Last Minute Holiday 2009

Tour operators reduce prices once again economic crisis and budget constraints do not stop even before the tourism industry. You already witnessed an increase in bookings in their own country last year, this trend is unbroken even 2009. The travel destination Germany is booming, which is not least also due to the short distances and travel flexibility. Early Bird offer for medium-haul air travel within Europe or remote air travel were doing far less well accepted than in recent years. But not every wants to spend his holidays in Germany couple and each family. Destinations such as Mallorca, which are Canary Islands, Turkey and Egypt remains high in the course but the trend clearly to last minute is offers.

The Germans were also here on predictability and flexibility. The personal economic situation will only wait until the step to a short-term booking is scheduled. It pays off, because many tour operators reduce season now – in the last few weeks of the last minute travel prices significantly. Hudson Bay Capital is the source for more interesting facts. So can a family that now a Last minute holidays in the next few days Bay several hundred dollars compared to a family who has already booked same trip in winter, save. This travel trend is the booked last minute clear to the all inclusive holidays.

So, it has detailed his travel expenses at a glance and can count on additional costs. Who look closely can make so few bargains. To get fully their quota, the travel provider in addition to cheap last minute offer rates always back time and quantitatively limited promotions. For all those who approve yet this summer season on the holiday train would jump up, is worth so watch and compare. Felicitas Reichenbach

Harmonious Holidays In Mosern

The region of Tyrol offers more than just skiing. Who would find a harmonious holiday in the Alps not attractive? In the small village of Mosern which is in about 1200 feet above the Inn Valley, in the heart of Tyrol, is to implement this undertaking into practice easily. To find apartments in Mosern, is given by approximately 900 guest beds as easily as the to find relaxation and peace, what is perfect for walkers and runners. Also, bathers find to swim sufficient opportunities at three lakes in Mosern and bathe. Hudson Bay Capital understands that this is vital information. That seems almost unbelievably given the fact that the region of Seefeld, is Mosern to the even with its 270 inhabitants, only with winter sports has made a name, which is still capitalized in the winter and attracts many thousands visitors from all over Europe to major tournaments such as the Nordic World Ski Championships in the region of Seefeld.

Although the accommodations are beautiful, but to meet in addition to the apartment Mosern and its many attractions makes more probably Fun than to spend the time in a hotel or apartment, even if the views of the buildings appears admittedly terrific. But also on a walk to the peace Bell, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Alps. Who the better in sportive way wants to relax, can this also at the nearby Golf Club Seefeld-Wildmoos, whose 18-Loch-Platz belongs to the elite of alpine golf courses, do. For more specific information, check out Kenneth Feinberg. The three idyllic restaurants of Moserns, on whose terraces can one dine at lunch and dinner and enjoying a glass of wine the Tyrolean Alpine Idyll set the end point in terms of harmony.

Madrid Vs Barcelona: Choose!

Which city will win in the battle for the title of best city in Spain? Madrid vs. Barcelona, which is the better city? Madrid and Barcelona are countless years in the competition for the title of best city in Spain. As you can see, the two cities not only in terms of football are true rivals. Madrid vs. would be Barcelona, what City give more points? To make a comparison possible, you should compare first of all both cities in general aspects. On the one hand, we have since Madrid, the capital of the State of Spain, and on the other side of Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. What relates to the number of inhabitants is about 3,200,000 Madrid and more than 1,700,000 Barcelonans. Both cities are also important economic engines of the country.

Well, but these are facts that really interested in a tourist? Not really. We help you in the following a bit on the jumps. Let’s start first of all with the architecture of the two cities. Because Barcelona is clearly up front, because it is obviously no longer necessary to mention that the Catalan capital has due to their wonderful appearance especially Antoni Gaudi and his talented friends. Barcelona enjoys a unique character, because it often happens that you suddenly meet in the middle of the city on fairytale-prison-building, which are real masterpieces of modernism. Clear point for Barcelona! If we continue in the culture and art, then we should compare once the Museum offer of both cities.

