When considering a reflection on ‘ ‘ School and family: a relation of aid in the formation of the being humano’ ‘ one evidences that it is primordial task in such a way of the parents, as well as of the school the work to transform the immature and inexperienced child into mature, participativo, operating, conscientious citizen of its duties and rights, possibilities and attributions. that this being in formation is future a conscientious citizen, critical and independent developing ethical values, enterprising spirit capable to interact in the way where it lives. In this perspective, family and school must use to advantage, to the maximum, the possibilities of nip of relations, because the adjustment between both and the union of efforts for the education of the children and adolescents must result, without a doubt none, in facilitador element of learnings and formation of the citizen. Of this form, it is suggested that the school feels blunt to rethink practical the pedagogical one, considering that the students are adolescent children/that they present singular characteristics and that if makes necessary to keep a work in partnership with the families, therefore, if the school desires to have an integral vision of the experiences lived for the pupils, searching to develop the pleasure for the knowledge, is necessary to recognize that it must play well-being, being englobando the diverse dimensions of the human being. Since if adolescent children/and its family know the school where want to arrive, if they are involved in day-by-day of that they are the main beneficiaries, will be able to participate with more investments and autonomy in the search of the success in this taken over on a contract basis that he is to learn e, mainly, in the formation of a human being that develops its physical potentialities, spirituals and functionaries, through creative works, also involving the social environment in which they live, following the modernity and evolution of the world.

Social Interaction

1INTRODUO This article has as objective to contribute with improvement of the learning between children of the infantile education and to analyze the use of playful pedagogical proposals and its relation with the reflection concerning the game and of the toy in the field of the infantile education. Also if it makes to understand as the cooperative games stimulate the socialization and collaborate for the reduction of the animosity between its participants. One knows that the factors are multiple that contribute for the construction of knowledge that mark the behavior of the human being, exactly in infancy, through the relation with its fellow creatures and for the experience of the daily one. Being thus, the result it is the interior projection in set with what them he is external, what assimilates for familiar inheritance, the education and the culture. Considering the tricks and the games as privileged activities for the formation of the development and the learning in the child and, leaving of the game agreement, while emphasized and made possible of interferences in the formation of the child social psicofsico and, appears the following inquiry, emphasizing the form as the professionals of infantile education deal with this content. The school is the main access to the elements of the culture for being one of the phases essence of the learning.

It is in it that the individual presents its abilities, capacities and abilities for the social interaction. It is possible and necessary to be open to the transformation of the world, searching an efficient and pleasant form in the learning process. In the search to know this world better infantile, this article has also for objective to investigate, through bibliographical research, as the trick is carried through, if exists manipulation and if the same one develops the child, as well as in the aid to the learning process.

Sacrament City

In the two you complete editions of the Fair the International of Tourism in Buenos Aires, (2006 and 07) Colony Department and Colony of the Sacrament City was including in stand of the Buquebus Company, leaving tied the promotion of the tourist site, with private interests related directly to a National Government in opposition to the departmental one and very far from the interest of other departmental Governments like the one of Maldonado also aligned with the National. Anybody does not agree? In this stage of the world-wide economy in which the services occupy a so important place, the tourism stands out like " The ACTIVIDAD" extreme-dynamic, that needs intelligent and fast reactions, especially by its capacity to generate major amount of use by investment unit, something that would have to excessively interest all the Uruguayan. And in particular to the colonienses with colonienses interests. Mrs Directora de Turismo is of Canelones and to thus it goes us. However the President of the Gastronomical Camera of Colony is Argentine, but with restaurant in the city and very tie and interested in our development. We must transmit and concientizar that the consumers are changing very fast in their habits and the things that are trying to acquire, because the information is much more ample on things that previously not even knew that they existed.

The problem is that of a side it on the other changes to the consumer and products, but the intermediary who must contact to both seemed that for one hundred years he has not been becoming, maintaining the same form to promote and to make businesses. The Internet is varying much that process of intermediation. It is necessary to understand that if speed of the changes that are happening outside, is much greater than the speed with that it is reacted, we are dead as destiny, and still we did not realize! It is necessary to let know him to people, to the population everything, that the tourism generates uses, because they generally tie it with the pleasure and the vacations and do not perceive what is behind: hundreds of quick activation and jobs of the economy.


