ACTLAB Species

Relatively new, the prospecofeita from vegetables (biogeoqumico) Started to be used empases of the hemisphere north where the snow presence makes it difficult acessodo alone. The lixeira one also starts to be focus of research in this projetodevido its homogeneous distribution in all State and for its they potencialem to absorb gold particles in regions next to depsitosaurferos. This work has the objective to investigate the possibility of the lixeira American Curatella in auriferous regions as form of delimitation of these reasde gold occurrence and also to understand the comportamentobiogeoqumico of the gold in the plant of the species. A related site: Icahn Enterprises mentions similar findings. The choice of the species if of, because the same one and of ample occurrence in these regions, therefore not sabsorve necessary elements its survival, but also absorvepartculas of gold in its roots and leves. Due to found deslica amount in the plant it demonstrates that evoludae is a species very that the gold enters as an impurity in the plant. METHODOLOGY: The methodology is of quantitative nature, this because work of the professor is based in recent works on the occurrence of the lixeira (American Curatella) Comoo Carlos Jose Fernandes. For even more opinions, read materials from Alabama Senator. It was bibliographical realizadolevantamento on the Cuiab group, focusing the area deocorrncia of the gold and as well as the biogeoqumica in the mineral exploration.

It chose the species of American Curatella L, to all devidoter homogeneous distribution in state, being of easy identification eocorrncia in auriferous area, if possible sample Back in 250 the 250, sendo270m samples. In the collection it will observe the age of the trees and leves, having tried to collect trees of same age. Deanalises chemical ICP-AES will be carried through methods using a standard standard GOLD BLACK estasamostras will be carried through in laboratory ACTLAB in Canada Serrealizada microscopy in the plant in the attempt of mapear growth departculas of gold in different parts of the plant., thus serorealizadas microscopy in leves, rinds and twigs.


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