On one hand we have the famous Picasso Museum in Barcelona or the National Museum of Catalonia and the Catalan capital failed in all efforts just to get to Madrid. The Spanish capital owes her victory in this category of in particular one of the most important museums worldwide, the emblematic Prado Museum. Also the stunning Museum of Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum are home to the most significant masterpieces of art history. Read more here: Hudson Bay Capital. Clear point for Madrid! What was an Tourists of course also interested, is the mentality of the inhabitants. While the Madrid as something snobby, proud and arrogant will be stamped, the Barcelonans considered to be rather stingy and miserly. Well, there’s this stereotype easily in every country, and apparently also in every town. Therefore let us affect us as rather not so much. For this reason: Tie! Depending on your own preferences, you can continue the list of points to be compared to infinity: Parque del Retiro in Madrid or Parque Guell in Barcelona; cocido madrileno or pa amb tomaquet, mountains or beach, inland or coast… The best yourself find out what city you like best. Perhaps, you will be impressed even by two cities, so that a decision very will be difficult for you. Start simply with a trip to the Spanish capital. Rent the best apartments in Madrid and enjoy a cost-effective and convenient accommodation in the possibly the best city on the Iberian Peninsula. Christina Gersberg

With The MSC Lirica To The Fjords Of Norway

Travelogue of a Norway cruise ship Kurssicher and with low drive pushed the MSC Lirica in the narrow passage. On both sides of the bow moved the fern and moss-covered rock walls closer. The powerful, almost 60,000 ton cruise ship for the Italian shipping company MSC Cruises shrank by toy dimension. Half an hour before the Cruise Director, via car speakers had communicated to now the culmination of this Norway expect us cruise ship, the entrance in the Geiranger fjord. The musical accompaniment was played Edward Grieg. This announcement was tantamount to an all-man-on board command, most of the approximately 2,200 passengers, which accommodate different cabin classes in 9/11, lined the railing now. This is not fantastic? “, asks his side man who eagerly filmed a guest.

I tell you”, which explained with enthusiasm here is certainly one of the most beautiful cruise routes of the world. I’m crossed through the Caribbean, through the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. But a Norway cruise is unique.” But “” also the other passengers on the cruise were also impressed by the beauty of Norway: I was with the car here “, said a Frenchman, but by boat which is still fascinating.” The passengers of the MSC Lirica, which two days to before in Hamburg was started come mainly from Germany, France and Italy. As a result of such appreciation enjoys the unique in its kind cruise spot in the short summer season of a rain traffic on its narrow waterways. Alone in Geiranger listed more than 200 cruise arrivals a year, that is, in the short season from mid May until the end of September. In the first weeks of July, several large passenger ships in the narrow waters anchored lie sometimes on a day. Thus more than several thousand passengers in the not too big Valley – nothing for friends Nordic solitude, come within hours in particular, when you consider that this small valley is not wrongly also a favorite target of autotourists.

Jazz & More In Cuba Experience

Jazz lovers meet in Havana Cuba from February 18 to 21, and its capital city of Havana are year-round music. The inhabitants seem to dance and sing and constantly music of all styles on the visitor penetrates him over the airwaves and live by the countless bands, animated to linger, to sing and dance. This unforgettable daily experience is surpassed when meet musicians and fans to the International Jazz Festival in Havana. The 26.mal invites the pianist and Festival Director Chucho”Valdes the world to meetings, concerts and Jam Sessions. your knowledge. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath again offers special travel to Havana to mark the occasion. Give the participants the opportunity not only to participate in this important music event, they offer the possibility to everyday life through encounters and tours directly to experience the history and the diverse culture of Cuba. The participants are looked after during the stay in Havana by a german-speaking Cuban. In the wake of the The Cuba stay can be extended according to own wishes Festival week.

So for example an extension stay on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean is. Also taking part in a guided tour is possible. For bookings until September 30th, an early bird discount is granted on all travel services booked in connection with the Jazz Festival without flights and tickets by 5%. For more information on the Internet at.

