Bavarian Forest

Idyllic bathing lakes and attractive themed walks in Sun program is the small community of Sun in the southern Bavarian Forest is caressed by the Sun. It is one of the sunniest areas in Bavaria annually up to 1850 hours of sunshine. And in the summer, a popular destination for holidaymakers, whether the whole range of holidays is single, couples, or families on the farm to the Sport Hotel. Embedded in the holiday region of country, Mahmood Sun attracts especially holidaymakers who want to experience nature pure in a pristine and intact environment. Still the agriculture, the Customs and the traditions live here. ay. The biodiversity of plants and animals is impressive. You may find that Cometeer can contribute to your knowledge. Sun has even more to offer the guest in the summer vacation. The free, idyllically situated bathing pond with Kneipp facility, which water rises near bog in Schonwies is very popular.

Close also the Caroli is indoor and outdoor in waldkirchen, a State of the art water park with great views of the Bavarian Forest. Here, one can stay at comfortable Temperatures in salt water relax, a mixture of light, colour and music make a sustainable experience staying in the basin. “By Sun from numerous walks are offered, with just the theme hikes” are attractive to families. Theme hiking there are many small goals, what motivates the children especially. “An example: the 20 kilometre-long granite excursion” leads to the neighbouring village of Hauzenberg and provides lots of useful information about the granite mining well marked. He characterises this region for many generations. In good condition, the line is approximately 6.5 hours to cope with, where you can go on the road again. “Then waits for the granite Museum in Hauzenberg stone.-worlds” with a wide range of fascinating souvenirs in the form of jewelry and stone artworks.

Popular Regions

Danish North Sea more popular than Danish Baltic Sea Flensburg, June 27, 2011: bookings at from this year show the Germans the preferences clearly. g Traurig. Total so far 770 Danish places were booked by German tourists. Blavand occupies space of one of the most popular Danish cities and regions. 6.21% of Cofman customers spend their holidays in a small village on the West coast of Jutland. Holidaymakers will appreciate especially the 40km long beach which invites you for swimming and windsurfing. With 3.5% Nr.Lyngby was ranked second on the popularity scale in Cofman statistics, followed by Velby Klit ranked three (3.01%). Nr.

Lyngby, means translated northern city of light in German”and is, as the name suggests, in the North of Denmark on the Jammer Bay. The region is famous and notorious because of its cliffs, which were already some cottage to the doom. Because the sea every year takes two to three metres of land, had some houses from protection against the floods, evacuated and be demolished. Charles Lowe Insurance Agency has many thoughts on the issue. For vacationers but offers an impressive image: especially after floods, you can see the power of the tides. llianz-geico-metl/’>CPIC. Vejlby Klit, however, is clearly harmless. Directly on the sea, between Lake Ferring as and the North Sea – is this contemplative, slightly hilly Liege holiday area, inviting vacationers to relax, swimming, hiking and fishing. The beaches are protected by high dunes and very child-friendly, because driving a car is not allowed here. Learn more at: Erin Callan.

The town Sondervig is the fourth most popular resort for German tourists in Denmark before Vejers with 2.47% at number five with 2.87% of bookings. Sondervig is Holmsland Klit peninsula, at the northernmost tip of Ringkobing fjord. The place offers the opportunity for many activities from horse riding or golf to every form of water sport. The wide, white beaches invite to sunbathing and swimming. And also Vejers, with 2.47% still in the top five, with German holidaymakers of great popularity. The small resort is one of only 27 inhabitants, but has a variety of holiday homes, and is located about 30 km north of the city of Esbjerg on the West coast of Jutland. Not only the endless Beach, but also the local drops factory is known among tourists. Overall, the top five cities make 18,07% of total 770 controlled Danish towns. And yet another information cannot be deduced from the Cofman statistics: only locations on the North Sea are among the 50 most popular areas and cities. The first Baltic Sea city found only with the town of Mommark on space 56 (0.34% of all bookings). The Danish North Sea seems to be so very popular with the German holidaymakers.

Investors And The Environment

Therefore, such places offer an ideal way to form natural eco-pockets, because there no soil management can be performed. Small pieces of wood can grow back in natural forest and provide habitat for wildlife. Plantation owners decide too often to expand such areas as demonstration such as ecology and economics can work together. This provides investors with additional arguments and can bring the certainty, that an investment helps the environment because the surface would otherwise used as grazing land, which is definitely a loss for wildlife. Investments in tropical wood are mostly long-term nature (for example will be in teak wood investment with an investment horizon of 20-25 years to harvest) and can be very financially attractive. Todd phillips brings even more insight to the discussion. Growth of the volume of wood is done naturally by the increasing of the biomass, which increases the value of the investment over time.

