Heavy Equipment Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, Komatsu

For the past 80 years, Caterpillar Inc. (Caterpillar, Caterpillar) is developing a global infrastructure, and in collaboration with its global dealer network, is seeking a positive and sustainable results at all continents. Reaching in 2005 revenue by sales volume of $ 36.34 billion, Caterpillar is a leader in technology and the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. For even more details, read what Dennis Lockhart says on the issue. The company Caterpillar Inc. (Caterpillar, Caterpillar) specializes in manufacturing of machinery and power plants for construction, agricultural and other activities.

The range of products includes hundreds of pieces of equipment, which is a leader in their field: dump trucks, graders, loaders, excavators, pipe layers, energetichesike system – this is an incomplete list of products Caterpillar. Company Cummins Inc. (Cummins, Cummins) – the world's leading development and production of diesel engines. History The company started in early last century, the U.S., where in 1919 he founded the firm Cummins inc. Dynamic development and efficiency of economic activity have turned it into a recognized leader in the production of diesel engines from 31 to 3500 hp, and brought up in the first place to produce motors from 50 hp and above. Production activities of Cummins Inc.

(Cummins, Cummins) is concentrated in three main areas: diesel engines for trucks and buses, ships, railway transport, agriculture, road construction and other industrial machinery, diesel generator sets, Components for Engines: filters, turbochargers, exhaust systems, etc Company John Deere (Deere) is the world leader in agricultural equipment, the largest manufacturer of construction and forestry equipment, and commercial technology for the care of parks and green areas with an annual turnover of more than $ 20 billion. John Deere (John Deere) produces engines for heavy equipment and financial services and related activities supporting the specialized areas business. Seven units of John Deere (John Deere) ensures the success of the enterprise at the global level: the production of agricultural equipment, manufacture of equipment for construction and forestry production of commercial equipment for the parks and lawns lending spare parts Motors Corporation today John Deere (Deere) is included in the list of the 100 largest industrial companies, published by the magazine 'Fortune', products are sold worldwide. However, it continues to expand its presence. John Deere factories located in Europe, Asia, North and South America. John Deere sells its products in more than 130 countries. Company Komatsu Ltd (Komatsu Komatsu) was founded in 1921 Meitaro Takeyuchi. Initially the company was a construction workshop. At the moment, Komatsu – the world's leading manufacturer of construction equipment. The main type of activities, brought brand recognition, Komatsu, is the production of construction equipment, machinery for mining, industrial equipment, which by its classification Komatsu attributes and storage loaders, as well as electronics. In addition, the zone of interests of the company fall into construction, real estate and shipping. As part of Komatsu Group includes Komatsu Ltd (Komatsu, Komatsu) and another 187 companies. 145 consolidated subsidiaries, 42 companies comprising the Group under the equity method. Together with Komatsu Ltd. Holding there were 188 companies.

Effective Wiper

"Wiper" car in the autumn-winter season, removing the dirt from glass, salt and ice, most rapidly deteriorate. The quality of the blades in the spring is markedly reduced. What can be done in this case, not to change "Caretakers" every season? What primarily determines the efficiency of the wiper? Serviceability of the frame "caretaker" and "wearing" a rubber scraper to it. Here is the rubber part and the damaged first. Working gum edge "work" profile, it becomes a rounded edge, it loses elasticity and becomes deformed. Depreciation is not externally visible, but of the "wipers" are eloquent patterns on the glass.

Worn brushes even pure water is poorly removed. Quality cleaning glass deteriorates with an increase in the elements of frame brushes backlash, with decreasing angle of the blade against the glass. To assess the wear and tear "wipers," to determine the total gum condition and mobility of rockers. And yet – replacement or repair? 1. Acquire new "caretakers." This version is definitely more expensive.

Brushes should be replaced if they are frayed or gum lacerations working edge, if they turned on each end. There is no longer invent anything. 2. Refurbishing old ones, reducing the cost of about 3-7 times. "Wiper" should work. With a simple machine to five months dry brush and lose their elasticity – a this case it is better to be removed and stored separately. Frameworks "janitors" with metal rocker, you can recover, unlike plastic, which can not be restored. In the application of a hammer and a pair of pliers can be eliminate wear rubber latches and hinges. Repair Kit Replace the wiper just gum. The choice of such products on the car markets and in stores is great: – simple – black – with a Teflon coating – with yellow stripes – silicone – white or colored – made of rubber and graphite mixture – are distinguished by a slight smell of vanilla and a gray hue. "Universal" Rubber spare length of most items is from 61 to 71 cm, that is suitable for most vehicles. At the car you can buy gum just "in bulk" sales to cut straight to the bay and immediately set to "wipers." Can be purchased individually gum foreign producers – according to their width, which can be different. Guarantee Terms define a resource manual "wipers." To their rapid deterioration and damage to their work is "dry", damaged or heavily contaminated glass. Rights Act allows consumers to exchange the windshield for two weeks in the identification of these hidden manufacturing defect. But long-term guarantees nobody will give you – so that, in this case, the hope we need only to themselves, as in many other things, on careful handling and proper care. Buying parts for your car in our online store KoreShop, you get not only quality products, but also a guarantee.

Ten Tips For Choosing Autosignalisation

Installation Center 'Signalochka' recommendation. 1. Do not buy a cheap car alarm. Car alarm from a low-cost may not be functional and good quality. By installing a car alarm can faced with many challenges, for example: not long life car alarm, and then again have to spend to buy a new car alarm or car alarm will not fit you for functions, and more another, because of the cheap car alarms wait is not worth much.

