Surrealistic Artists

Surrealist Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and others, use color as a means to realize its picturesque ‘Unreal images. ” With regard to tashistov, they were ‘wicked’ in terms of both color and shape. Development of the chemistry of paints, fashion and color pictures caused a general widespread interest in color, and color sense in many people significant thinning. However, contemporary interest in color is almost entirely visual material in nature and ignores the meaningful and spiritual experiences. This surface, the outer game of metaphysical forces. Color, they radiated power, energy, affect us positively or negatively, regardless because we realize it or not. Old masters who created the stained glass, used color to create the ethereal, mystical atmosphere, and meditation, praying, carrying them into the world of spiritual reality.

Color, indeed, must be experienced not only visually, but psychologically and symbolically. The nature of color can be studied from different perspectives. Physicists investigate energy electromagnetic waves or the essence of light particles that carry light, the color features of the phenomenon, in particular, the expansion of white at its prismatic dispersal, problems of hull color. They study a mixture of colored light, the spectra of different elements, frequency and length of different color waves. Measurement and classification of colors also belong to the field of physical research. Chemists study the molecular the constitution of non-ferrous materials or pigments, the problem of their strength and fading, solvents, binders and the manufacture of synthetic dyes. Currently, chemical paint covers an extremely broad industrial research and production.

Constitutional Court

However, formalized the complaint, in public or quasi offenses, whatever the position taken by the complainant, without prejudice to the continuation of the process and the timely delivery even in the sense of conviction if the prosecution has indicted and met the requirements of the adversarial principle, the legal ruling stands. (AP Barcelona, 07.21.2006 S 8th sec.) – The Report and the lack of evidence – the facts alleged must be proved by who file charges, relying all means admitted in law, provided they reach the procedure without violating fundamental rights in their production, must possess the characteristics of utility , lawfulness and appropriateness as defined by various rulings of the Constitutional Court. In the scope of this study covers about illicit typically occur without witnesses, increasing the difficulty of proof, especially psychological violence which has to be tested damage and causation. As we stated in the preceding paragraphs, is a journey begun relatively recently, including experience of scattered rules prior to the enactment of Law 1 / 2004. The insistent claims to the press about the falsity of the complaints filed by women with objectives other than those provided for by law, we are led to investigate the case primarily on the veracity of that information and we find the familiar winding path to reproduce real life events in a judicial procedure as accurately as possible. – Some casuistry – The Hearing acquits the guilty at first instance because the evidence against him was provided by a spouse or relative of the accused, without prior information of their right to remain silent.

Search Engine Optimization Package

He very beneficial for both owners of advertising platforms, and for the advertisers themselves for the banner to be placed on thematic resources. Thus, the advertiser receives a large number of hits (and in investigation and the growth of clicks) for the relatively high price. Contextual advertising Contextual advertising – this is a very effective method to deliver information to a targeted audience in short terms. Usually it is paid for clicks (Transitions), and not on impressions, the advertiser pays only for the visitors. Number of advertising spaces on the advertising platforms is very limited, and display ads will be those advertisers who have appointed a great price cpc. Therefore, in a competitive themes price per click is very high. A huge plus to your site, if he has some specific theme: in this case the visitors click on ads more often.

Context advertising in search engines to the brilliant idea is simple – along the search results for a given user request is issued even a few commercial advertisements (linked, of course, for this request). Advertising in mailings often many underestimate this kind of advertising, though, thanks tematichnosti mailings, it allows you to easily apply it to the target audience. By the way, relatively inexpensive and effective. Search Engine Optimization Package of measures to improve the site positions in search engines for given keywords. Differs from contextual advertising less expensive (although in the long run). Is not direct advertising, but it helps to attract targeted visitors (ie, solves one of the main objectives of advertising on the internet). Creature and other non-conventional (illegal) forms of online advertising – it’s all kinds of spam. It includes: mass mailing, spamming through icq, the mass posting of advertising messages to guestbooks, forums, search engine spam and so on. As you can see, there are many types of such online advertising, so we must assume that it will continue to developed very actively, perhaps there will be some other form of advertising or to change the laws of the market. Say that it will supersede the off-line advertising, of course, is not worth it, but the fact that it has become an effective tool move is fairly obvious.