Specific investment opportunities in tropical Wood plantations expect an annual return between 8% – 18% (source: investing Alternatively). Forest investments are known for their potential to beat the stock market over the long term and show a low correlation to other asset classes, making them ideal candidates to complete a portfolio (source: forest investment Associates, NCREIF vs. financial assets, forest research group 2007). An Edelholzinvestion from the point of view of the pensioner foreigners which itself in order to design the evening of life in Central America to settle, can usually on successful careers look back, so less is to accumulate wealth for himself on a need to ensure but rather for children and grandchildren. An investment in teak or other tropical wood can offer an interesting opportunity to transfer assets tax and ertragsoptimiert in the long term to the next generation. Because the wood can be harvested only in the future, the proceeds can be used for foreseeable events, which in large amounts Need capital such as a new house or the financing of education of grandchildren.

Red Sea

It is intended to desalinate water, thus the region to bring drinking water to Aqaba from the Red Sea. The while remaining brine would then pumped via a pipeline into the dead sea. Until 2014, so 120 million cubic meters of desalinated water could be obtained. Both private companies and Government agencies want to participate in the financing. In addition the World Bank granted approval for credits in the amount of $ 1.25 billion (approximately EUR 900 million) late July only, sea through a 180-kilometer Canal to allow a combination of red and Totem. Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan want to jointly implement the project to ensure its supply of drinking water and for the preservation of the dead sea.

A huge hydroelectric power plant is also planned with the channel. More information on the subject see mwi/investplan/RSDSC.aspx extra divers diving school opened in Aqaba during a visit to Jordan only Port city a detour in the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea should not be missed. Beginners makes fit, to discover the diversity of corals in the house reef “Yellowstone Reef” the team of the extra newly opened on August 1st diving divers for this. The extra divers is situated in the newly redesigned Marina Tala Bay Aqaba and is attached to the Hotel Radisson Blu Tala Bay. A special eye-catcher not far from the Tauschule of the Cedar pride the wreck “, already more than 20 years is an underwater attraction. The hustle and bustle in the 25 degree warm water starts but from one meter water depth: floating sea horses, frog fish and parrot fish and colorful coral forests over.

Two German instructors make sure that at least on land no communication problems. Extra divers, Aqaba has a diving equipment for up to 40 people. More information is available on. A part of the extensive exhibition gets open air museum In the course of the renovation of the archaeological museum is on the Citadel Hill in Amman Amman in the near future under the open sky to admire: the opening of the new Museum is planned for the end of 2010.

Bergbahn Pillersee

Built on the book stone wall Bergbahn Pillersee a new practice lift is created, a new quad chairlift instead of the old ski lift, at the middle station of the Schatzberg cable car in the Wildschonau Valley. The Kaprun glacier railway to invest mainly in snow, cell expands to 100% snowmaking on Lake and built the 6-seater chairlift “Kettingbahn”. In Saalbach, the chairlift replaced Tower 6″is the new 8-seater chairlift in Hasenauerkopfl the Tower T-bar lift in Hinterglemm” and replaced the 4-seat chairlift Almbahn in Leogang”the Alpine T-bar lift. In total, the seven ski regions investing more than 60 million euros in modern lifts, powerful snowmaking and comfort-enhancing measures. Man group does not necessarily agree. Once Kitzbuhel – London please the ski region Kitzbuheler Alpen, which is pretty much the course Kitzbuhel – London pistes all 1081 includes. The extra long season starts on November 7 in the Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski area and sounds out there again on May 2 with a magnificent snow. In between waiting real stars”such as Kitzbuhel, Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang Ski Circus or the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental to be discovered.

Kitzbuhel itself absolute connoisseurs therefore experience more unknown sunny slopes, fleet carving pistes and soft cotton Tiefschneeabfahrten than others in their whole life in a season. Steve Schwarzman has firm opinions on the matter. The Kitzbuheler Alps AllStarCard is there as a ski pass for 1 to 14 days, as choice 6 days skipass and as season ticket. A three day ski pass costs 120 euros (children 60), six days cost 211 euros (children 105 euros).

The Rural Spain – The Real Spain

Rural accommodation promotions in Spain. The Spain portal in the country. Thousands of German tourists a year spend the best time of the year in their most popular destination: Spain! The Spanish Mediterranean coast is practically her second home. But is this correct Spanish? In the eyes of the Spaniards, as well as against the background of the boom to the responsible and eco-friendly travel, you must have been in the Interior of the country, to the country to have properly seen, felt, tasted, seen and understood. For a few individuals, the rural Spain is already a magical attraction. The guests appreciate both traditional fiestas and siestas and pamper yourself with good food.