2. Do not buy car alarm with a dubious title. Car alarms with dubious or little-known name, as well as the car alarm from a cheap series have low quality and do not work for long. 3. Before buying a car alarm is necessary to determine, with parking the car.

If the car is a low-cost group and will stand near the entrance at home, then come up and usual one-way car alarm (without pager). If the average price of a car or standing in a seashell or a garage near the house, then you need to install car alarm with pager, car alarm that would have been able to notify you if necessary. 4. What features should be in the car alarm. When buying a car alarm that would not pay for unnecessary functions you need and for the installation, you need to think what features you need at use of alarm systems. For example you may need auto engine, turbo timer, hands free. 5. Choosing a car alarm must be considered.

Volkswagen Polo

At Volkswagen Polo sedan a top speed of 187 km / h (1.6 Automatic) and 190km/chas (1.6 ILAC) has a maximum speed of Renault Logan 162km / h (1.4 ILAC) and further 175-180 km / h. The 1.6-liter engine has a maximum Fiat Albea speed 162 km / h (1.4 ILAC) Acceleration to 100 km / h at maximum take Solaris 4.13 seconds in the version with the 1.4-liter engine and automatic with manual transmission Hyundai accelerated for 1.12 seconds. Sedan with a 1.6-liter engine with manual gearbox required 10.2s, but with Automatic – 11.4 seconds. Renault Logan accelerates to 100 km / h in 13.0 seconds (manual transmission 1.4l) and for 11.5sek (1.6l, manual transmission) Volkswagen Polo hatchback. Acceleration to 100 km / h in 10.5sek (1.6 ILAC) and 12.1sek (1.6 Automatic) Fiat Albea.

Acceleration to 100 km / h in 13.5sek (1.4 ILAC) It turns out that the maximum speed of Hyundai Solaris, along with the sedan Polo ahead, accelerating to 190 km / hour. Competitors do not overcome 180 km / hour. And develop 100 km / h 1.6 l engine Solariss faster opponents. For efficiency comparison in favor of Hyundai Solaris 2 urban cycle with the most economical Solaris 1.4-liter engine and mechanics consumes 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. A vehicle with a 1.6-liter engine consumes 7.9 liters, and automatic transmission increases the engine performance at 0.9 and 0.7 liters respectively.

Out of town rates significantly below the 1.4-liter with Solaris mechanics requires 4.9 liters of fuel, with a gun – 5.2. These competitors include: 3 Volkswagen Polo Sedan Fuel consumption urban cycle – 8.7l (1.6 ILAC) and 9.8l (1.6 Automatic) Fuel consumption, extra-urban cycle – 5.1l (1.6 ILAC) and 5.4l (1.6 Automatic) Renault Logan Consumption fuels, urban cycle – 9.4l (1.4 manual transmission) and 10 liters (1.6, manual transmission) Fuel consumption, extra-urban cycle – 5.5l (1.4 manual transmission) and 5.9 (1.6, manual transmission) Fiat Albea Fuel consumption urban cycle – 8.9l (1.4 ILAC) Fuel consumption, country cycle – 5.0l (1.4 manual transmission turns out that 1.4 liters (7.6 liters spends 100 km) and 1.6 liters winner – Hyundai Solaris. K Besides, you can use the 92-th gasoline. Then compare the cross: Ground clearance for the lower price segment sedans – is an important indicator. Clearance Solaris reaches 160 mm. Ahead of his Volkswagen Polo sedan with its 170-millimeter clearance. And the Renault Logan in this figure is less than 5 mm (155 mm). Curb vehicle weight 1110 kg (more than a Volkswagen Polo, Renault Logan), the total mass of 1565 kg. Expected price of all interested persons may make some amendments to the dispute for a buyer. The advantage of Solaris at first sight evident. At the same time, if the price of Hyundai Solaris will not be too high, then the Koreans with the St. Petersburg residence permit will have all the chances in the first place in the car number of the Russian market.

Summer Soon! Choosing Summer Tires

Spring is around the corner, and then the summer. This means that soon our iron horses need summer tires. But how to choose the right, tell your auto consultant. Remember that quality, and most importantly the correct selection of summer tires – is the key to your safety on the road. Platitudes about the non-use summer and winter tire in off-season and now we have no sound.

We elaborated on the optimal condition for a car. An important aspect in the selection of tire selection will tread. After all, tread pattern and its strong influence on all parameters avtoreziny. Since asymmetrical rubber holds the road perfectly. And the deeper the tread, the better it will conduct a rubber on the road and covered with puddles in the rain. The markings on the side of the tire Aqua will tell you that you have to deal with e special stamps avtoreziny, designed to work in wet conditions. Tread, with picture of a V on the contrary, excellent work is over on dry surfaces.

When we get avtorezinu thing to remember about the recommended sizes. For each brand automakers recommend several sizes, from which is not recommended to deviate. Of course, you may not prevent someone to purchase and install the tire is not a suitable size, but we must remember that use of such tires will adversely affect future operating car. And most importantly, your speedometer will not show your actual speed. And from this follows the possibility of further problems with traffic police. Tires are also marked with special indices, indicating the maximum load on the wheel and the maximum permissible speed. Since the indices Q – says the speed of 160 km / h, and the index "80" – the maximum load of 450 kg. If after installing the rubber poorly balanced, or require a large number of goods, a guarantee you are dealing with marriage, which is better to return. But first, check the wheels separately without rubber. If they are perfectly balanced separately, be sure to return the tires to the seller. After a good summer Rubber – it's your safety on the road.