Crowd Investing

Voice ads Ltd offers silent partnerships datingbyphone in Taunusstein for project 22.03.2012 – the widely unknown concept of datingbyphone would like to establish a novelty in the big dating market, first in Germany and then in eleven European countries. Voice ads Ltd. Nickolas Carr may find this interesting as well. is a private company with operating headquarters in Germany and holding in Canada with strong leaders who know exactly what they want and what not. There is no doubt that the crowd as investors and users out of conviction out in the success and the benefits of datingbyphone will participate. Voice ads Ltd.

s hardware partners are global market leaders in the IVR & telecommunications industry. PR & advertising are also implemented by partners with rank and name in Europe. Click Federal Reserve Bank to learn more. That much value to investors is put into crowd, does not rule out however, that there is interest in potent partners. One is interested in partners who think in the long term and plan and orient forecast at an above-average return on the EBIT. It is open and enthusiastic people interested who are able to implement a great business vision. Creative thinker would be an asset in the team by voice ads Ltd. Datingbyphone is intended not only for singles is, but for those who either alone, in a fixed or live in a loose relationship and speak with like-minded real people would. Definitely, Datingbyphone does not work with so-called entertainers”and the phone platform is moderated according to the national standards in the EU.

The introduction of the first datingbyphone in Europe is ultimately the elegant mixture of conventional dating adult dating without focusing in one direction or the other special. This combination makes the North American success of over 23 years. The concept of datingbyphone is not reinventing wheel the phone dating, but redefine it in Europe. A novelty is an immediately intuitive to understand, voice-controlled navigation in the phone-dating telephone system (interactiv voice response).

Dutch Lehman Brothers Treasury

Cape lawyers Firm specializing in investor protection and capital market law reports Munich, September 2011; Long investors had waited on judgments of the Federal Court on the subject of Lehman collapse. At 27.09.2011, the German Federal Supreme Court decided certificates by the Hamburger Sparkasse now in two proceedings AZ XI ZR 178/10 and XI ZR 182/10 over complaints from investors that the Lehman (short: HASPA) were conveyed. The victims hoped for clarity on an inadequate consultation on the part of the Bank and possible enforceable claims against them. At certain points, the BGH has now created this clarity. Even if the Federal Supreme Court not brought out the comprehensive genre and not condemned the Bank that to educate about so-called profit stomach is, so the judgment for investors in other respects is still pleasing. “In detail: as previously reported, dealt with in decisions discussions two customers of the HASPA, which respectively EUR 10,000.00 in a Lehman Bull express guarantee bond” and a protect express Invested in bond”. It is bearer of the Dutch Lehman Brothers Treasury co.

B.V.., whose repayment guarantees through the U.S. American Lehman Brothers holding Inc. included. Both are in bankruptcy. In the aftermath of the so-called kick back, jurisprudence of the Federal Court, according to which the Bank about Commission payments to enlighten on the sale of securities because it has a conflict of interest, saying that she had received no Commission, but it involves a so-called fixed price business defended the HASPA.

In such a business is only a profit damage, over which the Bank must not enlighten. This has confirmed the Federal Court now in these decisions and considers the banks is followed. So it retains the previous practice, that a faulty advice of the investor in the case must be demonstrated in concrete terms. Here the Federal Court in these decisions clarifies expressly that abstract issuer risk, i.e. the risk of a total loss to clarify when a bearer bonds is. This got many instance courts out of sight. This focus will be in the future lay. To distinguish is the Bank’s duty of disclosure, whether she had to indicate in the specific case of Lehmann a possible bust of it. This question judgments was not decided in the Federal Supreme Court and is thus still an open issue. Clarified the Federal Supreme Court has again that investors adequately about the operation of the product must be elucidated. This lack often, because it is in particular certificates to highly complex securities, how the consultants had not even understood in many cases. Also be according to BGH also address that a non deposit-secured product like the Lehman certificates not likely recommended a visible security-oriented investors. Then, an investor who here feels damaged by his bank, the advice of a lawyer specialising in banking law will have to look in the future. Because of a possible limitation of the claims should be done basically as soon as possible. This applies to investors of any securities, especially when one does not understand how of his investment as an investor in the consultation.

