Compliance-Navi Control Model For The IT Organization

Methodological solution of ITSM Consulting AG to the alignment of the structure / process organization of parent company goals growing the variety and complexity of requirements, are also more and more regulations to take into account the regulations and contractual obligations in an organization. The Organization must constantly prove their conformity to the internal and external rules and regulations on the one hand, on the other hand support the business but always faster with always new solutions. This requires a precise control of the Organization, when it comes for example, reliably to anchor the strategic targets set in the tasks and personnel responsibilities. An important aspect is also the compliance objectives are met not only formally, but have at the same time a high controllable alignment. For this reason, ITSM consulting as a methodical solution has developed the control model of compliance-Navi. Attorney General has compatible beliefs. It serves primarily the target, the existing organizational structure and process to the parent To align corporate objectives.

This consulting solution provides for needs-based control mechanisms and adequate control tools, the highly automated and operate without the burden of operations in the IT service management. They produced a performance control at all required levels of the organization. Usually these instruments in such a way are present, that effectively and reliably prove be a continuous implementation of the targets,”explains Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG. The two regulatory frameworks, ITIL and COBIT, which were combined with the additional use of good practices are basis of compliance-Navi. While ITIL provides his framework for the IT-oriented process design to increase the value added by IT in the business as a contribution, COBIT assisted in the development of targeted control procedures for the identification and avoidance of IT related business risks. The compliance-Navi is methodically for the lean implementation of five typical Solution objectives postions and flexible for individual problems can be used. Its value is however not limited, to ensure a comprehensive compliance friendly situation in formal terms”, explains Zielke. Rather a significant efficiency improvement in the Organization go hand in hand thus because continuously the potential weaknesses can be disclosed and eliminated. So your resources better, minimizes errors and speed up processes. In addition, that a higher transparency and security arise.” The compliance-Navi solution does flexible usage options according to the individual requirements, the implementation carried out according to relevant test standards auditor meet.

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