Leading People

Thus, it is easier to blame the people’s leaders, who are the ones leading the way, leading the “great human vehicle and putting their conditions. A low self-concept, leads to the development not be sought, because it supposedly will be impossible to achieve. Is waived before achieving success, because she is not the first inento. No one thinks that the people that have emerged have done so without external assistance, often struggling against adversity and in situations of profound generalized seizures. There was never an external power that knowledge to bestow some people were more efficient than others, there was never a fairy with a magic wand to adjudge rich and poor nations. Despite this, in many cases, the abundance of natural resources, was a curse, for the idea that you no longer need work. Get the very success demands a certain amount of energy that requires an intellectual effort, learned within the home and the culture to which they belong, it will inherit from generation to generation and only long-term changes and the general belief it is necessary to change attitudes. These circumstances are cleverly exploited by popular figures in rude people (in the true sense of the word), which is very easy to convince because they are not informed, do not read, do not investigate, but repeat what the leader wants charismatic say.

And in a world where one can approximate, never get to the truth through research, how far it will be those who are guided only by oral tradition, as did our prehistoric ancestors. Thus, just two strategies can convince people with low self-esteem and underdeveloped: – Inventing an external enemy to blame for all ills, and to reaffirm the notion that it is impossible to create its own reality and – Distribute privileges to confirm the impossibility of getting them in their own merit. With this, the poor people dependent, will be eternally grateful to the leader, almost divine, which will give you everything he could get his own initiative. Well was that these people would realize, that without jam on the nose, are able to develop multiple skills are often better than others, and to awaken the intellectual independence, improve their living conditions and contribute to the balance between communities .


Right next to the Citadel, former stronghold in time of Charles I started building (despite the difficulties was the Duke of Segorbe Ampurias County). a day like today, we want to do forgotten part of our history and blood some of our ancestors left to run around here, then, such construction among other things he wanted to avoid that could be put back to scorn the people who made such a Barbarossa. In an attempt to preserve part of the walls and even taking advantage of these can be attractive because the Citadel is the bottomless pit where you have buried large public resources (including the Spanish state) rises, to the delight of a few three flags and a focus. The flag of the region, a market, the town and focus, act as hosts of this international event course, and it is no joke, they say that we’re going to spend 90,000 euros prize (about 15 million the old pesetas). While … the bottom … top of our mountains, follows the Observatory (our beautiful Eva n 4) that this year renewed facilities. They say that our mayor making travel both table tennis ball, has decided not to return to Madrid, although we assume that neither she understands it, in the last plenary session of the City of Roses has explained how it will mark the limit of the sea on the waters of a river that runs on urban land …

Therefore, from this Monday, just coinciding with the start of the event, 14 roseenses neurons have been made without revelers investigate the different methods that can be raised to mark boundaries in the same waters. It is planning to build a scientific research center to avoid a rest stop while neurons are not the solution. Although the remaining neurons (if they are) have forgotten to put the flag or replaced by a focus, if it gives them a clue and illuminates the neurons of the research center to find how it’s done on a boundary water. Total! What is a week of petanque, beach party?. Where are distributed to 90,000 euros have demonstrated the best ability in the shot of a small bullets (bocce ball) with their own hands, without using gunpowder or instrument (lethal) for the occasion.

Threat Modeling Methodology

In analyzing the problems of security software options one seeks attacks which can be used by an attacker to cause harm to users of the product, its owners or holders. Of all many variants of attacks in the first place should pay attention to those options that may cause significant damage. Each option attack can vary a lot of variety parameters: the cost of attack to the attacker, the attacker requisite qualifications required computing power, the degree of popularity (availability) of the investigated product, the degree of interest intruder in the success of the attack, etc. It is very difficult in general to offer an objective and comprehensive list of criteria in order to fully characterize each option attack in full. However, the quality of estimate depends essentially on the project budget to implement security measures, or product testing measures already implemented. In the event of a threat of attack will be underestimated, then the developers will not do no protection against this attack, which can lead to great damage to the owner of the software, its users or its owner. If the danger of attack will be re-evaluated, then this may lead to false need for enhanced measures, which means wasting additional time and human resources. In general, the attack is characterized by such a quantity as a risk.

The notion of risk in the article refers to – combination of the probability of the event (the attack on the software product) and its consequences 2. Ie in general, the risk of attack realization can be represented by the formula: R = C * P. Where R – the risk of attack realization. C – the damage from the attack. Damage can be measured in some quantitative terms, such as monetary units – Russian rubles, U.S. dollars, etc., and can be measured qualitatively, such as balls from 1 to 10, with 10 – the maximum value for the damage.