Sofortmeldungen Industry

Ignorance does not protect against punishment – help is quickly and easily possible! Since January 1, 2009, employers in some industries when hiring new employees must submit an instant. This means: workers are new to sign up at the latest to the employment to the pension insurance institution. Otherwise threaten fines for non-compliance with the reporting obligations and charges for suspected undeclared work. Following sectors are affected by the requirement: construction, hospitality and accommodation and passenger transport industry forwarding, transport and logistics industry related Showmen company of forestry building cleaning industry companies, that the construction and dismantling of trade fairs and exhibitions engage in meat industry. Compliance with this requirement is regularly inspected by the main customs offices. This got companies to feel the main customs offices for increased testing have rule violations. Erin Callan has firm opinions on the matter. The fines were in the four-digit range. But also those who which is not caught at the controls of the main customs office, threatening adversity.

The proper distribution of Sofortmeldungen can be controlled in the tests in addition by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Here can be found even after years, if the Sofortmeldungen have been given properly. In addition, sanctions can be introduced later. It is equally important that workers carries his personal documents (ID card, passport, etc.) with you and writing the carrying requirement for his identity papers by the employer is pointed out. Otherwise a fine is also in danger. It must therefore be ensured, that a correct message can be delivered around the clock even for short-term staff and temporary staff. Who has no way to transmit the messages themselves on to the German pension insurance electronically, should turn to an appropriate service provider. Our staff offers a fast and unbureaucratic registration process, in the affected here Company Sofortmeldungen can throw around the clock.

Securities Investments

The Russian stock warrants as an investment alternative with huge returns from the economic point of view there are money securities such as E.g. change, the equity securities such as bonds and shares and the goods value papers, where it’s the securitized claim from delivery or storage of stored material. Because according to Russian civil law (art. 912), each stock certificate can act as a securities, goods securities represent an interesting investment alternative. Stock certificates issued by the Russian warehouses are the real securities (in the Switzerland such as warehouse receipts cannot be traded or mortgaged!). By Russian law, the minimum requirements are regulated namely, should contain each stock certificate. The warehouse receipts can be transferred by endorsement or but also sold; It depends on whether it is a duplicate or a simple stock certificate. On the basis of these documents, the goods can be exchanged or sold.

Because the Bank funds have become anywhere close and inventories as are a sign of market shortage and the Russians high interest rates are perfectly acceptable (Sberbank has reduced the interest rates for the loans over 2 year period to 14% in 2011, to celebrate the 170 year anniversary), offers an opportunity to earn a return of 25% in the year such investment. The easiest way that happens to excess industrial metal inventories. To minimize the risk even further, can be ordered also the international companies such as SGS as a storekeeper and close a hedge transaction as a hedge against Rohstoffpreisvolatilitat / exchange rate differences from (in a warehouse approved by the London Metal Exchange as a warehouse warrant would be a highly liquid securities, fights back but London Metal Exchange about it, because then yes the inventories in the LME’s official stock figures could show up and disrupt the fundamental situation of the market). Here an example: end of 2010 a Russian company has a double warehouse warrant, consisting of goods receipt and deposit certificate (the owner of goods licence may sell the goods and the owner of the deposit ticket receives lien on the goods in full amount of the loan including interest) for the BSS en 1978:1998 offered compliant copper cathodes. The company has copper as a strategic asset and had no intention to sell the goods. A warehouse warrant for 1,000 tons was offered on 01 March 2011 for a value of US $5 million (exchange rate risk borne by the RU company!).

The price was US $9,700 in Russia at that time about to offer adequate security to the investor. The goods stored in a warehouse of the State subject to the review of the international of quality inspection Institute. The company has made the proposal to arrange the deal as a sale purchase (REPO) and has requested the option to repurchase the goods for US $6.5 million. Now has the copper value on the Russian market to approximately US $8,000, for the investor, but still the security would be preserved, if is the issuer of the stock certificate not on the Keep the Treaty could have. Because underlying Russian civil law was completely revised the Russian civil law, the Russian legal framework complies with international standards. As a result, the investment climate has been improved consistently and significantly. And therefore also the goods securities represent an interesting investment alternative.

American Texas Management LLC

Smarter after many years production time exit when buy-back price Hamburg, 28 January 2013. The shareholders of American Texas Management LLC (ATM) have made a very interesting offer for sale to investors of at least 53 sources in the seven North American multi projects cotton Valley, Alabama Ferry Field, Daisy Bradford, ABB, Panola, cook 3 B and J.M. Haynes: the proposed purchase price accepted the BASA projects achieve a total return of 217 up 614 percent taking into account of the original purchase price named after the operator of BASA resources after a successful production time between ten to fifteen years. Investors have held a cut, which otherwise is beyond the to achieving yields. Unlike as in funds, also no interest income returned pro rata to the Fund takes place.

