From the selection to maintaining high-quality hardwood floors for centuries we put wood in our houses, apartments and public buildings on the living material. More and more people appreciate the comfort, timeless elegance and solidity of wood flooring. There are constantly new ideas, new applications, new trends. But many questions are faced with the decision. What type of wood do I choose for what purpose, how it to maintenance and conservation of the natural products. To give answer to all these questions, the company called joerke wood & solid wood flooring the BodenBlog in life. Here decisions are given and questions on topics like: parquet flooring or plank sanding wooden floors and underfloor heating or new lay wood in outdoor exotic types of wood from sustainable forestry questions around the topic of care and preservation of wood flooring company joerke wood & hardwood floors delivers nationwide solid wood flooring/Plank Flooring, solid wood parquet, decking and stairs made of natural wood. The range includes 80 Types of wood of A Maple to Z like Plum in different qualities. Christian Stadali

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