Investment Portfolio Through Participation

Contribution of the target investment already achieved; Fund investment promises profits Wurzburg, 27.09.2011. The management sets new characters of luximo Holding AG, under whose roof is the merger of several fund companies. So, luximo holding founder & Chairman Slobodan Cvetkovic has realigned a portion of the Fund’s investment strategies and specializes in particular, to assist companies in growth phases. We also not too bad are we to consider even minor participation where the institutional VC funds refrain, although some raisin including takes place”, said Cvetkovic. So happen at the Salzburg-based ATPL NG training GmbH, a flying school for pilot, is an investment company under the umbrella of the luximo holding through a re investments recently has involved in the.

The level of participation have disclosed the management and ATPL NG. Rights within the framework of the participation were given, but not dominant. It also doesn’t matter”, Cvetkovic says. Rather it is important that the company would be placed after careful assessment and comprehensive due diligence for an investment. For this purpose, there would be a number of reasons: a the supply of qualified flight schools would be manageable, a need but available. On the other hand the 2010 founded company already generates a positive contribution.

Do you mean: each new student brings real profit the company and therefore the capital provided is used first for marketing and sales activities, so to attract new students. You can fulfill relatively quickly and at a lower cost the dream of flying ATPL NG, than is otherwise possible in the competitive environment. So the training lasts just one year, the costs amounted to 59,500 euros. Is learned and trained with experienced pilots and instructors. There are all necessary licences for this purpose. Me also the entrepreneurial orientation of society like”, said Cvetkovic. So the shareholders of ATPL NG not only have all the necessary costs for the infrastructure and the training center they are covered, directly in the operational area included the pilot school. The shareholders could be that the Fund receives continuous distributions and the exit can be, for example, through the redemption of shares agreed with therefore.

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