Alberto Patio

Or the executive of sales of a travel agency left waiting for it " like gafo" 15 minutes, without giving excuses nor saying good morning at least. In short, histories of I mistreat in this city exceed. For that reason the common citizen wonders itself what happens with what it calls " culture of attention to cliente". It really exists or only it is a strategy of trade of the companies? According to Marianella Dugarte, specialist in recruitment and selection of personnel, the deficiencies in the quality of service is a cultural problem, that in the last years has been accentuated by the described lack of personnel. " People are customary to treat that it bad and for that reason usually behaves thus.

For those departments is something cultural, one looks for that the candidate has a minimum level of instruction and verbal abilities, but the market has become very restricted as a result of the flight of talent. It has caused that often we must lower the levels of exigencies and recruit people who do not fill expectativas". Nevertheless, Alberto Patio, expert in communications, assure that it is not a culture problem. In his opinion, the Venezuelan has the perfect qualities to take care of the clients well, by his capacity to communicate, its flexibility and its charisma. The subject is that few are dedicated to train it.

" Everybody says that the attention to the client is important, but is no school that gives instruction exceeds it. Not even a matter. Of there, that the personnel must learn by test and error: taking care of and doing damage to him to client. The question is that those damages not disculpan". One is due to know or clearly, that to take care of or the client is not to take care of in the simple sense of the word, but to influence positively gente".


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