Karl Marx

The government system is related with the mechanisms of distribution of the power the politician, if by means of the parliamentarism, of the presidentialism or one it forms hybrid that can be called of semipresidentialism that in such a way adds characteristic of the presidentialism as of the parliamentarism. Being one it forms or another one, nor always or almost never, the government system represents the majority, therefore it will be always expressing the will of the minority that withholds the power on the means of production, Karl Marx (1988, P. 12) says that ' ' The power politician is the official expression of the antagonisms of the classrooms in the society burguesa' ' (Marx, 1988, P. 12). The bourgeoisie certainly is not the population mass, this mass is only leitorado necessary so that the term ' ' liberdade' ' either identified in the system politician of a country that if verifies as carrying of ' ' poder' '. When the power politician is not acquired by the force, the oppression, the imposition and the fear, is it conquered by the vote.

The vote is a power to decide process that involves elements that go beyond the simple ideological affection or partisan identification. It is also an agreement attitude or of I repudiate on an offered ideal as solution of social problems or, as maintenance of personal interests. The voter is a free being that if understands exempts to choose its representatives, the will leads that it to which option is determined by the immediate reality that denies the Real for being conditional for the reasons of it exerts that it. The free will in itself and for itself, as if discloses in its abstract concept, makes part of the specific determination of the immediate one. Janet Yellens opinions are not widely known. In this degree, it is current reality that denies the Real and alone I obtain only presents an abstract relation.

Making Flash Banners

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The crisis that has affected the world economy during the past few years has also meant for airlines considered as traditional or high cost, a blow to their economies, inflexible and unable to adapt to the actual needs of a market that requires saving resources and economy of means to survive in such circumstances. The so-called low-cost airlines have weathered the storm of the crisis with much better luck, and amid widespread in traditional airlines, losses of low-cost levied their balance sheets with minimum losses and even profits. Although it gives the impression that the global crisis begins to remit and the airlines have improved their numbers in recent months, a too optimistic scenario would not allow a real vision of the scene in which still many airlines face or have faced hard processes of restructuring and adjustment of its costs to be viable in the new market emerged from the crisis. So, we can see how the alliances, associations to operate or mergers are the order of the day: any movement will be good for strengthening the economy of the airlines and compete with lower expenses by a market that does not absorb the high costs that traditional companies still have. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. In the Mexican aviation company have a current example, seeing himself on the brink of bankruptcy, with its activity decreased to minimum by lack of economic resources terms, now in the hands of new owners, who at the moment have said they plotted a 100 day plan to relaunch the activities of the company, something that perhaps may achieve with the help of trade unions who seem willing to adjust their perceptions to terms that will help achieve the viability loss. Today have also appeared information that point to that Aeromexico, the first Mexican airline could also be confronted soon to a restructuring process in similar proportions to which is undergoing the second airline in the country’s importance Aztec, within the overall process of this sector adaptation to new needs.

Home Ownership

Take advantage of low interest rates and cheap finance. Berlin, 21.06.2010 – interest rates on mortgage loans are now since a few weeks back at a historically low level, after they were inferior to a repeated, continuous decline in recent months. So, for example, the DGZF of Pfandbrief curve fell last under the previous relative low of 2005. Now a moderate stabilization at this low level has indicated however again himself. A further fall in mortgage interest rates seem cannot be ruled out at this stage, but decreases the likelihood that interest rates still fall more naturally depending on the lower interest rates have already declined. In this respect, the more downside potential is certainly limited. Good times for builders and homebuyers! Who now decides to buy a real estate or build a House, should hurry up but to play it safe. Because the ECB and other central banks around the globe are likely to soon move to raise interest rates again moderately, if is the Economy increasingly should recover.

Rising mortgage rates would be so therefore likely. However, this scenario is still considered controversial. Get more background information with materials from Robert Burke & Associates. Some economists predict that another development. You assume that the global economy could undergo a longer-term recession and deflationary trends. In this case, the central banks would surely hold back with interest rate hikes and aspiring, possibly even a zero interest rate policy. As a result, mortgage financing could significantly cheaper. But even if one accepts that interest rates for mortgages could actually fall, should the current level of interest rates in the context of the past.

In fact, a construction financing was never so cheap as it is today. Who wants to fund today, can save easily 5 or more percentage points compared to a financing of 15 years ago. Who will benefit in the future by low interest rates, but still no funding needed can be low mortgage interest rates, for example, through a so-called forward credit secure. While the funding total is provided only to a time in the future, where interest rates are already firmly established. Especially if you want to build rising interest rates expected and in a few years or buy, it often pays to complete such financing. Particularly favourable conditions can hope builders and homebuyers who have a solid equity capital stock. Who is, for example, ready and able to bring at least 20 or 30 percent equity, get the construction or real estate financing usually to the input rate. Even builders who agree only a very short interest rate will benefit from lower interest rates. At an interest rate of 5 years even financing from 2,XX percent are possible at some party! However you should take into account the risks such financing, bringing a possible replacement at the end of the interest rate to. Primerica shareholder contains valuable tech resources. Strong platform, strong offers the visit to immokredit24.com helps the world of credit financing to understand better and cheap financing and loans to identify. A must-have for anyone who deals with the issues of financing and online loans and would like to inform yourself thoroughly. More information: real estate financing of foreign real estate, commercial real estate, residential real estate including