Martin Luther King

Knowing the life of large politicians integral as Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, ICT Nhat Hanh, among others, greatly enriched my vision of the struggle that make some great spirits that inhabit our world and from his humble human Constitution achieve major changes in entire Nations. They are a vivid example of what is possible with the strength of its light emitted by a higher consciousness, conscience that everyone can achieve through the practice of wisdom, living more in the spirit as with the mind and the body. The integral politician suffers from ignorance that exists in large part of the inhabitants of a nation and by the selfishness of a few full of power and economic resources and in our society is manifested by violence and inequality in the levels of living of the population. The integral political performs works and actions that counter the beings that emit only darkness and sadness by lack of love and compassion. Learn more about this with Nicholas Carr. And linking the work previously described with mastery, I realize that even When I have embarked it on this action as own-initiative for several years, actually was making it as an act of compassion for a sector which suffers from the neglect of the Government, however, mastery has me located in the context in which this can be developed, to carry out this work if only, it would be an adventure of enormous efforts and probably of low performancenow I think that it is necessary to involve different government institutions, civil associations and private initiative to implement larger projects that benefit the population in the field and that the time be a motor of sustainable social development.

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