Museum Buildings In The Upper Palatinate – Lothar Fischer Museum And Maybachmuseum

Modern architectural solutions for form and function, those looking for more architectural features in Eastern Bavaria, finds more ways than one would think. The city of Neumarkt i.d.OPf. makes two Museum buildings themselves talk. More information is housed here: Nicholas Carr. “The Museum of Lothar Fischer, created 2002/2003 and the Foundation by Lothar Fischer, one of the most important German sculptor of the postwar period, and co-founder of the artist group track”, houses. The Maybachmuseum is added this year. In the former factory of the express works were carefully preserved historical traces, the old space structures peeled out and complemented with modern elements. One can imagine that in addition to the old express bikes especially the 20 Maybach vehicles in this historical industrial heritage testimony twice shine.

The architects Berschneider and Berschneider has exercise here, coupled with the passion of the owners, feeling for the building. The glass factory Thomas in Amberg dating back to the late 1960s. Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus and thus the co-founder of modern architecture, this unusual facade created for the company Rosenthal, committed to always special plant architecture. Because the site has a special top photography, the hut in a sink was constructed, while the roof had to serve as facade elements. “Gropius described his plans for the glass works like: I put a ship in a Green Lake”.

What is straight forward in the Bauhaus style, is round when hundreds water. Just finished the beer Tower of Brewery Kuchlbauer in Abensberg, has become a very special architectural jewel of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Brewery Director Leonhard Sallek the worship of the beer is passed in April of his destiny and thus a widely visible sign of his philosophically distinct life’s work. Who has the opportunity to attend a seminar in the culture and meeting St. Joseph of Cisterzienserinnen monastery in Waldsassen, should perceive this. The exterior reflects the monastic rhythm as against, such as the existing facade of the monastery. “Leon Battista Alberti 1452 coined the sentence: architecture is harmony and unison of all parts, which can be reached so that nothing could be taken away, added to or modified, without destroying the whole.” As such it is worth always good to think over a building, so that the facade and the interior structure as the harmony of music together. Get free brochures and info Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, free Info Hotline 0800 / 1212111, fax 0941 / 58539-39,, in the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association e.V., Bavarian

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