Foreign Ministry

Meanwhile the Russian compatriots who do not wish to dance to the foreign ministry 'tune', it is necessary to seek new forms and methods of work, not only without the support of Russian government, parastatals and even public structures, but often in spite of them. In such harsh Russian compatriots, it is truly preserve the Russian language and spirituality at the behest of the soul, not just mimic the activity of Russian money are forced to seek new forms and methods of work and coordinate their efforts. For example, the chairman of the 'Russian community in Ukraine' K. Shurov already said: 'We do not build illusions, and already getting ready for work under the new law. I think that in soon we will have a virtual seminar with leaders of the two dozen organizations from Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. " And it means creating a system of international co-ordinating organizations of the Russian countrymen out of MFA control and, accordingly, the deepest split in the international organizations of compatriots, that the image of Russia in favor, of course, will not do.

In the comments of the Department of Information and Publications Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the publication of the report of the U.S. State Department on promoting democracy in the world in 2009 is very entertaining arcade, which fully applies to the Foreign Ministry itself. Noting that 'gosdepovsky report formally gives an account of the expenditure allocated to the U.S. foreign ministry budget ', Foreign Affairs notes that' at the same time, the question arises as soon as, according to the State Department, significant advances in 'Problematic' countries from year to year does not happen, despite the growing financial investment, why these efforts do not yield the desired result of the U.S.? In our view, the contents of the report only confirms the fallacy of the principle of 'who do not with the United States – that no democrat ', in which, in fact, evaluated the situation in individual states.

The Issue

It is expected that the new concept raise capital for its implementation will not be at the expense of the citizens of Russia, and through financial institutions through a securitization pool of long-term leases. This scheme would reduce initial investment in construction of multi-storey car parks: an initial fee for one car from individuals may not exceed 25 000. In addition, during the first ten years may subsidize the initial payment for 55,000 beneficiaries. "How to perceive such proposals do not know, but securitization pool is clearly not a synonym for the world. And one more point to note. When trying to find in Yandex any information about this company – in response to silence, is just the same press release with a phone number and emails of some of Alexis.

Of course, the issue of arrangement of parking spaces in large cities needs to be addressed, but also on 350 000 construction of garages to give anyone one will not. In this connection the question arises, what can I do to solve the problem? Going civilized way and forgetting about the need to provide jobs for construction firms for the period crisis is to borrow the European experience. European environmental technology boom did not ignore the attention and the problem of parking in cities. Only there, instead of building multi-story garages everywhere seaming or asphalt went towards the creation ekoparkovok. You must agree to our parked cars and sidewalks and lawns parking with fresh green grass – two big differences. And such an arrangement of green space for parking a car is worth not so much. When you install "turnkey" cost of a separate parking place in Zelenograd cost a maximum of 30 thousand rubles, and if in bulk, along with neighbors, or part of the installation of lattices, planting grass, etc., that cheaper. Of course, this is not a substitute for a full garage (no walls and no place to keep trash), but our city will be green and not like a continuous roadway with ruts from the wheels of cars on the playgrounds and lawns! And worse than we Europeans, or perhaps our children will not want to play on green areas in the yards during the day while parents are looking for a place to park the car near the office? FOR someone who is against? What is not an alternative program of the People's garage?

Contact Law Office

Time will tell whether the implementation of these rules require notification of the authorities of each transaction, or notice will be periodic. Contact Law Office continues to require consent for GUII opening offices in Turkey, contact the foreign companies and maintains a ban on business activities of these offices. This requirement permits the policies "do not need permission" for the stock societies. Obviously, the Government wants to prevent the opening of the contact office and streamline the process to attract more foreign direct investment. Transfer of funds requirement of the preceding law registration of licenses and patents, know-how, technical assistance and guidance in GUII contracts were canceled. As a result, contributions are requested by foreign investors in companies formed in Turkey, are no longer subject to a thorough inspection GUII. Only subject to the standard tax on income before deduction of taxes, foreign investors and their Turkish partners can now easily determine the amount of transfers and payments for technical assistance, as well as other terms and conditions of these agreements.

The law also says that such transfers and payments can be without any barriers translates into accounts of foreign investors in foreign banks. Investments in financial markets continued to distinguish the law, foreign direct investment from investments in Turkish companies trading in the Turkish stock market. However, any investment, leading to the possession of 10 or more percent of shares or control over decisions in the Turkish company, will automatically become dependent on foreign capital and, therefore, is entitled to the protection of the law.

St Petersburg Planned Construction

Geography demand areas, targeted for cottage construction, remains unchanged. The most popular resort area. In 2006, the average price Proposition weave here is $ 10-20 thousand / weaving, the highest price – $ 25 thousand / hundred part in Sestroretsk – up to $ 50 thousand / hectare. In the satellite cities of St. Petersburg (Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Petrodvorets) weave in the average price in 2006 – $ 4-6 thousand / hectare.

However, this land intended for an elite cottage housing (the segment of premium), the market is saturated for more than 90%, and these areas (as already built houses) sold poorly. Accordingly, we estimate growth average price in 2007 in these areas is not more than 15%, and the integrated result of return on investments in these assets is unlikely to exceed 15-18%. Weaving in Vsevolozhsk district last year was worth $ 2-5 thousand projected growth – 35-40% in 2007-2008. Along with a unique landscape and proximity to certain areas of St. Petersburg (with transportation access within an hour), this area is estimated by us as one of the most promising development in terms of “economy class”, so for a segment called “middle class”. The presence of objects in the sale area is located nearest to St Petersburg (Razmetelevo, Virk, Ozerki) offers a table of objects (average cost). Type Cost per 1 sq.m. Cottage in cottage settlement with all communications 387 500 rubles.

Plot IZHS 159 000 rubles. FER site, leasing 31 800 rubles. FER plot, the property of 51 280 rubles. In Priozersk weave average price last year amounted to $ 2-4 thousand Projected growth – no more than 30%. Given the saturation of the building above areas and the high cost of land in the short term we should expect the development of cottage construction in Gatchina, Tosno, Lomonosov and Kirov regions. Expensive especially likely in areas of Lomonosov, Gatchina (40-50%). They are located near the Western Ring Road semiring. This fact can seriously increase the demand. However, it is to within these areas will take away some business from St. Petersburg, which could adversely affect the ecology and dynamics of demand in these areas. Land the rest of the Leningrad region proposed in 2007 in an average of $ 1-2 thousand per hundred square meters. We predict a strong demand for these sites in 2008, so prices can be up to 40%. However, there is imposed and the remoteness of these areas of St. Petersburg. And accordingly, the data sites can not be viewed as objects of cottage construction for permanent residence, but rather as objects to organize the gardening season stay. This approach has advantages, such as construction does not require the costly installation of utilities and allows you to maximize financial results of the integrated yield investments. So no less than the risk of obsolescence sites, due to lower demand for plots with seasonal stay. Likely to happen shift in demand that is likely to be formed among the more low-income than the “middle class” segment of the population that should be considered when determining the price of the object and evaluation of the planned integrated financial results. The land plots for construction and investment projects in St. Petersburg and Len.obl. Translation and change permitted use of land of different categories. Making land.