Motivation and Inspiration

They can not be marginalized, which would be a big mistake. Experts in motivation and achieve better utilization of human resources, point out that education adult continuing education is baseless that no doubt is more difficult, since as is shown, it is not updated studies, but filling the gaps and give a spurt to the ability of this staff to be able to cover the demands of new jobs. Companies of this should worry about the education of its staff, maintain a constant inventory of their needs, have the human resources department is pending as to provide personal information as required to comply with the achievement of its objectives, achieve true productivity, cohesion, participation in decision-making with an integrated organizational culture and authentic according to the latest developments in management techniques. Urge not to neglect the business relationship with professional training in universities, in order to exchange their needs, define the professional profile required, and provide the knowledge you need. Do not forget that the fact that the company have been the first to notice the deficit of its employees training in preparation for the demands of technological development and which often has been she who has funded and organized the plans, training programs, do not warrant that must necessarily be well, as this implies, with all its risks, assuming functions, at least in part relate to society in general.

Risks are often saddled with the entire cost of this training and use it for its exclusive purpose, manipulating the student employee, reason for which there are some discrepancies, especially in some unions, especially the Europeans, who are sympathetic, which the company monopolize this function, but questioned whether this task must be undertaken by the state, for example, in the case of Venezuela. Is the INCE or correspond to the unions bosses in collaboration with that. There is a risk, as that is marginalized, in our case, the medium and small enterprises, which has no capacity to address their training employees, and to stagnate in the real use of the potential of these skills. The company through its management must be mindful of what your current training program should be one true goal planning to coordinate the technological development of the company and the promotion of its staff, otherwise it falls into a d wasteful use of resources and motivation and lead to failure. Take into account, it is not easy to accept the changes the present time shows at all levels, however, a company with initiative and desire to stay should incorporate them into their routine activities disdaining any system. Consider what brings Paulo Freire when he says: the process of acculturation of adults, as an act of knowledge, through which the person is trained to look critically at the culture that has shaped and thus, after appropriate reflection, to act on it is extremely necessary, should not be overlooked. Definitely, lifelong learning is not an aspiration, not even a topic of discussion by sociologists and educators, is a reality that comes with technological development, especially here where it occurs, is something that must be considered and where companies should not be neglected in order to ensure operation, growth, profits, productivity and above all proper use of human capital we have.

The Purpose And Essence Of Accounting In The Construction Industry

The purpose and nature of accounting information in the construction industry are of interest not only to its owners and managers, but also to an extensive range of second users, who welcome the decision relatively relationships within the organization, following its contracts, certain standards and corrected. By a sort of users are conceivable investors, workers, creditors, customers, tax authorities, etc. housewifely work – this all work associated with the production, consumption and menoy tangible and intangible benefits. housewifely activities carried out with a target of obtaining came, an entrepreneurial work (in business). to provide users with information on the economic process is constant should keep records from the date of the registration procedure and prior to its removal. Topics of accounting in the construction of the main tasks of accounting in the construction is coming: software testing compliance with the obligations, the presence and pace of the property, the application of material and financial resources in correspondence with the approved standards and cost estimates; early warning of negative phenomena in financial and business flow, identification and mobilization of intra-reserves; runningaway full, sold information on business processes and systems of fetuses, the needs for operational control instructions, as well as for investors, suppliers, statistical and financial institutions. accounting principles in the construction of attitudes of accounting in the structure of accounting and financial reporting in the building proved to be the main views: care – access to accounting expertise assessment, which should take under-label obligations and expenses and overstating income and assets scores organization imperturbable osiyanie – financial statements must contain a coherent convergence of actual and allowable by management actions and events that can influence decisions, which speeds up on its basis; autonomy – any building have been holding a legal person is considered smooth, separated from its owners, and therefore a private good and the owners promise not to be recreated in the financial statements have been holding, the sequence – chronic (from age to age) of the Organization of the accounting policies selected. account the diplomats modification is only possible incidents within national R (C), BU, and should live reasonably disclosed in the financial statements; continuity – an estimate of assets and vows organization by the assumption of its dedication service will plod on, charging and epistles of income and expense – for the sake of determining Financial reporting time of the embryo must relate the income of the reporting time to the costs which have been executed for the purchase of data revenues. With this income and expenditure shown in the accounting and financial Reporting to the cause of their occurrence, independently from the date of receipt or payment of the strongest assets; dominance essence over form – the act recorded in accordance with their product, not just coming from the laws of the form; historical (actual) cost – there comes a priority rating organization’s assets, going from the cost of their production and acquisition, single money meter – measurement and synthesis of all the house-proud organization’s operations in its financial reporting is carried out in a single monetary cola;.

