The Racehorse: ASA Manufactures Special Fittings In Record Time

Attendorner special fittings GmbH sets new standards in terms of time efficiency, time is money. Who sets the fastest horse, can pick up a rich profit. But this maxim applies not only on the racetrack. Similarly, many sectors of the industry have evolved. The best quality of product, good service – obvious parameters are all that. The aspect of the quick order processing in the foreground is however more and more just for procurement processes. Who today ordered a special valve, need delivery tomorrow, at best but tomorrow.

On two sides, two different questions emerge: who is the fastest horse? -ask the customer. What is the fastest? -wonders of the provider. On the latter question, the Attendorner special fittings GmbH (ASA) has found a solution that is so compelling that customers see your question answered. The answer is: the formula of ASA. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. Who makes a request to the experts for special fittings, gets the relevant information on the same day. The handling of the order itself takes place, depending on the complexity and quantity of the order, with maximum speed. This speed and the absolute adherence to deadlines are made possible by a prompt response even outside of business hours and an uncomplicated and compact settlement.

Short paths at all levels are the company’s philosophy. It is irrelevant how complex the requirements which the faucet, which number is required and which material is required. Since 1978, the ASA provides a solution for more than 60 industries to measure. The Sauerlander draw faucets professionals from this wealth of experience, when it comes to the implementation of a challenging idea. Another immense benefit for the customer: The whole production process of special fittings including the complete machining up to surface finishing comes from a single source. With minimal effort, the customer can receive as complete assemblies, without having to visit a second address. From idea to concrete numbers, and This makes the ASA in the future at best and absolutely exceptional speed – use this formula race. Description of ASA, the Attendorner special ARMATUREN GmbH, the company knows the demands of their customers. Trade marks of the company founded in 1978 is above all the extremely quick, precise and easy order processing in addition to innovative ideas. For more than 60 industries develops and produces ASA solutions from a single source for special and industrial valves, pressed parts, turned parts, castings, moulded parts, Assembly parts and assemblies. “Always a little faster!” That is the goal that the ASA measure can thereby. Company contact: Attendorner special fittings GmbH Volker stuff Baig str. 14-18 57439 Attendorn Tel: 0 27 22. 95 40? 0 email: Web: PR contact: PSV MARKETING GMBH Stefan Kohler Ruhrststrasse 9 57078 Siegen Tel: 0271 77001616 E-Mail: Web:

Business Climate Lightens

Fiscally sponsored lunch increased the net salary and looks like new health insurance burdens from Frankfurt, December 01, 2010. The recovery of the German economy and the good mood of the pre-Christmas period covering that in the coming year new loads waiting for most workers. Health care reform charged workers as the health reform the health insurance contributions of the statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as the private health insurance (PKV) will rise from the 1 January 2011. So the General contribution rate of statutory health insurance funds is no longer 14.9 per cent of the gross salary in the future but 15.5 percent this corresponds to an increase of 0.6 percentage points. The private health insurers increase their contributions by up to 7 percent. New distribution of shares in health insurance at the turn of the year comes a new layout of posts in health insurance.

Currently, the employer’s contribution to 7 per cent, the proportion of workers to 7.9% amounts. From January 2011, employers are 7.3% (so plus 0.3%) of the statutory health insurance although pay, this amount is but “frozen”. For employees, this means that they must pay not only the higher by 0.3 percentage points, also contribute then 8.2 percent, but even alone to shoulder future contribution increases. Health insurance contribution increase impacted workers NET to around 100 euros the new health insurance contributions and additional contributions reduce the related workers available Gehaltsnetto to around 100 euros per year. Thus yet more net of the gross left remains, should employers use healthy salary tools, advises George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager and HR expert at Sodexo: “dining cheques support healthy eating and stabilize the net pay. The State encourages the staff meals tax. As a result, beneficial to increase the Gehaltsnetto of employees; opportunity employers and without additional costs.” Restaurant checks ensure healthy balance up to 1.304,60 Euro Lohnplus the Federal Government has just the tax Expanded eligibility of lunch. Company can send a restaurant of cheques to their employees in accordance with the current payroll tax guidelines 2011 working tax-free up to 5.93 euros in the form of.

