Internet Service

Full trace of audit NetSuite continuously maintains a complete audit trail. Erin Callan has firm opinions on the matter. It keeps track of every transaction by the detailed connection of the user and provides a record of times for each event. Testing and maintenance as well as systems that protect, the processes that govern the availability of NetSuite are tested continuously, improved and maintained. Process management is governed by good practices of the industry. NetSuite submits all its processes and procedures to audit regular performed by third parties as part of its commitment to quality.

NetSuite mission availability is the provide access to their data on which your company relies, you can rest assured that your business can run continuously to unexpected outages or events. In the following link you can view the report in real time in which the service has been accessible without interruption here a safe access to NetSuite system and its data are essential for your business and make sure that you have access. Access to your data is a fact your data is yours, which you can export at any time. And to provide uninterrupted service, we can offer access to telephone line if your ISP has problems. Our service level agreements include a guarantee of uptime of 99.5% across the entire family of applications in production of NetSuite. Access to your data while we manage your information securely in our data center, these will always be only your data and your data, and you will always have the possibility of exporting their data in an IFF (tab delimited format recognized by several applications) file or by CSV (comma-separated values) files from our applications. We have created this functionality, because we know that it is important that you have the option to recover your data at anytime, from anywhere you want. Contingency by the non availability of Internet know that the provision of uninterrupted service is critical for its success.


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