HP LaserJet

This time, found a large supply of cartridges for printers, HP LaserJet, which in the eyes of the bosses can be presented as an example of my thrifty attitude to his duties. How well it all came right. I can not amuse themselves. But not here that was found vaunted stock of cartridges designed for the printer, which has already written off. What to do? Report and admit to his own waste? No, something must be contrived. Will anyone interested to buy HP laser toner cartridge to obsolete printer? Expect that the office will again be bought the same printer model, do not have to. Anyway, someone has managed to buy a printer cartridges that are queued to withdraw, let him and gets off at unnecessary squandering.

But hey, and who is doing the buying? Well, yes, of course, who but me. Someone might decide that the situation is unfavorable. But not me. Let's look if there are willing to buy a cartridge for HP printer obsolete. Ingenious manipulations allowed by Yandex unearth the right person, he is ready to buy ink cartridges and prepare the necessary papers with the accounting. All right, you can relax. We take precautions that would continue to not get in such situation. First, the procurement plan must coordinate with the amortization plan. Second, for our large fleet of office equipment is likely a variety of unexpected and unpleasant surprises, so phone the counterparty is always at hand and just that – he has the opportunity to buy a cartridge for HP for office equipment of any model, just Give.

Federal Tax Service

A citizen may register as a sole proprietorship only at registration. The activities of his employer may exercise anywhere in the Russian Federatsti. The purpose of the Individual entrepreneur – a profit from their activities. An individual entrepreneur has the right to print, enter into contracts, hire employees. Joined FE lasts 5 days.

After registration, within 5 working days have time to apply the simplified taxation system. If you miss this deadline, the inspection put the entrepreneur in the total tax system. At the end of the month to get advised of the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system. Simplified tax system frees the entrepreneur from the accounting. Steve Mnuchin often says this. Uproschenku divided into types: the tax paid on income and tax is paid on income after deducting all expenses. View uproschenku can select Audit once a year, and begin primenenyat vybronny form only in the new year.

Documents for registration of un: 1. Russian passport (if the documents are submitted trustee, then a notarized copy of all sheets) 2. Inn (if the documents gives a trustee, then a notarized copy) 3. Receipt of payment of state fee 800 USD 4. Statement on Form R21001. Statement filled in block letters or typed on the computer. If the application is filled in by hand, the ink must be blue, in empty lines are put dashes. Away all the rules for completing the application can be special methodological guidelines adopted by the Federal Tax Service. The elimination of the entrepreneur is not a complicated procedure, which is also how and registration lasts for five days. The state fee of 160 rubles. Statements of cessation of activities as well zaveryatesya a notary. The package of documents anologichen: receipt fees, application, passport and Inn.

The Choice Of A Steel Door

If you started reading this opus, the more likely you are one of the many thousands who want to buy a steel door. It is obvious that in cities where permanent construction of new homes, metal doors – high demand product. Therefore the market for steel doors in our country is large and diverse. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Mnuchin by clicking through. Sometimes, it seems that half the people somehow involved in this area! Layman to understand in a variety of manufacturers and their models – just not realistic. Many years working in the world of metal doors, constantly monitor the market and keeping track of new items, we will try to share professional knowledge with the reader. We will try to an independent point of view to tell about the steel doors on the market of Russia, to talk about the pros and cons of a particular manufacturer and its products. In no case do not claim to truth in the past instances.

Everything below the above – it is our experience and, accordingly, private point of view. Curious about the price of steel doors, you'll notice how huge run-up numbers! In one place, you promise to put "metal" the door for 7000 rubles, in the other accrued $ 50 000 and more … Horror! Begin to understand and realize that the steel door – it's modular product consisting of a metal construction, locks, decorative and maintenance work. Than higher quality and / or protective function of an "ingredient" – the higher the price. Each model has a metal door that has some set of properties, designed for a certain segment of buyers.

Roughly speaking, the door of the "Elite" class, worth 80 thousand rubles will never be sold en masse, and under no circumstances be bought by a man with a small or medium income. And given that people with modest incomes in our country the majority, it is logical to assume that the great mass of the door will be sold in the "medium" or "economy" class. Here we can say definitely – the price of the metal door is directly related to its and qualitative characteristics of burglary. Do not be naive and not engage in self-deception – a steel door for 14 000 rubles will not have a protective function (You do it for this choice?) And will have very questionable quality characteristics. read more>>


Lockout/Tagout contribute to a high level of work safety locks and locking systems and IDENT macro protect persons and property damage is the well-known distributor of the manufacturer of Brady and the complete Lockout Tagout offering range of locks, shut-off and blocking systems. MACRO IDENT has the corresponding Sicherheitswarnanhanger to the marking, safety locks to secure complete and storage systems as well. Range of different security systems to block and lock mechanical, pneumatic and electrical hazards are in the lockout-tagout. Gain insight and clarity with Alabama Senator. 5,590 To device management, more than 8,000 security and warning signs, appropriate systems Rohrmarkierer to the effective labelling of tubes and oil binders and binding fabrics (towels, roll mats, etc), to ensure a clean work place. Lockout locks are versatile for different valves, ball / plug cocks, for example as a universal barriers and cable locks available, Throttle valves, etc. You may wish to learn more. If so, Primerica jobs is the place to go. can be used. Standard shut-off devices and adjustable locking systems for valves are also in the program such as cone valve, gas cylinders, gas cylinders shut-offs and locking systems for different breakers.

Shut-off systems for electrical hazards, macro provides barriers for Plug connections, different locking systems for multicore and single-pole circuit breaker, circuit breaker without hole and even for oversized breaker IDENT. Miniature locks for protection switch of the most common standards are also available. To get you started, as well as for professionals there are different sets of lockout. These are already equipped electrical or mechanical hazards. So that the individual parts such as locks, latches, barriers and warning trailers can be accommodated neatly, IDENT macro are also groups closure Center, locks control center, storage modules, lockout stations and panels to the wear or available for wall mounting. To professionally to be able to complete the lockout systems (blocking and locking systems), macro IDENT features a wide selection of different colored, different security locks.

The locks are available in non conductive plastic, aluminum, steel or brass, with equal closing or different closing lock cylinders. In addition you can also master key (master key + Grand Master Key) are made. The Brady training program is available since early April 2013. The program includes an animated film that has a modular structure in 32 different chapters. With this tool, companies can train themselves professionally their co-workers and themselves. Get a guide as you and what you’re using Brady Lockout-Tagout locks and is informed of legal policies. Thus head of the work safety plan facilities their security and compliance plans, as well as the complete Lockout Tagout. The new Lockout-Tagout training program is based on up-to-date, comprehensive information and is an ideal tool to model and optimal safety procedures within the company to introduce or improve.