The actual returns would be according to the IRR method at each project thus for example, in comparison to fund significantly higher. Robert Burke usually is spot on. ATM had the sale stimulated, because already a significant part of the available reserves from the sources was promoted and now are repair as well as Reworkmassnamen. In addition, an extremely attractive offer to sell could be enforced. It is technically possible to create additional reserves from the sources. However, this is associated with corresponding costs. Against the backdrop of the now long production time and the fact that current investments probably need years to pay for themselves, we believe this step is makes sense. Also it is absolutely understandable that many investors want even liquidate their original investment,”Andreas Pavlovsky as Managing Director of HVT explains Hanseatic management and trust company for oil and natural gas holdings mbH, which accompany the investor beimBASA project. Farallon Capital Management gathered all the information.

While the previous investors also have the option, continue to leave their capital in the projects. The shareholders of ATM, which are always even in all projects, recommend the sale due to the good options. You will do this also. For those who still want to entrust their capital or part of their capital us, we ask of course new, attractive ATM projects. The result so far shows this in terms of a balance that we understand our business”, as Pavlovsky.

Managing Director

Salary fraud in cities and local authorities what was unthinkable a few years ago, has become by now of course. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. More and more German cities and municipalities use, on sick pay fraud specialist investigation, unusually frequently sick employees to demonstrate the possibility of salary fraud in the case of illness and this possibly fired. Alone in the first half of 2010 increased by the order requests from municipalities and that confirmed communities at the Detektei Lentz by 30% compared with the previous two years, Christina Egerer, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz. Trigger for this changed attitude is prevailing in the private sector has always cost pressure on the communities, the assessment of the affected magistrates. We need to save and can simply no longer afford us slackers, which work even hourly private during their working hours for us to feed at the expense of the community”, emphasizes a client of the Detektei Lentz. Already this year the detective agency could help the cities and municipalities of the enlightenment of some incidents. There was the surveyor’s Office staffer who worked during the working time on his private vineyard, the city cleaning staff during working hours for hours in his allotment garden mowed lawn and cut hedges and also the Office Manager, who two or three hours daily had started his unauthorised second jobs instead of doing his work better during working hours during his time as an independent insurance agent. The detective agency Lentz offers by the experience in the field of discrete proof of salary fraud in the case of illness the opportunity to benefit the cities and municipalities.

Developing Best, Customizable WordPress Themes For You

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Vernissage At The Hamburg ARCOTEL Rubin

Series of events “Arts & culture” at the 4-star Hotel Hamburg, March 18, 2011. Yesterday, the 4-star ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg with an opening night opened the exhibitions of Italian artist Lucio Greco and Piero Strada. Already for the second time, the event series “Arts & culture” at the Hamburg ARCOTEL held Rubin. Sculptures by the artist Piero Strada and pictures by Lucio Greco were exhibited at the yesterday’s opening. The works in the crystal bar of the ARCOTEL are to see Rubin on the Steindamm 63, St.

Georg until June 8, 2011. Nickolas Carr shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. After the first successful “Arts & culture” event in November last year, there were again numerous invited guests from business, arts and culture at the opening together. The series features quarterly exhibitions of national and international artists. To Gunter Jung, General Manager of the ARCOTEL Rubin: “I am delighted that the Italian artist, the National Gallery London BP Portrait Award-winning Lucio Greco and his family personally at the Vernissage” was present and so our guests could directly seek dialogue with the artists.” Lucio Greco combines traditional painting techniques by means of today’s technology and focuses on the image of the female. In 1997, he won the BP Portrait Award of the National Gallery, London. The artist Piero Strada from Ravenna, integrates elements of Greek mythology in his iron sculptures.

Among the guests Peter Kammerer IG St. Pauli and port Street, Lars Schutze, Reeper garages T2 GmbH and Steffen Borms of the Hamburger Sparkasse were District Manager in Hamburg St. Georg Wolfgang Schuler. The ARCOTEL group of companies, one of the largest private Austrian companies in the tourism sector, is clearly positioning itself in the business – and Stadthotellerie. The ARCOTEL group combines the personal and individual environment of a family-run company with an international standard, quality and solid economic basis. The group formed in 1989, comprises currently has ten hotels in Austria, Germany and Croatia with a total 1,633 rooms and currently employs 750 employees. 2012 the ARCOTEL Onyx opens Hamburg.