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It must be borne in mind that there is confidential commercial information to which access is restricted. The degree of risk associated with trust management company, can not be objectively assessed … In particular, it is very difficult to evaluate the possible lifetime of the 'young' firms in this market, therefore, we can estimate only the degree of risk associated with our own activities in the business with MLM-company. Network marketing business has a very large information content – recruitment and training. Therefore, development of digital technologies and the Internet, we have the opportunity to build a business is elegant, efficient, creative and big. The author of this concept – Dmitry Smakotin, called her 'Network Marketing 2.0' or 'business with the mind'. Concept CM 2.0 proposes to change the very nature of networkers: to spend some time on the creation of several Internet tools (thematic newsletter, blog, website, recruitment, course), who will assume (Due to the possibility of automation), most of the necessary but monotonous work.

Free time can be used to address the most important and promising tasks: the creation and promotion of its Personal brand to establish and develop trusting relationships with their target audience of training partners, self-learning and personal growth when it is itself the Internet in this concept is secondary. Just at this instant online environment – this is the most fertile ground for finding and informing potential partners and customers – Internet combined the almost all previously created media and communications. He gave tremendous opportunities for communication without distance and borders with any number of interlocutors. Internet continues to evolve and 'capture' all the new spheres of life and business. There are new more efficient and convenient tools that use the most successful networkers – they're more likely to have vebinary, create videos and podcasts, use social networks. It's a different style of business for which the concept of 'plowing' gains entirely different meaning. More on the topic: How to calculate income on NPA Calculator Amway test for not looking for 'magic' button

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