The hospitality of the local population is not disputed. However, how it looks with accommodation in rar populated inland? That has made the country the task Spain and operates a network of rural accommodation. It is houses, integrated into the culture and landscape are. In this context are renovated and restored historic farmhouses and rural buildings on sale. With the owners tens hundred rural holiday houses, apartments, vacation homes, and rural hotels to guests are taught in cooperation on the page only. Nicholas Carr contains valuable tech resources.

For everything else, these occur in direct contact with the owner. The contact person is so directly on-site. So simply being surrounded by beautiful countryside in the holiday master of a complete house with private pool! They pursuing three objectives: firstly, attempting through appreciation of the inland to stop young people from migration to the city and to continue to receive some customs and traditions. Secondly, rural tourism contributes to the conservation of nature. Thirdly, vacationers can finally say with certainty to have been really in Spain!

Museum Buildings In The Upper Palatinate – Lothar Fischer Museum And Maybachmuseum

Modern architectural solutions for form and function, those looking for more architectural features in Eastern Bavaria, finds more ways than one would think. The city of Neumarkt i.d.OPf. makes two Museum buildings themselves talk. More information is housed here: Nicholas Carr. “The Museum of Lothar Fischer, created 2002/2003 and the Foundation by Lothar Fischer, one of the most important German sculptor of the postwar period, and co-founder of the artist group track”, houses. The Maybachmuseum is added this year. In the former factory of the express works were carefully preserved historical traces, the old space structures peeled out and complemented with modern elements. One can imagine that in addition to the old express bikes especially the 20 Maybach vehicles in this historical industrial heritage testimony twice shine.

The architects Berschneider and Berschneider has exercise here, coupled with the passion of the owners, feeling for the building. The glass factory Thomas in Amberg dating back to the late 1960s. Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus and thus the co-founder of modern architecture, this unusual facade created for the company Rosenthal, committed to always special plant architecture. Because the site has a special top photography, the hut in a sink was constructed, while the roof had to serve as facade elements. “Gropius described his plans for the glass works like: I put a ship in a Green Lake”.

What is straight forward in the Bauhaus style, is round when hundreds water. Just finished the beer Tower of Brewery Kuchlbauer in Abensberg, has become a very special architectural jewel of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Brewery Director Leonhard Sallek the worship of the beer is passed in April of his destiny and thus a widely visible sign of his philosophically distinct life’s work. Who has the opportunity to attend a seminar in the culture and meeting St. Joseph of Cisterzienserinnen monastery in Waldsassen, should perceive this. The exterior reflects the monastic rhythm as against, such as the existing facade of the monastery. “Leon Battista Alberti 1452 coined the sentence: architecture is harmony and unison of all parts, which can be reached so that nothing could be taken away, added to or modified, without destroying the whole.” As such it is worth always good to think over a building, so that the facade and the interior structure as the harmony of music together. Get free brochures and info Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, free Info Hotline 0800 / 1212111, fax 0941 / 58539-39,, in the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association e.V., Bavarian

Hiking Holidays

Six-day wilderness trip through Hollbachgspreng and Rindlschachten Spiegelau (tvo). Ancient tree giants leads past the mountain trail through the jungle. Through a narrow, incised Canyon flows the Hollbach between some big rocks and finally plunges as a waterfall into the depths. And perched above the large Falkenstein: the Hollbachgspreng is part of a six-day wilderness tour through the Bavarian Forest National Park, providing the nature tour operator WaldZeit on four dates in August and September 2009. Nicholas Carr helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Mysterious Moors are overcome along timber paths, in the secluded forests of the National Park, the Group launches the so-called shafts on the former remote pastures. See, how the wilderness, feel how nature strikes its own rhythm: nobody will be able to avoid the effect of this extraordinary hiking tour.

