Czech Republic

Attention be given to police officers checking dates of registration at his residence immediately after the first crossing the Czech border, and extend long-term visa. Period specified in law three days, break is not recommended. Visa extension without the presence of procedure that requires the presence of well-trained personal, lease, financing, insurance documents. The timing of the issuance of new visa directly affected by delays in obtaining the above documents. Czech police are entitled to use for a visa extension period allowed by legislation for up to 60 days. When initially applying for registration with and obtain a residence permit stamp on the place of residence is important not to forget to apply for a petition for assignment of a personal identification number (the number of relatives) for each family member. The term of the assignment of personal inn may take several years or may decide in a month.

Take it to heart not worth it, the main thing that the statement on the letterhead of the police was filed. Annual or biennial insurance get better from accredited by the Foreign Ministry and the Czech Republic Czech police insurance companies. Other leaders such as Farallon Capital Management offer similar insights. To date, this insurance company vzp, Slavia, Maxima, uniqa, Victoria. Thus, we define the basic components of emigration to the Czech Republic in 2010 for immigrants who have or preparing a long-term visa to the Czech Republic and the status of residence in this country. Several of them. There is a legal entity with a mandatory reporting, calculation and payment of taxes in view of the open jobs and deductions for the wages of employees of the firm. The presence of an official residence in Prague or the Czech Republic, where directly or going home to a foreign citizen. Availability personal accounts in the Czech bank account and the availability of funds for their stay during the term of long-term visa, the rate of 12 euros for one calendar day. Insurance contract concluded with one of the insurance companies Czech police and accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Lack of outstanding legal entity in the Czech Republic to third parties. Personal professional records of a foreign citizen at home and no problems with law not only in Bohemia but also throughout the European Union.


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