P – probability implementation of the attack. Probability can be measured, both quantitatively – a rational number from the interval 0, 1, and qualitatively, as in the case of damage. This definition of risk, shared the task of assessing the risk of attack (risk) into two independent subtasks: evaluation of possible damage and probability of attack. However, in practice, due to the fact that the values obtained are also difficult to assess – sought methods that have more detail formalize The notion of risk. Typically, these methods define a set of criteria that one way or another detail how the components of damage, and the components of the probability of an attack. An example of such a classification may serve as a classification dread, which is quite often seen in the literature, which discusses the threat modeling methodology of Microsoft (Microsoft Threat Modeling Methodology).

Psychologists Vertices Director

At this point, would apply Section 3.4.2 a Honestidad, precision , paragraph ii, the EFPA Meta tag, according to which the psychologist must recognize and discard hypotheses, evidence or alternative explanations. build on limited information, because it seems insufficient. Start by reviewing a deeper investigation of the case and make a clinical evaluation (physical and emotional level), which will allow us to know his physical condition as well as resources and coping strategies that has the lowest, interviews with family environment the student, their teachers, friends, s etc Also in the first instance, value the opportunity not to attend the institute for a few days to stop the actions against it, if eventually confirmed, given the seriousness of case. The analysis, in my choice to opt for option 3, is as follows: If you choose option 1 and not some ill-will suffer not only the student with an appropriate intervention is not necessary, but negative consequences may affect third parties who may be involved without having done any act punishable. Schools can also be affected by not having the necessary preventive measures to prevent bullying. If you choose option 2 and abuse do exist, not only will not be interrupted abuse, with corresponding worsening of the situation, but the student will be subject to an intervention that will not fit your problem, confusion and disorientation and may not begin a process tailored to your situation. As a good professional must address the responsibility for their actions – Article 6U COP, Article 10 and 3.3.1 of the EFTA, in the sense that the psychologist has the responsibility for not only the quality of their intervention, but the consequences of their actions, and can not act without thinking about the result.

It seems, therefore, that the most prudent and responsible is to choose option 3. Obviously, and as I said earlier, the first action is to inform the facts to his parents, and to inform the COP, its duty under Article 8U code of ethics. Thus, commencement of interviews, the student and parents or guardians must be knowledgeable, through a language accessible to all, the psychologist's obligation to communicate the case for their protection and the administrative and judicial proceedings can be derived . It should explain the steps followed in such situations, and how the relevant institutions have the resources necessary to act in such cases. At this point of intervention, we must take into account the rule of Truth and Consent, for before proceeding with the action, the patient, in this case the parents have the right always to give their consent to the intervention proposed by the psychologist.

Step 5. Review results at this stage is re-evaluate the process of solving problems. In this case, the solution was to perform an evaluation, and urgent priority, to a greater depth to provide us with more information to determine if there have been cases of abuse, understand that it is the least bad solution may cause the student, then we will ensure that therapeutic intervention is initiated is appropriate for the case and warrants, as I discussed above, among others, the Principle of Charity. Guide role of psychologists in the sexual abuse and other childhood abuse Vertices Psychologists a "Cabinet of Madrid: C / Caleruega, 88A Cabinet Las Rozas de Madrid: 106 Lazarejo Ave Telephone: 91 631 44 93-690 75 85 35 – Email: e All rights reserved Psychologists Vertices Director of Executive MBA Degree in Psychology Masters in Psychodrama Bilingual in English and French Age 39 years of collegiate Nu M-22 453

Santa Claus

It is Great if you have the opportunity to use household trifles with Christmas symbols. For example, towels in the bathroom and the kitchen, soap in the form character of the next year, kitchen pot holders with fur-trees and snowmen, air freshener with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine, linen If you think that this kind of technique works only for children, it is deeply wrong! Otherwise, why are decorated in Christmas style working offices and buildings of almost all organizations of the city executive committees before, sorry for the banality of public toilets? Required attributes of the New Year – bottle of champagne, sweets, candles and, of course, favorite childhood tangerines. Maybe someone will extend this list and add a chiming clock, New Year’s greetings of the President, continuous explosions of firecrackers and fireworks outside the window, well, some dishes a festive table, such as the indispensable salad and herring under a fur coat But it all already, so to speak, the public or national values. We argue about something personal and intimate. The situation created celebrations. What next? Need well thought out way of presenting a surprise. As an option – alongside Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and serve the donor’s favorite childhood image.

