The Dragons DandD appear to have arisen from a common ancestor long ago, but today both sides, only the color and metal-working together to face a common enemy of great power. They live in caves, changing its location as detailed below.
Just as the dinosaurs possibly-real world where, as in the real reptiles and birds, perhaps the authors have relied for some of their characteristics, are warm-blooded creatures of strength and power in line with its large size. His defensive skills are not left behind and know how to include instilling fear in their enemies when they have to fight by exploiting their size and appearance (frightful presence), immunity (but occasionally vulnerability) to certain types of energy, a very tough and hard scales to penetrate much more than a plate armor, the ability to ignore the damage they receive, except from the magic, is highly resistant to spells, and great skill with magic. They can fly, despite its size in this work are excellent, although a relatively poor maneuverability.
Also typical of the senses as vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch-all but the latter much better than humans, have a “blind end” that allows them to detect things invisible or submerged in complete darkness (probably inspired The scene in the Hobbit, which knows where Smaug Bilbo Bolson despite wearing the One Ring and is invisible).
While the elderly have a length of up to 40 meters and a wing span of up to 100 meters, weighing nearly 600 tons (in the red dragon, silver, and gold), the young are much smaller and usually have a size and weight as much similar to those of a human being.
The dragons are born from eggs and their development through many phases, and all the creature grows and their ability to increase torque, especially in youth development is slowing down now. The development stages are: breeding (fresh eggs), very young, young, young adult, adult, mature adult, old, very old, venerable, Sierpe and great Sierpe. This statement covers the years 1200 and is the peak of its development. From there, stop growing and start to decline physically (Crepusculo) to death, though some try to escape this fate, for example becoming living dead.

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