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

The candidate of the PSOE for the elections of 20-N has had a meeting with 53 university young people arrived from all Spain. He has been within the framework of the denominated initiative ' Dialogues with Rubalcaba'. " I do not know how much this one will last (crisis), but saldremos" , it has assured the Socialist. The candidate of the PSOE for the elections of 20-N, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has bet east Wednesday to improve the relations between university and company, and has proposed to study mechanisms destined to " forzar" a first contract for the lawyers, since it is easier to remain in the labor market when one is inside. The socialist candidate has formulated east commitment during a meeting with 53 university young people arrived from all Spain, within the framework from the denominated initiative Dialogues with Rubalcaba, dedicated in this occasion to the university and the use.

During one first intervention abierta to mass media, Rubalcaba has wanted to refute the theory that " any past time was mejor" and of which the next ones generations will live worse than their parents, and it has said to them to the young people who he does not think that he is thus going to be. " We live times difciles" , it has admitted, but it has guaranteed: " I do not know how much this one will last (crisis), but saldremos". Their proposals for the young people happen through " forzar" a first contract for university lawyers, since, according to its criterion, once they enter the work market have easier to remain in him. In addition, the objective has been marked of which in next the four years about 400,000 students can make practices in companies. Source of the news: The candidate Perez Rubalcaba proposes " forzar" a first contract for the lawyers

Modeling Excellence

NLP or neurolinguistic programming, is a powerful tool for change, that lets you just change what you want to modify it, to achieve the results of excellence that you are looking for. Modeling, i.e. the imitation of models is the essence of the PNL, i.e. the process by which human excellence can be reproduced. Thus NLP is not focused on why Yes, focuses on how we can stand out as quickly as possible using our mind and our body in the same way that a person’s success; in this way we can immediately increase the quality of our actions and of course, our results. Modeling is an accelerated learning, directly applying a series of strategies, actions, to your own personality, your own life, and can even improve what want to improve your model, enriching your own features.

If you want to achieve the results of success, that someone else is already getting (on one issue in particular that you) interested in), you must follow a procedure: 1 – choose the person model to follow.Someone who you respect, or admire, and that is actually getting the results you want to achieve. 2 Need to be near that person (if possible), to concentrate on the model (behavior and Physiology), what does (how organizes your thoughts are like your internal thinking strategies), and why does it (the beliefs of the model, what believes, in assumptions is supported). Not to be so, you will have to listen to it, see it in pictures, stories etc etc, try to investigate all aspects covering their beliefs, Physiology and mental strategies, although the latter would be difficult to distance, although aspects of their way of thinking based on their language, eye movement, way of breathing could be detected, etc. 3 – you must remove some items from the behavior of the modelto notice the differences.If for example you leave something outside, and there is not a substantial change in results, it means that it is not an essential element in this recipe for success, and you can therefore set aside.


Although it is always possible to restart another demo with a new sum of money account and continue operations. There are various websites that offer free demo accounts, which are very easy to prepare, just download the file and install it on your computer, fill out a form and create the account. Another effective element of using accounts demos is that investors may familiarize yourself with the terminology, codes and language used in the foreign exchange market, being already in a real account, it will be much simpler to carry out their operations. It is necessary to take four months of exercise in a demo account, before starting to make grinding in a real market, thus has more success probablidades… To prevent failures, remember that the experience is essential to and practice in addition you as borker will receive safe and confident resolutions take when making operations.

You should also take into account that at the time of opening an account real not all will be exactly that on the demo-account, for example aspects that can induce very different results is leverage or amount that logged demo account that won’t be indentica probably share that will open the real account, therefore also change your benefits. It must not start with an account real if you are a person who just is starting operations in the market Fx. remember always what is in jeopardy is capital cu and the end is that you generate benefits and learn how to be a successful investor.