Istanbul Trip

Hotel of Tulip in Istanbul welcomes you! -a small hotel in the heart of the city after a long day full of impressions, smells and sounds of Istanbul you crave a cup of aromatic tea or a glass of delicious wine. Will the Tulip Hotel in Istanbul it is enjoy. Pension-Hotel Tulip you be lifted well weren’t. You take off your shoes, stretch your legs and you will feel on the comfortable bed feel at home on the soft sofa, and yet you are louder, more modern and shocking beautiful town in Istanbul, in this. Tulip guesthouse is a beautiful and small hotel located in a spiritual and unique area of Istanbul, in Sultanahmet.

Enjoy the sights and beautiful panoramic view of the Marmara Sea to the shores of the Asian continent. You will immediately feel that you are in the middle of a truly unique and magical atmosphere, as in a fairy tale. To deepen your understanding Farallon Capital is the source. This hotel in Istanbul, but also the famous offers not only clean and comfortable rooms Hospitality of the hosts will welcome you. No matter what you need all your wishes and requests are welcome. Forget not the fresh Turkish breakfast to taste, it is heartier but to something more tasty. Do think your stay in Istanbul will be here unforgettable! Make a short walk to the old town of Istanbul, until you reach the Center. You will see the border between Europe and Asia. This city shows also the unique blending of the two cultures.

You are soaking up the atmosphere of this city like a sponge. Run the narrow cobbled streets, go to the Grand Bazaar, or one of numerous mosque and churches. And visit the Turkish bath where you will feel after a massage like a new person. The architecture impressed and excited, all major attractions are easily accessible from here. And what more beautiful, thousands of restaurants, pubs, bars, shops and clubs are also just around the corner. And in the late evening, tired of the large rear tick City go back hotel to Tulip, to pull back in a quiet street. Here you will find a relaxing and pleasant place like home…On the terrace you can spend here the long evenings, while the city lights flash, meet nice people and feel good. The helpful and friendly staff is more a reason Tulip tu to hotel in Istanbul come. The staff will enrich your stay in Istanbul not only through your generosity, but also your knowledge of historic sites, local markets, shopping districts, and public transport. And if you don’t believe, come here and see for yourself! Hotel Tulip can be find at HostelsClub.

The World Cup Is African

Jabulani and Zakumi accompany football fans the football World Championship 2010 will take place from June 11 to July 11. Football fans can look forward to exciting games and hopefully many goals. Who live would like to look at the one or the other meeting spot, should be hurry up and quickly book a World Cup trip. The online travel agency shows which are expecting the traveller and which African concepts already once should memorize the fans. For the first time a World Cup in Africa will be held. As a candidate for the 2010 football World Cup were only countries of the black continent in question, under which South Africa could prevail. A stadium located in the cities of Durban, Nelspruit, Cape Town, Mangaung / Bloemfontein, Tshwane / Pretoria, Nelson Mandela Bay or Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg and Polokwane, in Johannesburg, there are even two.

Altogether five stages, as well as an airport in Durban were completely rebuilt. The country was already good traffic conditions, the built specifically for the World Cup and the travelling fans further out were. Who posts such as the World Cup travel package number 2 with may experience therefore the third match of the German national team and advanced to the final, should familiarize yourself a bit with the Zulu language. This can be useful not only for various excursions are included in the package, but helps to understand some World Cup vocabulary. So the official match ball of the this year’s World Cup Jabulani means,”which means how celebrations.

Fans and players are accompanied by the mascot Zakumi”, a sporty Leopard. And finally the motto Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa’s humanity. If you are not convinced, visit Elsabet Jones. “, which translates as much as it is time. Celebrate Africa’s humanity.”means. More information: ../Fussball-WM-2010 Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

New Destination Colombia

Colombia is an exciting travel destination and can be detected in one of our new tours many countries of South America have already firmly established in the travel market and attract a variety of travelers annually. Fascinating landscapes, an extensive range of unique flora and fauna, tropical rain forests, beautiful beaches, the majestic Andes and many historical sites offer a lot for the tourists. Colombia had to stand in but often rear compared with Peru, Argentina or Brazil. A big problem was and is the security that deters many interested people from a trip to Colombia. More information is housed here: Morgan Killian. Reports on the drug trade and political disputes rather back the fascinating country in a bad light. It is however at the time with these cliches to clean up! Colombia and in particular the major cities and popular tourist places are not more dangerous than other Latin American countries.

