Camp Ashraf Proposal

Peaceful and lasting solution for camp Ashraf: proposal of the delegation sent by the European Parliament after the Iraq the following draft was presented by Struan Stevenson MEP, Voritzender of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Iraq on May 11, 2011 on the Strasbourg plenary session: introductory Parliament on April 24, 2009 and on November 25, 2010, per a resolution on camp Ashraf took. Is recognised the rights of the residents of Ashraf in accordance with international conventions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention. Also (paragraph 7) and the other by 4 September 2008 were one of 12 July 2007 in two resolutions (paragraph K and 9), reaffirmed the rights of the residents of Ashraf and the need for a peaceful and lasting solution. These four resolutions were sent to the competent authorities in the Iraq, the United States and the United Nations after its approval in the European Parliament. To know more about this subject visit Erin Montella. In the spirit of these resolutions was the subject of Ashraf on the agenda of the visit of the official The European Parliament delegation to the Iraq used, which lasted from 26 to 29 April. The Iraqi Government refused permission to visit Ashraf of the delegation. Asked ultimatum to leave the camp until the end of 2011, would the residents of Ashraf, if not to the Declaration of good intentions and to those of the EU, the United States and the United Nations would complement guarantees granted good conditions, not only a lasting, peaceful solution of the crisis make it impossible, but also another massacre pave the way. Precondition for any negotiations before start of negotiations to find a lasting solution must meet following conditions: removal of Iraqi troops from Ashraf and environment; Abolition of the blocking by Ashraf (including the access prohibition for parliamentarians, lawyers, journalists and relatives of residents); immediate free access of the inhabitants, especially the wounded, to medical care in public hospitals and private clinics on their own costs; an investigation of the incident on 8 April 2011, as were 35 people killed and hundreds wounded, that investigation is carried out by independent lawyers; Return of all property which was confiscated on April 8, to the residents of Ashraf.

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