Sedan Fuel consumption urban cycle – 8.7l (1.6 ILAC) and 9.8l (1.6 Automatic) Fuel consumption, extra-urban cycle – 5.1l (1.6 ILAC) and 5.4l (1.6 Automatic) Renault Logan Consumption fuels, urban cycle – 9.4l (1.4 manual transmission) and 10 liters (1.6, manual transmission) Fuel consumption, extra-urban cycle – 5.5l (1.4 manual transmission) and 5.9 (1.6, manual transmission) Fiat Albea Fuel consumption urban cycle – 8.9l (1.4 ILAC) Fuel consumption, country cycle – 5.0l (1.4 manual transmission turns out that 1.4 liters (7.6 liters spends 100 km) and 1.6 liters winner – Hyundai Solaris. K Besides, you can use the 92-th gasoline. Then compare the cross: Ground clearance for the lower price segment sedans – is an important indicator. Clearance Solaris reaches 160 mm. Ahead of his Volkswagen Polo sedan with its 170-millimeter clearance. And the Renault Logan in this figure is less than 5 mm (155 mm). Curb vehicle weight 1110 kg (more than a Volkswagen Polo, Renault Logan), the total mass of 1565 kg. Expected price of all interested persons may make some amendments to the dispute for a buyer. The advantage of Solaris at first sight evident. At the same time, if the price of Hyundai Solaris will not be too high, then the Koreans with the St. Petersburg residence permit will have all the chances in the first place in the car number of the Russian market.

Fire Construction

Currently, experts in the field of fire automatics is no secret that a full fire protection facility can not be done without the union of all components of fire automation into a single cohesive complex. Gone are the days when it was enough to bring in, say, the ventilation system and smoke one for the object signal to the fire detection and limit it. The construction boom in our country, the massive construction of hypermarkets, the construction of modern hotels, mixed-use complexes cause greater flexibility to control problem Fire automation, look for optimal solutions to protect people and property. This is the branching of the control algorithms for ventilation, flame-retardant flaps, elevators, alarm and escape control by fire, fire suppression systems, makes for a more intellectually rich controls APPZ. Usually formulated three priority requirements for the fire APPZ: * How can earlier detection of fire.

* Delivery of all necessary signals for activating the automatic fire of an object. This back pressure of air in the elevator shafts and stairwells, and disconnection of the general exchange ventilation and smoke removal systems integration, and control valves, and the forced lowering of the elevators, and automatic closing fire doors, and run the automatic extinguishing systems (AUPT). * Detailed information about the fire situation at the facility and staff on duty, and others present at the occupants. It is often forgotten that the system APPZ most of the time in standby mode and does not produce all the above actions. The main advantage of the fire alarm system (PS) in this case is to minimize the number of false positives, which, among other negative factors may entail material damage.

English Premier League

Tending to attack defenders – Clichy and Sagna – also fit well into the picture. However, not always after a fine attack wards Arsene Wenger can implement moments, and then come to the fore the defense, with which Arsenal this season, a serious problem: it is enough to recall the League Cup final with Birmingham or the last match in the Premier League with West Bromwich. While Wenger rectify this situation persists, and he tries to focus on attacking actions, guided by the principle – ‘the best defense – is an attack. ” It is possible that their the role played by the fact that the backbone consists of the Arsenal players young. But this question is ambiguous, because of Arsene Wenger’s talent: during his time as almost all young people, who came to Arsenal, opened up and began to play. From Manchester United is somewhat different. Then Sir Alex spends quite a successful change of generations. In place of the veterans: Giggs, Scholes, Van der Sar – Ferguson draws a team of young players.

Among them, the brothers Rafael and Fabio, Javier Hernandez, Smalling, Nani, Valencia. Style of play, propangadiruemy Sir Alex this season, is fundamentally different from football Arsenal. Scot instills Manchester strict team play, which is built on defense and ends with the realization of a phenomenal moments in other people’s doors. The current composition of the team Ferguson least star in recent years. Realizing this, the coach does not require such an offensive game, which was, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In some games, especially with strong rivals, it is felt, although Sir Alex and tries to bring the efficiency of the command to 100%. Plays an important role and presence in such good players, destroyers, as Carrick, Fletcher and Scholes to help ‘cement the defense. ” For comparison: the players of this plan is not enough Wenger. Just as, on the other hand, the DOJ needs players – the builder such as Fabregas and Nasri. In general, By and large, and Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are actively working to create new original formidable team at Manchester United and Arsenal. But even this did not detract from the fun for the fans from watching games involving team of these great coaches.