Among the advantages obtained with the various activities taking place in this activity are: improving the conduct and accountability, create work habits, and trained to handle students can sensibly a rabbit warren for meat because it not only works with special children and young people but also in agricultural school, where you can use other resources such as computer technology using specific software for the holding and thus preparing future technicians in a farm which is taking long boom in recent times by the increasing demand for rabbit meat for consumption as food has many other meat qualities do not. For the benefits I could get in terms of development and degree of maturity with special youth, I suggest the use of this medium to work with youth at risk and to achieve integration and reintegration of these people into society as useful, because the work culture that is achieved with the above event, serves to be applied in many other occupational projects. One of these new activities is to teach youth the proper use of mowers, for tasks of weeding, and thus likely to get a work out.Agricultural technology school in Santa Ana John Mantovani, Tucum n province, bought 8 female rabbits, of which 2 are of the race in California and New Zealander race 6, and two males, one of the breed New Zealander and one of the Californian race . For didactic exploitation – production at the school drew up the following tentative project: PROPOSED EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT “MEAT RABBITS FOR” SETTING: School Agrot cnica Juan Mantovani YEAR: 2009 AUTHOR OF THE PROJECT: Technician Assistant Pedro Patricio Pastoriza ACTORS INVOLVED IN PROJECT: Senior Leadership and Heads Sectoral Technical Assistant: Pedro Patricio Pastoriza, and field-workers of the establishment. In coordination with Teachers Family Farm. BACKGROUND: The present project aims to offer a viable alternative possibilities regarding work and family micro-enterprises and / or trademarks of learners.OBJECTIVES: Ensure that students acquire technical knowledge of the establishment to carry out a rabbit warren using the latest technological resources. Use of rabbit meat, through the direct sale of it, and by drawing up marinated (value added). Utilization of by-products such as manure for the preparation of Vermicompost (organic fertilizer from the Californian red worm), the feet for manufacturing and selling key rings or tanned skins of the same home for the manufacture of various objects for subsequent commercialization (value added). Make possible sales of breeding rabbit breeders in the area.CONTENTS: The rabbit as a generator of income and / or consumption – reproduction – pregnancy – fattening – food – health checks – personal hygiene – hygiene breeding shed and other facilities – races – slaughter – marketing – using products and their subsequent marketing . ACTIVITIES: Acquisition of plant and equipment. Acquiring good quality rabbit meat breeds Zealander and Californian. Management: Utilization of semi-intensive farming system (service at 10 or 12 days after delivery), production process: service, pregnancy, birth, weaning, feeding, screening processes for future replacement and / or sale of breeding, fattening , dressing.

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