Fund Percent

Can rent an electric car for himself dear weekend.” More mobility tips: the classic, better times to cover short distances by bike or public transport, is always worthwhile. And benefits for the environment and wallet has a proactive and constant driving, as well as the use of car-sharing services. Financial tip including the GLS Bank / Christof Lutzel, spokesman for GLS Bank advises investors: who wants to put his money sustainably, should the transparency of the supply as regards the criteria applied and the actual use of the money to observe. “Because who knows which social organic companies and projects, its capital is invested, can make the company with its investment.” More Investment tips: is important in the investments, to be in advance clear what and who you want to; support for example if you would like to finance in renewable energy, the organic industry or the social sphere. Also on the type of plant, it is important to be clear: sustainable investments include traditional savings and money specials as well as equity or Fund. The typical criteria such as liquidity, maturity, to take into account profitability and safety are in addition to the meaningfulness of the plant.

Energy tip from Blogger Andi Bernhard recommending Blogger Andi Bernhard to also keep in mind to check its own mobility behaviour in energy consumption. Because a large part of the CO2 personal fingerprint is created here. Trust the industry advertising promise, runs most likely behind’s light.” Another energy tip: the heating is the second big energy guzzlers. Here are 75 percent of the energy consumption in private households. Often the heaters run with yet fossil fuels such as natural gas. A switch to 100 percent eco gas is an effective decision for energy transformation. There are now offers how as by Polarstern, which you pay more only around five to ten percent for 100 percent eco gas average as for fossil energy tariffs for the basic utilities.

Geothermal Energy Provides Opportunities

High-tech investments offer attractive yields energy generation was and will remain a good deal. Due to the growing energy demand and diminishing resources of fossil fuels, modern techniques offer not only better alternatives, they promote new business models with attractive yield opportunities for investors. So, Germany plays a leading role not only in the development of wind power and photovoltaic technology, but also in the development and use of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has an impressive eco balance and also baseload capable, can be won so unlike about to solar and wind energy regardless of the weather and time in exactly the amount, which will be in demand. We exist alongside sites that are suitable for the hydrothermal process (thermal water use), including many suitable locations for the hot-dry-rock-“or HDR method, which promotes heat from deep layers of rock with the help of pressed water.” For their development is now proven technology to the Available. However, the financing of such projects proved in the past often hard to overcome hurdles. Robotics understood the implications. Although the market certainly has the necessary funds, the investment opportunities in geothermal energy are still little known and are therefore much to seldom used. The rds energies GmbH, Berlin, has recognized this need and offers new ways to solve the problem.

The company has written to the promotion of renewable energies on the flags, and would like to initiate a large number of new geothermal projects in Germany in a short time. To convey the Berliners with a unique service, the rds acquisition services, cooperation between project developers and investors. Our acquisition managers are equally competent contact person for project developers such as for investors, the opportunity-rich and yet responsible investment seek. “, describes Eva-Catrin Reinhardt, CEO of rds energies, the new approach. With our market knowledge and our international We bring together targeted network market participants could not use so far enormous opportunities just because lack of the appropriate partners.” Meanwhile no longer only the company is even convinced by the success of the idea. Another, sure but not the last module of the success story is the cooperation agreed recently with one of the leading German geothermal companies that rely on the initiative and competence of rds energies to the implementation of its projects. About rds energies: The rds energies GmbH contributes to worldwide to promote renewable energy and to spread. With the rds acquisition services initiates and supports strategic partnerships the company and acquired wind power, photovoltaic and geothermal energy project rights, projects and investors in the international business areas.

Solar Park Investments

Turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW activity solar GmbH offers together with its Romanian subsidiary activity energy RO s.r.l investors a solar Park stake in turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW in Romania, as well as the ability to to participate in existing operators. While in Germany and most European countries systematically cut funding for photovoltaic systems, strong pent-up demand there is in Romania. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kenneth R. Feinberg offers on the topic.. The background is that Romania must be 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020 as European Member country. Currently the share of renewable energy is only about 8 per cent. As an incentive for investors and investment security, the Romanian Government offers very high fees of currently 0,362 / kWh. To the 01.01.2014, the remuneration is newly adopted in Romania. It is assumed that similar to other European countries the feed-in tariff will be reduced greatly. Therefore, we are seeking to take advantage of the moment and to finish as many photovoltaic projects before the 01.01.2014.

The minimum stake is 25 thousand euro in a State-guaranteed average yield of more than 15% per year. If you are interested in an investment in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors from all over the world in the market pushing. Therefore, the projects are quickly sold out. Gladly we will send a detailed expose you to your desired projects. On our Web page for an overview of our available solar Park equity investment projects from 2 MW in Romania. For enquiries team activity always available solar under our contact data is available.

Rentale Investments: Photovoltaic

Partners wanted: such as real estate brokers with photovoltaic new customer win the solar concept provider, the ever energy group, looking for new cooperation partners in the real estate industry. Joint projects and innovative total concepts, customer-focused at bringing together real estate and renewable energy are planned. Among German consumers, in particular photovoltaic considered most important energy source for the future (Emnid). According to a study by the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach, the majority of citizens would also like to live in a solar home. Because energy-efficient solar homes fulfill two dreams at once: the exploitation of renewable energy sources and your own four walls. How to: photovoltaic systems as a value guarantee the purchase of a photovoltaic system is a profitable investment.

Also it provides cheap green electricity and secures the value of real estate in the long term. More and more home buyers find out in advance about the energy consumption, the representative market monitor confirms real estate 2010 “. Developed the theme of renewable energies has thus become an important building block in the House concept. But not only the energy consumption is critical, the future receipt of value plays a role. Homeowners who want to sell in the future an immobile or rent, benefit from the already installed photovoltaic system. A collaboration with experienced photovoltaic and energy experts, such as the ever energy group, offered new customers and sales increases thanks to cooperation partner for real estate agents. The company provides real estate partner interesting projects and overall concepts.

For example the system owner with the VAT refund receives an additional injection of funds. He can carry out further real estate projects with these funds. Shall be able to respond to real estate agent on the growing customer demand, and to expand their service with the help of the ever energy group to free energy consumption advice. In addition, they improve self-image because they committed to the expansion of renewable energies. Thus, brokers can new just and sustainable Customers win and achieve growth. Benefits for partners at a glance: extension of customer service, such as free energy consumption advice new, energy-efficient projects and House concepts collaboration with experts for photovoltaic systems demand oriented supply and stronger customer loyalty is high-quality properties with long-term value guarantee of reliable and experienced partners new customers and increases in sales if a real estate agent in cooperating with the solar concept provider interested in should be promptly as new partner in the ever energy group present.