Marriage and Life

Insignias of Henri II of France (left one in French Henry H) and Catherine de Medicis in a chimney of Chenonceau Castle.
He married in 1533 to Catherine de Medicis with whom he had ten children, while maintaining a love affair with Diane de Poitiers who became official in 1536. Diane de Poitiers had a significant influence on the king and, though in another order, I was also influenced by the Condestable Anne de Montmorency, as well as his nephews (Gaspar de Coligny, and Andelot Francois d’Odet Cardinal de Chatillon) which received the full confidence of Henry II.
Business rescue of Bologna with the British in 1550. Through the Treaty of Chambord in 1552 secured the alliance of France with the Protestant princes of Germany against Charles V and was authorized to Metz, Toul and Verdun.
In 1552 the three occupied bishop belonging to the Holy Roman Empire whose annexation to France was not recognized until 1648 when it signed the Peace of Westphalia.
In 1558 the Duke of Guise and the French navy recover Calais, last English possession of the French territory.

Indiana’s News Center
British Prince Harry on Saturday capped his first trip to New York with a celebrity polo match played before a crowd of stars and adore ordinary folk.
New Delhi
London, June 7: Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer has suggested British Prime Minister Gordon Brown resign from leadership in an attempt to reunite the Labor Party.
BigPond News
British Prince Harry has toured the Ground Zero site and shook New Yorkers’ hands in his first official visit to the U.S..
WCBS 880 New York
Prince Harry has toured a Harlem children’s organization in Manhattan on the second day of his official visit to New York City.

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