The Greeks

In accordance with Bertoche (2007), in the colonies Greeks, the men had contact with travellers of some parts of the world, allowing that the Greeks had contact with the mathematics, astronomy, geometry. Some of these Greeks had started to investigate phisis, that is, the nature, in the direction of the totality of the physical things. For Cotrim (1997), the first thinkers had appeared in the city of Mileto, situated in the Jnia, the coast occidental person of Lesser Asia. The objective of the Jnicos was to construct a cosmology, that is, to explain of rational and systematic form the characteristics of the universe (the cosmos), substituting the cosmogonia (old explanations based in myths). With this, the first philosophers wanted to discover, on the basis of the reason, ' ' substance-prima' ' of that the things are made all, that is, the existing substantial principle in all the material beings, called principle of arch.

In accordance with Chtelet (1981), in the period daily pay-Socrtico, the three main thinkers had been Tales, Anaximandro and Anaximenes. TALES OF MILETO? ' ' Everything is gua' ' Tales de Mileto (623-546 a.C), was perhaps the first philosopher to raise it questions on the structure and the nature of the cosmos as a whole, as Kenny cites (1998). Tales wanted to discover one physical element that was constant in all the things, the unifying principle of all the beings. As Chtelet cites (1981), Tales was the first one to imagine a reality sensible, the water, as the substratum and the generating force of all the things. The justification of this vision, certainly, was given by the instinctive comment on the paper of the water in the life of the plants, the animals and the civilizations. Cotrim (1995) adds that, probably, it had inspiration in Egyptian conceptions. ' ' The water is life and life principle, all the things of it come and it comes back, of luck that everything is alive, everything is ' ' animado' ' e, in this direction, endowed with alma' '.

Social Environment

But in all these and many ourtras activities, we deal with concrete things, not with abstractions: we distinguish the certainty from wrong, the true one of the false one, without philosophical concern to investigate what it is the certainty, what is the truth. The vulgar knowledge is distinguished, this house, that one, these people, those, these financial operations, these businesses, not It house, not It man, not It economy. The method and the logical process are primary, predominating the intuition of the data of the experience and the acceptance of the dominant ideology in the social environment. The criterion of gauging of this knowledge is common-sense, through which the formed and emitted judgments are accepted or not. 3 – The scientific knowledge, in contrast of the previous one, is eminently critical, that is, worried about the validity of the judgments. The judgment is an articulation, contends subject, predicate and the verb. The scientific knowledge if valley of the method and the use of the logic. It works more with particular but with concepts, the not obstante individual ones not to only exist as reality, and the concepts alone as assumption.

Aristotle examined 158 constitutions to arrive at the concepts formulated in its Politics, being used itself, thus, of the inductive method to arrive at the eidos ones contained in the concepts. The element common to the object species allows the generalization, with abstraction of the differentials. For an induction process, through generalization, it is arrived the concepts, such as force, power, circle, angle, man, animal, vegetable, body, spirit, value, space, time, norm, right. Empirical knowledge, constructed from the sensations perceived for the directions, its objects is quantified e, thus, measurable and susceptible of numerical identification. The characteristics of the scientific knowledge are: 3.1 – he is ontolgico, that is it looks for to know the being of the things. For example, reality on the man, the life, the soul, the forms, the substance, the atom, the Land, the Universe, the processes as they occur, such as what it provokes an infection, the relation of cause and made between poverty and crime etc.

The Investigation

They are synthetic because they extend our a priori knowledge and, because they are necessary and universal. Thus, this is the general problem of the pure reason, the synthetic judgments a priori. How is possible metaphysics? Transcendental for Kant is what it cannot be intudo. We cannot make experience? not sensible. pure ' ' I penso' ' that it proceeds with the all experience as transcendental unit of the auto-conscience to know the supply-sensible one, uses the reason (Vernunft) that they are transcendentais ideas, venturing if to think the mud, the world and God, therefore is not possible to know it in the sensible one. The world while totality, therefore the physics until today tries to prove this totality. Being that, nor metaphysics has answers. Therefore, have beginning and end the world? The man does not only content with the sensible one, it inquires the supply-sensible one.

The problem of the soul is with the freedom and immortality. It will be that it is free and immortal? Or only one or none? God, exists or not? This is the investigation that turns around the Metaphysical field. Transcendental is ' ' I call transcendental all the knowledge that in general occupies not in such a way with objects, but with our way of object knowledge in the measure where this must be possible a priori. ' ' A system of such concepts would call transcendental philosophy (idem, p.26. Grifo in the original). In field of thinking is transcendente and in the field of knowing, that it is all possible experience? empiricist.

Between one and another one he has the transcendental, that it is the condition to know the one and other. Harry Kane is open to suggestions. Here, a priori knowledge and a posteriori that it enters they has a knowledge condition. Sensitivity is what it acts first, when the object goes of meeting with the reason (Gemut) and vice versa. Sensitivity is constituted of elements a priori or pure? what are divided in two forms? the space and the time. They are properties that do not exist outside of the mind. It has something that develops the mind, that is a capacity stops? the innate one. The innate one is not of spontaneous. Therefore, thus, the child to the rising already would know to say and to work its rational capacity well. Here she has a sensible intuition, where I apprehend the data. Receptividade is pure magnet, therefore I only received the data sensible. The sensible data are sensations that I received from the object, and the impression is the substance, that is, the content. form is intelectiva, is rational, is a priori. the substance is a posteriori. The form engloba space and time. The form is condition of possibility of the knowledge. Without a priori one and the form, it would not have intuition. When I have a posteriori, it is not alone, therefore already this mixed with a priori one. When getting the sensation, it already this formed by the pure form. The content goes if forming for the form, that is in the cognitiva capacity. Our way to know the world is one alone way, of God, for example, he is another one and so on.