In the year up to 1.304,60 Euro per employee as tax and social tax-free cash available. However, with the Sodexo restaurant pass also achieve other effects, Wyrwoll stressed: “restaurant of cheques support as a component of the operational health management the work ability of employees. You ensure a varied and healthy diet, promote social cooperation of workers and also cause coming movement during the lunch break. Employers can also offer simple and cost-efficient manner. an attractive allowance” Company description of Sodexo-Sodexo in Germany Sodexo is represented for more than 50 years in Germany and employs approximately 14,000 people. Sodexo of leading service providers around the topics is motivation solutions division Employee motivation, corporate social services (Sodexo restaurant pass) and incentives, as well as services for the Government.

Practical Helpers For Your Mobile Phone – Time Recording Via Windows Mobile Phone

Business apps for your Smartphone navigate everyday technical progress progresses. You can tell not only on getting sharper television images and faster computers, but especially on the mobile phone, the practical small life companion. Who travel for business is much, who appreciate that many apps run on modern cell phones, which are called most Smartphone. These are small programs that help the users to get things done quickly and easily. You answer the question, where is the nearest ATM, or when the train leaves. Also in the profession, the use of apps is a great help for many.

Many small Office apps use on business trip or customer visit. On the phone with the Microsoft operating system Windows Mobile, a mobile version of the popular Office program is installed. So, you can go to read Word files and change, and watch with Excel tables. Who must cover his time working as an employee, who appreciate the time recording via Windows Mobile phone. Simply press the timer button and go it. No cumbersome working time recording with pen and paper by timesheets. Everything is covered by the Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Programmes to the account of travel expenses and the calculation of tip are also typical apps, which can be found on the mobile phones of travelers. Expenditure thus collected can be transferred clearly sorted accounting after the trip. Usually, the phones have a well-functioning appointment calendar and an address book. Here you can save much duplicate paperwork existing data by synchronization with the on your own PC. One learns on the way, that a customer’s phone number has changed, entering the new number into the phone. This then automatically matches the numbers when you next connect to the PC and renewed the number on the PC this also applies to addresses and appointments. Also that a GPS is built into most smartphones, business travellers appreciate most. The cell phone along with a navigation program namely thus becomes the replacement for a Navigation device. Andre Mahtani

Business Intelligence

Turn-key best practice solution ‘BI4Navision’ of Actinium consulting in 10 to 12 days at a fixed price of Lindau, 25.03.2010 – without long projects of ERP system Navision of a preset business intelligence solution business consulting you can use Actinium. This turn-key and powerful BI module BI4Navision”can be usually already in 10 to 12 days completely inserted. It offers a flexible adaptation of the scope of services to individual needs and is also characterized by a very low support requirements due to its ease of use. The low design ensures BI4Navision”including its data warehouse a very cheap and central standard fair cost / benefit ratio. The BI system must not be implemented in the user companies, but is offered by Actinium also called SaS model. The solution can be used for planning, budgeting and cost analysis, as well as in the production. Dennis Lockhart oftentimes addresses this issue. A uniform is part of their performance characteristics and consistent data base with a clearly structured data model and analytical application. She can be used locally independent, as accessible to the users via the Web at any arbitrary location hochperformant.

Diverse and demand-oriented evaluations for the business management available are based on daily updated data. This applies to the daily reporting as well as for the periodic reporting of sales and other control requirements in management, sales and production. So the staff with a drill-down function can be problem-oriented and systematically to key figures represent desired information details. Historical analysis are also available. The entire functions without to use comprehensive knowledge, extensive training or IT professionals do not require the companies for the use of the preset BI-module.

The turnkey application are time and cost planning and market evaluation of a BI system and expenses for lengthy projects avoid”, describes as one of the key benefits of BI4Navision” Actinium Managing Director Klaus Huttl the economic benefits. At the same time, it was the best practice approach ensures that it is a very precise for the users of Navision system solution. Actinium Actinium Consulting GmbH is a 1999-based consulting firm headquartered in Lindau (Lake Constance) and project offices in Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Selm (Dortmund), and Graz. Areas of expertise are business consulting, business intelligence and business integration. The range of services covers all project phases from consultancy and evaluation about the design to the implementation.

