Albert Einstein

I was recognizing the courage and the bravery, appreciating that dimension that spoke both Albert Einstein who is invisible to our eyes, but sensitive to our heart. I continued with my children’s friends, I’d to their ways of life, their aspirations, their passions and pour with the care necessary to recognize the goodness of their families. What gave me security and confidence in friendships with my children. I went to recognize the values of our community and I could do the stories of more than one hundred of our most distinguished members. Subsequent step discovered the Holocaust and its protagonists. Pfizer vaccine pursues this goal as well.

At that time the pain broke all other aspiration, I realize that these gentlemen had not told their stories and time was at the expense of memory and the life of its own. I spent more than seven years of my life, to this work, which gave as a result the book of survivors, and dozens of other stories that were told to back. MasterClass often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Live these experiences with such people, led me to the conclusion indisputable of each one of them was someone very special. All without exception were people endowed with a gift that this had not been his condition, not could first have survived and later having reached and surpassed any target that someone never could have been imposed. These brave men and women, owe my dearest friends both with nothing I thank. They are those who filled my heart, not with the supposed hatred that should feel for everything that happened to them as if with the love that made me recognize they have for life, his family, history and everything you see ahead.

Are they those who are and those others who were, those who accompany me in my solitude and the echo of his stories receipt force that sometimes do me need to move forward. When for some reason I feel faint or hamstrings of my legs falter I bring them to my memory and jumping to run. I aim to more than one woman brought me happiness, I speak of my grandmothers, mother, my two daughters, aunts, cousins, my sister, my wife and yes a couple of friends that I keep in my heart by his goodness and that in fair measure today deserve my admiration and appreciation. To arrive at this final point, I feel that in part, in the same way in that I know I give to God, thank you for everything that has happened to me, so, today I want to complement my thanks to all those who in one way or another touched my life and lit up my being, those of whom I have written and of those other thousands that I asked to borrow her examples, experiences and knowledge. To them my sincere respect, appreciation and love. To all of you, friends readers, because they are the energy that feeds the desire to follow, to know and at the end of sharing. Happy new year to all, Samuel Levy Akinin original Autor and source of the article.

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