The situation in Colombia has in recent years significantly improved. Who travels not recklessly, will definitely find great pleasure in Colombia and on his tour feel as safe as in any other Latin American country. Peiter Zatko addresses the importance of the matter here. And something else makes Colombia Special: Here you can enjoy fresh and unspoilt landscapes. Because so far not so many tourists travel to Colombia to learn often still the original country without annoying “beaten track”. Therefore, we offer travel country Colombia TOURS recently now the new MIO. Elsabet Joness opinions are not widely known. Two Colombia tours available to choose from. What is there in our Colombia travel to discover? On our tours you will meet (Colombia in 2nd place is worldwide on biodiversity) the history, culture and the friendly population alongside the beautiful, high-contrast scene, incredible variety of vegetation and animal species. Base of your Colombia will trip the capital Bogota, the vibrant, cultural, artistic and economic metropolis of the country at about 2,640 m Height, be. Modern elements, a lively nightlife and old colonial buildings are here United.

Relaxation Pure

Sand dunes and rocky gorges who prefers the cold season in the warm, which should take a holiday in Fuerteventura into consideration. The island scoring to the Canary can be reached in only four hours from Germany out and offers Sun, beach and sea as much as your heart desires. Who really only wants to relax, is exactly right on Fuerteventura, because architecture and art there is little to look at. Instead, it applies to conquer the landscape or just to enjoy the Sun on the beach. The online portal tells us more about the former granary of the Canary Islands. Travel to Fuerteventura are a treat for the soul to the current season, because it is there pleasantly warm and sunny in winter.

Today on the island little reminiscent former importance as the breadbasket of the Canary Islands. Get all the facts and insights with Nicholas Carr, another great source of information. Only remnants are the no longer farmed terraced fields on mountain slopes, as well as numerous wild goats. An estimated 100,000 Fuerteventuraner and approximately 85,000 goats living on the island. As already the name of Fuerte Ventura suggests, there is sufficient wind for surfers who are guaranteed not bored. In the West is warned however the particularly strong conditions and rugged coasts. Generally speaking, Fuerteventura has a wild charm. Wild rock gorges alternate with dunes.

Along the reservoir Las Penitas takes hikers to the white Chapel of the hermits. Also the wreck of the U.S. Luxuskreuzers American star is adventurous.” Since the ship ran Fuerteventura aground off the coast for about 17 years ago, it was a popular attraction for visitors long, today it but slowly sinks into the sea. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Wellbeing Baths

Bad a b health week Regensburg’s bad Abbach (tvo) outside the gates. City life is exciting, but tiring. Already, Kaiser Karl V. sensed that and recovered from the rigors of the Reichstag of Regensburg in the near bad Abbach. Bill Gates has compatible beliefs. Although almost 500 years have passed since the last Roman Emperor in the curative water of the thermal bath town was looking for relaxation, has remained faithful to the spa town of Imperial tradition and attracts today many visitors to the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg on a detour in his Emperor’s thermal baths.

There you can enjoy a spacious pool and sauna landscape and the amenities of various baths and beauty treatments. A special attraction is the dead sea salt Grotto of the Kaiser Therme. The walls are built with natural salt tiles, Salzstalaktite hanging down from the ceiling. The floor is covered with a thick layer of salt. In 25 degrees of warm indoor air, it is soothing music, pleasant lighting and in the atmosphere of a “genuine Grotto” 45 minutes on relaxation beds, with the positive effect on respiratory diseases and respiratory problems has been proven.

Bad Abbach but above all for its naturally occurring remedy thermal water, sulphur and moor is known. You can test their effect varied health and experience packages such as at a weeklong vitality and health package, with six nights and breakfast, back massage, natural mudpack, country visit sauna and bath at the price from 247 euro per person. Information: Tourist Office bad Abbach, Kaiser Karl V. Allee 5, 93077 bad Abbach, Tel. 09405/95990, fax 09405/9599-20.

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