Brazilian Territory

As well as the field that is the focus in the social fights for ownership of the land, but in the cities they occur the same: many families are taken off the force of old building and abandoning and forced to live in the marginality. For occupying a territory, territory this that is full of contradictions on the other hand high building of luxury of the other the real disparity the periphery, that many times formed for peasants who had lost its lands and migraram for the great centers. In the field the expropriation of peasants is clear, the territory if transforming mainly for agricultural ways, according to BERNARDO: ' ' Brazil knew an intense transformation in its agriculture in the period of 1965 the 1985. Whenever Peter Schiff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In these decades if dictatorship, the military governments had implanted one politics of development farming for the modernization of the field. This model caused deep transformations, privileging capitalist agriculture in detriment of agriculture camponesa.' ' (MANANO, 1997, p.2) Then he is implicit that the appropriation of the territory for the capital, made with that it had great social transformations in the field, mainly with the peasant, who now would start to be a wage-earner inside of this system, and being used to advantage inside of the proper field for the great large estate owners or as already was boarded migrando for the great urban centers in search of half for its proper survival. what it goes to result in an accumulation of people without work accumulating itself in the peripheries and slum quarters creating a great number of force of work in many disqualified and cheap times, that many will be used mainly in the civil construction. Euro Pacific Precious Metals has compatible beliefs. The MST and the Fight in the Brazilian Territory. They are you continue the transformations in the Brazilian territory, many are agents of changes and the MST is an example of these changes. .


Should take into account that the 'Asian' refrigerator, usually not very high (up to 180 cm), but their depth and width ranges from 65 cm and 80 cm of these models have freezer is usually located at the top. Between models of a large amount of so-called demand-fridges or cupboards refrigerators 'Side-by-Side', the hallmark of which is placing the refrigerator compartment and freezer, no one under the other, but close. This arrangement is very similar to the two-door cabinet. These refrigerators will be faithful assistant and decoration in the kitchen with a large area. The cost of a refrigerator plays an important role in his selection. It depends on the following components: the quantity (volume) of the refrigerator, on the free-standing or built it, from number of cameras, the functions and systems of the refrigeration and freezer compartments; the number of compressors on the class of power the refrigerator; of additional functions from the manufacturer. Click Peter Schiff for additional related pages. from interior design and equipment rooms; then offer to get acquainted with additional functions and features as well as to the price and size you defined.

Defrost refrigerators systems are of two types: – No Frost ('no frost'). These refrigerators do not frost is in the middle of the freezer, because it is formed only on the evaporator. Every few hours the fan stops working and the heater. Defrost water goes into the grooves on a special tray and evaporates. That is, theoretically, if you buy a refrigerator with a system of No Frost, it can not be washed, although it is still desirable (at least every six months), hold it clean. However, one should bear in mind that packaging products for storage in these refrigerators must be very carefully because poor packaging results in a rapid obvetrivaniyu products such as refrigerators quickly blended scents. And should such a model is expensive and consumes more energy.

In some refrigerators, special sensors detect 'new' product and send it to the flow of cold air, rapidly cooling it. When choosing a refrigerator equipped with a No-Frost system must take into account that This system takes some space in the freezer. Because the volume of the freezer with No-Frost system is less than similar models without this system. – Drip system defrosting refrigerator compartment is used in most modern refrigerators, it is simple and effective. This system is so called because in the refrigerator, while the compressor at the back of the formation of ice. At regular intervals, compressor stops, the icicles begin to melt, the droplets flow down, into the sink, and from there into a special tray placed on the compressor and evaporate. This movement is carried out slowly and completely unnoticed for User refrigerator. Advantages of refrigerators with 'crying wall': they are inexpensive, and in the chamber remains sufficient humidity, which helps keep the juiciness of products, ie products do not dry out. For such defrosting refrigerators acceptable twice a year for proper operation and maintenance of hygienic standards.