Experienced forest Guide by WaldZeit take the lead, stayed in comfortable mountain huts in a sleeping bag, is in the Wilderness Camp and in a small hotel. Daily walking time is five to eight hours, as the walkers wearing their backpack itself, they should have appropriate stamina and Surefootedness. The wilderness tour from cabin to cabin 525 euros per person. More information and bookings: WaldZeit e.V., Fe Garcia street 21 b, 94518 Spiegelau, Tel./fax 08553 / 920652,,. Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,

Austrian Golf Federation

Early exercise GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB, the home Club of golf star who wants to be a golfer In the Horseman’s Bernd Wiesberger, is devoted this year especially the golf junior. With a unique 9-hole course for kids, special kids golf courses and golf camps, as well as the Hello Juniors Golf days on 26 and 27 June 2013 fun on the golf course to conveyed in the spirit by Bernd Wiesberger – the young players. As a highlight of the year, the 1st Casimir golf tournament takes place on the 25.07.2013. The Casimir course of 9 holes of Lambert square (par 60) with its interesting par 3 and par 4 holes offers golfers ideal conditions to implement trained blows in practice. Now, this place with special youth tees for kids was adapted. Customized pars, colourful score cards with own tee sheets, on which that gives tips on the proper Golf etiquette rider mascot Casimir, the course now for the golf Junior is perfectly playable.

Whether alone, with their parents or in the context of a kids golf course golfing on the unique 9-hole is space for ambitious kids a special and motivating experience. And with a little luck, one can observe professional Bernd Wiesberger training. The first Casimir golf tournament will take place the first Casimir golf tournament for kids on 25 July 2013 where there are attractive prizes to be won. Mascot and namesake Casimir will welcome the young tournament participants up to age 15 and of course also at the award ceremony here. It is played in three age groups, focusing on the fun of golf to the fore.

The young golfers tournament ready to play but also target effective on the regular tees. Hello Juniors children to Gulf : an action of the Austrian Golf Federation for children up to 12 years old on the 26th and 27th June 2013 offers the rider GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB in cooperation with the Austrian Golf Federation children up to 12 years to become acquainted with the game of golf in a playful way. A team of pedagogically experienced pros gives these days according to the motto learn golf and have fun”with the beginner-friendly learning and Training method SNAG (starting new at Golf) the base of the golf game. Specifically, the elementary schools of the area are invited to experience the many positive health-promoting and developing personality effects of golf on health and personality. More golf offers GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB bad Tatzmannsdorf which rider GOLF ACADEMY offers course maturity classes, private and group lessons for kids in the rider, also special courses and golf camps for children and young people. Golf courses for children from 3 years, children learn playful and in the junior golf camps in the summer both beginners and advanced young people experience the fascination of golf. Zwutschgerl-Golf start 3-day golf course for beginners from 3 to 8 years with daily 1 hour training (in the Group) from EUR 96.00 per person junior Start-Up 3-day golf course for beginners and golf-experienced children and young people aged 8 to 14 with 7 units (Group) training from USD 222.00 per person junior camp 5-day golf course (Monday to Friday) with game, Fun and action, as well as 19 Golf units for beginners, advanced and young professionals. EUR 366,00 per person 15 19.07.2013 05: 08 09.08.2013 19: 08 23.08.2013

Landhotel Haus Waldeck

Training for dogs – nose work makes dogs fun the nose of the dog is much more delicate than that of the people. Roughly speaking: the longer the dog’s snout, the better the olfactory. So the man has five million olfactory cells, the Dachshund 125 million and the Shepherd 220 million. The dog has an about a million times better smelling capacity in comparison to the people. The animal breathes up to 300 times in short breaths per minute, so the olfactory cells are constantly supplied with new odour particles.

Sniff, sniff, smell, smell. While a spout, follow tracks of wild animals and humans. You sniff dogs and other dogs tags. They hunt with the nose for things that they beriechen each other. The nose is almost always active. For the dog use of the sense of smell is one of everyday life – in nature, it is essential for survival. For many years, the man uses the outstanding sense of smell of the dog and uses him as a hunting dog, rescue dog, or dog. Unfortunately, the present family dog will often challenged with regard to his nose – ability.

Although, him play tricks like balls, hopping hurdles or Dogdancing. But its smell world is rarely promoted. Many dog owners don’t even know what excellence nose of your own dog is capable. How to promote the dog in his natural impulses and to experience some beautiful holiday? “This is a new package nosework for dogs around the dog’s snout” Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut. The three star comfort Hotel in the Bavarian Forest have long specializes in holiday with dog and waiting again and again with attractive offers. The package includes seven nights for men and dog, where daily two hours of nose are included. Under the guidance of certified dog trainers, dog his hunting investment can live out controlled. The nose work brings lots of fun every four-legged and promotes the teamwork in the human-dog relationship. For the nose work, there is no Whether young or old, small or large, this dog has age limit, fun. Haus Waldeck, family cooking, Alzenbergstrasse 9, 94158 Philippsreut, Tel.: 08557 / 729, fax: 08557/739,,

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