When the company if installs in a country that not it its of origin, its main objective is the profit for the profit, does not exist another interest beyond this. Exactly that a company recognizes the inaqualities in a country or enters the national economies of countries, it does not have interest in minimizing or to eliminate inaqualities, does not want and cannot for obvious reasons; first because the main objective of a multinational is not this, second because the attainment of profits cannot, therefore take off advantages of inaqualities. The inaqualities are necessary in this process of attainment of profits for being the factor of production and sales of what it is produced. The capitalist system exists for the inaqualities that keep countries as global powers, and others as dependents you of the world. The multinationals had started to dictate the rules of the game in the process of globalization to the point of if tronarem more important in the decisions politics of a country that the national governments, that if had given as hostages of the global economy. ' ' State; ' , it started to be a tool for the great financial conglomerates.

For ' ' State? nao' ' , we understand all the countries composed for defined territory, recognized government, population that linga says same and repeat same the symbols of being able and proper culture. As Bauman says, the State already was understood as and independent agent regulating, meaning that comes losing each time plus its direction with the globalization process. ' ' (…) The meaning of ' ' Estado' ' it was necessarily on an agent whom it demanded the legitimate right of and if bragged on the resources enough to establish and to impose the rules and norms that dictated the route of the businesses in a certain territory; rules and norms that, expected, transformed the contingency into determination, the ambivalence in Eindeutigkeit clarity, perhaps in regularity? in short, the forest primeva in a carefully planned garden, the chaos in sequence.

Walt Disney

Every 11 seconds an entrepreneur initiates his business to make money in the network. Lamentably their possibilities of being successful are minimum, at least to make a good money that financially allows him to be free. This industry of the Internet is in the initial stage. Although much information exists on the different alternatives to make money in the Internet, a great part of these entrepreneurs are sent in search of these opportunities of businesses without having the appropriate preparation. Nowadays one better platform of business like the network does not exist.

Your that these considering this route to make an extra money, I suggest to you you take into account these points that are vital for the success yours. To choose the Opportunity of Business or Niche. According to your circumstances and experience in your areas that you dominate, it chooses the segment that nearer east your tastes and preparation. An area exists to make money for each entrepreneur. To create your Own Mark. This is of the most important strategies. It could take you between about a 3-6 months in creating a presence within this industry. When us we refer in creating your own personal mark, we spoke of presentarte like leader in your niche of market.

To be educated. You could have a Masters in traditional marketing, but you do not know the tools how to trade in Internet, you will not be able to generate money in the network. It chooses initially a company that in line has support that can formarte within this new industry. Systems. The growth of your business will depend on the programs that you have working by you. From choosing the respondent car to the systems of payments and collections. To know these systems and to put them to work 24/7 are those that will make your business efficient. Determination. The majority of people fails so that it leaves in the first 3 months. Such thing does not exist as to generate money in automatic. Sueo. Your dream will give the determination you. When Walt Disney was interrogated on which it was his key of the success after for having surpassed the bankruptcy and its depressions, its answer was I stay dreaming all along? Hands to Obra. It is important not to fall in the trap to try to be 100% preparation to begin to make money in the network. While you are learning the tools, it takes action and ponlas in practice. The perfection will come when you implement your new knowledge. This industry is like the fever of gold in the old west, the most dared and the most determined in making money, they were those that finally found the gold beta that them exchange its lives. This way does not offer dangers to your life unless you can waste money and time. It investigates before lanzarte to generate money by the network.

In Brazil

This if becomes each time more clearly when we observe a considerable growth in the number of companies who work with recycling of materials. An example of this concern is the Replaneta project, that consists of collection of cans of aluminum and bottles PET, for posterior recycling, and that it has as bases of sustentation for the success of the business the automation and an efficient logistic operation of reversa (MALINVERNI, 2002.). The new ambient regulations, in special the referring ones to the residues, come compelling the logistic one to operate in its calculations with ' ' costs and the benefits externos' '. E, in function of this, understands that the logistic green can be seen as a new paradigm in the sector. In accordance with ALCOFORADO (2002), the logistic ecological green or acts in set with logistic reversa, in the direction to minimize the ambient impact, not only of the residues in the sphere of the production and of after-I consume, but of all the impacts throughout the cycle of life of the products.

