Commercial Engineering Commercial

Commercial Engineering Commercial Engineering applies the knowledge of basic mathematics, calculus, statistics, quantitative methods, operations research, economics, administration, finance and marketing for the solution of social and organizational problems, thus becomes a discipline with a great scope and comprehensive for the vast amount of knowledge engineer acquires Commercial Engineering’s career although he was born in Chile, was spreading throughout Latin America, there universities that offer career, in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina). “The Business Administrator is a professional in the area of economics and social skills in bringing together Strategic Management and Operational Management with emphasis in Marketing and Business, applying quantitative methods for their work.In Strategic Management, for leading the company into the long term, developing an understanding of macro and microentono of an organization, is an agent of change and a creator by nature of competitive advantage, developing corporate strategies, business and functional. Operational Management, which is supported by the economy, administration, psychology, human resources, financial, qualitative and quantitative methods of measurement. Marketing is an expert in strategic and operational, that market-based work, and to use marketing tools.It’s a Business Manager, because it brings together the skills needed to create new enterprises based on the implementation of business plans based on market opportunities and innovation. ” SC CIC-administered areas of the company you should be a Commercial Engineer: CEO , Directory, General Manager Human Resources, Finance, Marketing: Management Control O Controller, Marketing Research, Production, in relation to cooperate with the design, value added and after sales service, advisory or consulting. Ingenier a Comercial could call the race the future, for countries that are at the stage of underdevelopment, as through the sales engineers is that they can not only create new enterprises but also to undertake the existing ones.It’s a race widespread in Latin America, where there are major media figures who have been trained under this title, filling positions such as Minister of Finance, Finance or Central Bank President (Chile). Usually the race is pivot to the PhD in Economics. At University of Chile, there are two entries, the Economy and Administration who have their internal subdivisions.

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