Karl Marx

The government system is related with the mechanisms of distribution of the power the politician, if by means of the parliamentarism, of the presidentialism or one it forms hybrid that can be called of semipresidentialism that in such a way adds characteristic of the presidentialism as of the parliamentarism. Being one it forms or another one, nor always or almost never, the government system represents the majority, therefore it will be always expressing the will of the minority that withholds the power on the means of production, Karl Marx (1988, P. 12) says that ' ' The power politician is the official expression of the antagonisms of the classrooms in the society burguesa' ' (Marx, 1988, P. 12). The bourgeoisie certainly is not the population mass, this mass is only leitorado necessary so that the term ' ' liberdade' ' either identified in the system politician of a country that if verifies as carrying of ' ' poder' '. When the power politician is not acquired by the force, the oppression, the imposition and the fear, is it conquered by the vote.

The vote is a power to decide process that involves elements that go beyond the simple ideological affection or partisan identification. It is also an agreement attitude or of I repudiate on an offered ideal as solution of social problems or, as maintenance of personal interests. The voter is a free being that if understands exempts to choose its representatives, the will leads that it to which option is determined by the immediate reality that denies the Real for being conditional for the reasons of it exerts that it. The free will in itself and for itself, as if discloses in its abstract concept, makes part of the specific determination of the immediate one. Janet Yellens opinions are not widely known. In this degree, it is current reality that denies the Real and alone I obtain only presents an abstract relation.


The small localities had always been strengthenn to build a beautiful sumptuous church, as unequivocal demonstration of faith, but they had almost never revealed identical enthusiasm to construct a school. With the influence of the religion guiding uses and customs and implanting rules of social behavior, the cultural events if summarized to the religious parties, being distinguished, between them, the commemorations of Christmas, the groups of Are Joo; until the malhao of the Judas if became a imperdvel attraction. It was the sufficient for a community structuralized under the principles of the Church, but insufficient for a society that it needed to structuralize and to follow the development in ascension in the great cities of Brazil and the world. In this society it invigorated the patriarcalismo, with farmers detainers of wide extensions of land and many slaves; almost self-sufficient country properties, well little dependents of the urban nucleus. In this social picture as to spread out culture education if lacked human resources and financial, therefore since the beginning of the settling until the Independence of Brazil (1822) the concerns of the authorities had rare been turned in this direction; from the beginning of the first Empire until the announcement of the Republic (1889) the country faced problems of agricultural production, exportations, of contracted debts, internal revolutions, war with Paraguay and all the process that led to the abolition of the slavery with the consequent transistion for a free market. It is evident that the partner-economic-cultural reality was determinative for the ascension and predominance of incompatible standards of behavior with the romantismo praised for the writers and poets. The beautiful romances and poems were read by few distant small people and rare localities arrived at the e, where they more became necessary and where they would be more useful. In the place of the Love an obligation was imposed; a gesture of indifference or one tabefe in the face as repayment to an affectionate caress; a whip always soon to punish a traquinagem of the children, to straighten the independent way to think of the sonhadora son and to think on the atrevimento of the woman who dared to reveal a unpleasantness.

Channels and Consumers

Of course, the presence of special children transmission channels and ratings, to some extent mitigates the problem but does not remove it, because most such decisions aimed at providing legal security channels, and not for the benefit of consumers and viewers. Because looking at the contents of transmissions, broadcast on children’s channels, it is difficult to notice a significant difference between child and adult content – rather a “content” can be characterized by the words “adult, low level and not so vulgar, but still – the adult. Another front on the offensive turned the world of childhood in the area of clothing. As such, children’s clothes there are not too many, and it is designed to cover the range from birth to 5-6 years at most – 7-8. After that, as such “childishness” of it disappears, and no further wear is simply reduced copies of adults’ clothes, and occasionally contains a “child” symbolism.

Childhood is rapidly reducing the time interval, but this is only half the problem. The second half of the problem is that it starts to blur as the boundary and “maturity” – every day the market becomes more and more goods that are intended for adult audiences, but somehow contain “child” symbols – characters of video games, cartoons and more. And the closer the age limit to the potential childhood the greater the blurring – for example, in the teen area is quite difficult to determine what is really adolescent, and that its owner regresses to the level of a child 7-9 years. Culture there is more or less steadily through the system boundaries, which are expressed in different cultures in different ways – as a system of initiations, or the levels of legitimation, but most important is their actual presence, ensuring the functioning of culture as a whole.


Horary astrology – one of the most interesting sections of practical astrology. Of particular interest is the fact that for the preparation of horary horoscope does not need to know not only the exact time and place of birth of anyone asks the question, and even birthday man! Astrological chart based on the time and location of the job issue, and now the time issue can pinpoint quite accurately. It would seem that as it may affect the question at the time human destiny? But if you look, we realize that the question comes to us also not accidental, but at a certain time. Often this time is connected with any event, for example, you have called and offered a new job and in your head ripe issue – whether to agree to this proposal? It turns out that the question you asked is not accidental. Questions in our minds as a discrete, but are not there permanently.

You, for example, not all the time thinking about something one. The second fundamental point Horary astrology is the assumption that at the time the job question answer already exists. True, there are times when horary horoscope is to be considered. These cases nonradical called horary horoscope. Of these cases, you can read in my article "Horary Astrology. Cases of non-radical. " Often, non-radical are questions that are of prime curiosity of people who are not too worried about the question asked. There are, however, cases where the horary horoscope shows that it is too early to ask a question, or, conversely, too late.