Bradesco Capitalizaton

The Bradesco Capitalizaton locked up 2 trimester of 2010 in position of prominence in the capitalizaton market, result of one politics of transparent performance, characterized for adjusting its products in accordance with the potential demand of consumers. To better offer to the heading that if adapta to the profile and the budget of the customers, diverse products had been developed that vary the mode of payment in accordance with (only or monthly), stated period of contribution, regularity of the drawings and value of the awardings. This phase was marked, mainly, for the biggest approach with the public, by means of the consolidation of the family of the products ' ' Hot foot Bradesco' '. Amongst them we can detach the performance of the socioambientais products, where a part of the collected value is directed the projects of social responsibility, beyond making possible to the customer the formation of a financial reserve. Currently the Bradesco Capitalizaton possesss partnership with the following institutions of socioambiental character: Foundation ALONE Atlantic Bush, that contributes for the development of reforestation projects; Institute Ayrton Senna, whose great differential is the destination of a percentage of the value collected with the headings for social projects; Brazilian institute of Control of the Cancer, that contributes with the development of the prevention projects, precocious diagnosis and treatment of the cancer in Brazil; finally, Sustainable the Amazon Foundation, where part of the collected value is destined to the development of programs and projects of ambient conservation and sustainable development. Check out Mikhail Khovanov for additional information. 2,3 OPERATIONS We organize our operations in two main areas: banking services and services of insurances, administration of plans of complementary providence and headings of capitalizaton. 2,4 PARTICIPATION IN the MARKET the balance of Contas de Poupana of the Bradesco Organization, in 2 trimester of 2010, added R$ 48,2 billion, with 22,3% growth on the balance in the same period of the previous year, representing 17.8% of participation in the market of the SBPE? Brazilian system of Saving Loans. . .


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