Order Flow Analysis

90% of the people who play their money in stock market doing it as a hobby or liking to fill up its hours dead ends up losing, these fans are those that nourish and make gain great amounts of money to the other 10% of trader that they dedicate themselves professionally to it. Professional trader they count on two clear advantages on the rest of investors, the tools of analysis and their experience in the operation of the markets due to the great amount of hours spent to his study, two things that the investing novice does not have nor knows. The Market Profile is a tool of analysis of markets that far beyond gives to a information the rest you on the possible behavior of the prices, its zone of action, its development and its zones of change of tendency. Very to little it dominates it people it interprets and it suitably. The definitive tool and that it completes to the previous one is the Order Flow, to include/understand it and to analyze allows to reduce it to you the lost ones and to optimize the entrances, being caused that your gains are constant. The problem of all this, is that the people who really dominate and know these two tools analyses, do not teach them because they spend his time to use them and to make much money. I have had the luck to know an expert of his life in a while in which she uses the courses to reinforce his knowledge of the market. The author of this article has begun his race like trader professional under the supervision and direction of the expert in Market Profile, Order Flow and analysis of markets Jon Sopelana

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