2.5.4 LOGISTIC REVERSA IN BRAZIL In Brazil not yet exists no legislation that encloses this question, and therefore the logistic process of reversa is in diffusion and not yet it is faced by the companies as a process ' ' necessrio' ' , since the majority of the companies does not possess a specific department to manage this question; thus, some Resolutions are used, as, for example, the Conama n 258, of 26/08/99, that it establishes that the companies manufacturers and the importers of tires are obliged to collect and to give destination final, ambiently adequate, to the inservveis tires, proportionally to defined the amounts manufactured and imported in this Resolution, what practically compels the companies of this segment to support politics of logistic reversa. BARBIERI and DAYS (2002). This concept is in constant growth in Brazil and the world, and is clearly that the companies, each time more, have if worried in considering the incidental costs and the reductions of costs that this process can cause.

New Year Review

But you can come up that happens to you. I am going to take 4 simple steps to you to improve your finances. 1. Tomato the time necessary to review your annual finances. They can be the last weeks of December and first of January. This will allow to see your total income you of the year that finishes and to establish your financial goals for the New Year. 2.

You do not allow that small things take part. You must review your financial goals and establish a plan to reach them, majority of the people who settle down goals not follows them and puts in front any thing not to review them and to follow them. 3. It reviews the things to do and the done ones. Not only it is to contemplate your financial goals, you must establish a plan step by step to reach them, you review whenever to mark them the things that already you have completed and to analyze if you go by good way or you must modify something. 4. That this can at the outset be abrumante, but it dates the opportunity and space to know to where you go and where you wish to go. The majority of the people wishes to reach the Financial Freedom, and to buy the car of luxury and the house of their dreams, but its reality is totally different. Tomato the time to know if you go by the way that you wish and if it is not thus you must correct there am it a great option of businesses of new generation here that can take to you to reach the Financial Freedom that you wish.

Order Flow Analysis

90% of the people who play their money in stock market doing it as a hobby or liking to fill up its hours dead ends up losing, these fans are those that nourish and make gain great amounts of money to the other 10% of trader that they dedicate themselves professionally to it. Professional trader they count on two clear advantages on the rest of investors, the tools of analysis and their experience in the operation of the markets due to the great amount of hours spent to his study, two things that the investing novice does not have nor knows. The Market Profile is a tool of analysis of markets that far beyond gives to a information the rest you on the possible behavior of the prices, its zone of action, its development and its zones of change of tendency. Very to little it dominates it people it interprets and it suitably. The definitive tool and that it completes to the previous one is the Order Flow, to include/understand it and to analyze allows to reduce it to you the lost ones and to optimize the entrances, being caused that your gains are constant. The problem of all this, is that the people who really dominate and know these two tools analyses, do not teach them because they spend his time to use them and to make much money. I have had the luck to know an expert of his life in a while in which she uses the courses to reinforce his knowledge of the market. The author of this article has begun his race like trader professional under the supervision and direction of the expert in Market Profile, Order Flow and analysis of markets Jon Sopelana

Banking Deposits

Many classes of banking deposits exist but probably all do not adjust to our needs. After all one that offers more interests than another equal to not it agrees us because it does not allow to remove our money us we need when it and what we want is flexibility. Or to the inverse one. It offers flexibility to us when what we want it is yield. For that reason, before contracting a deposit, we would have to seat with tranquillity, being taken a coffee (or better equal to us one tila, just in case) and to analyze what we needed and what they offer to us. We have savings that does not seem we must use in a short period of time? Then it is possible that a deposit with high interests agrees to us although penalizes to us if we removed the money from the bank before 2 years (to put a date).

It would give equal us if we anticipate that we will not need the amount deposited in two years or more. If, on the contrary, we walked with the right money of the list, which we needed to eat, to get dressed, to pay to the house and the rest of receipts equal Da the interest that they give us if they retain the money during several years, penalizing us when removing it before time. On the other hand, at the time of contracting a deposit, also we will have to consider the commissions, it had if them. In this case, what doubts fits that the deficiency of the same is always better but, perhaps, a deposit with higher perhaps commissions but than it provides a greater interest to us agrees to us more than one without commissions but whose interests are prricos. In this case, one is to throw accounts and to remain to the gross benefit that we obtain (interest) to have our money in x deposit the cost (the commissions) that causes the operations to us that we must (or we want) carry out with the same.