Believe me, even the most surly man at the sight of fabulous characters begins to play along with them. Almost 100% of cases in ordinary life do not show recklessness people set up on a chair, and will tell the New Year poem or sing the loudest “Born in the Woods Christmas tree ” if requested by Santa Claus himself, in exchange for a gift. Today, you can pre-order visit of Santa Claus with his granddaughter, and on their arrival to try to get into character who understands nothing and is very surprised by this development rights. The main thing that all of the surrounding believed in your confusion, and then the surprise will be, so to speak, doomed to success. In any case, we only gave an example of the manner in which you can present the gift in the New Year night. Due to various circumstances it may be that individually you are using a trick from childhood and put her a present under the tree to the morning of January 1, he was found Choose and fantasize! We have a lot of done. Choose a gift-syupriz for a loved one, have tried to realize his dream, originally packed gift, created a festive atmosphere of the place of New Year celebrations and originally presented that gathered to give. If you have invested in all these manipulations as many of their most tender feelings and good emotions, the correct result, one to which you desire, not long to wait! Finally we wish you our dear readers, fulfillment deepest desires in the coming year, diving into the ocean of love and care of your loved ones! Happy New Year!

Uzbek Cooking Tips

Serving Uzbek table, depending on the conditions in Uzbek cuisine, the tablecloth is covered by carpet, the couch, a low table or on the table. It is recommended to choose a tablecloth, the dishes put on it, well shaded and would be beautiful. Table serves utensils monotonous style and colors. For each guest put on one plate, and the right of that put a fork, knife (sharpened side of the blade toward the plate). Spoons and forks should be based on the concave side up. Castors with salt, pepper and vinegar and put closer to the middle of the table and napkins folded triangle or the cap, put on the snack tarelkiEsli paper napkins, then their need to invest in a glass and put it on an empty seat.

For a festive table different wines put on the table in uncorked bottles. Depending on the type of beverage in each unit and put a glass cup for drinks. In addition to hot dishes, beautifully arranged table on sweets, snacks, salads and fruits. This is precisely the originality of the Uzbek serving table, it gives an opportunity to rid the owner of unnecessary trouble and sit with the guests. Dishes must be placed on the table so that everyone, not rising from their seats, unable to get the desired him meat. Hot first courses (soups, mastavu) served in a special dish – the box office.

It should be noted that first put the dish in front of the most senior among the occupants. When a table, the guest must be approached from the right side. The second hot dishes (Kavurma, Uzbek pilaf ilikebab) is served in individual bowls or dishes, about every diner is left: to spoons, forks and plates. Everything else the meat removed. According to Uzbek tradition, feast begins and ends with tea drinking. Must submit and green and black tea. Tea pours mistress or any one of the guests, the youngest of age. Fresh fruits – pomegranates, lemons, melons, watermelons – served sliced If you are interested in the recipes of dishes of Uzbek cuisine, you can find them on the website


Recently, our compatriots to actively take the opportunity of the summer holidays in the United States. Exchange Programs Work and Travel Camp usa and have become extremely popular – when there will be a chance to see the U.S. and earn money? Many of those who visited the U.S., spread to this country and want to return again. For the young, active and ambitious man studying in the U.S. is the ideal option. But higher education is the U.S. costs a lot, so many students are set to receive a scholarship. There is a lot of information about scholarship programs in the U.S., but not all of it reliable.

The first thing to remember for those who want to get a scholarship in the U.S.: those willing enough to around the world. Almost every foreigner who plans to study in the U.S., wants more and receive funding from state or private funds. But as in any other country, American schools exist in the first turn to their citizens. Charities, private foundations have also provided assistance to citizens of their country first. Therefore, many Internet information resources are immediately warned: financial aid for Foreign students in the U.S.

is quite limited. Who may apply for scholarships in the U.S. Who can receive financial aid for education in the U.S Based on the experience of "seeker" can say this: we must prove that you worthy that your education in the U.S. paid. You need to have excellent grades, demonstrate outstanding ability or achievement, clearly represent the future after receiving education and, accordingly, know that you will give American a diploma.

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