Protein Helps Burn More Fat

Many previous studies suggested that diets rich in protein are good for weight loss, but left no clear reason. The greater satiating capacity of protein compared with carbohydrate, appeared to be on the basis of these results. Scientists at the University of Wollongong (New South Wales, Australia) conducted a study, published in Nutrition & Dietetics, pointing in another direction, although more than oppose the above argument, could join him. They analyzed the metabolism of obese people and compared these with those of normal weight. The first conclusion we reached is that the obese are more difficult to metabolize or burn their fat. The second, that this difficulty is reduced if eating a diet rich in protein. Conducted the study for three days in 18 adults age around 40 years.

Of these, four were obese, overweight, and 6 8 were of normal weight. When taking foods rich in carbohydrates and low in protein (14%), found that obese and overweight were more difficult to burn your fats. However, when the amount of protein increased to 30%, it is different when it comes to burning fat decreased significantly. These results, which appear (and indeed are) encouraging, must nevertheless be qualified on several important issues. First, it can not be concluded that protein thin, that, according to Marijke Batterham, one of the researchers, left for later study.

What seems certain is that by reducing body fat, there would be a healthier body composition. On the other hand, one must be cautious about setting a very high protein diet, as this could mean certain health risks are well known: among others, kidney problems and, in general, those resulting from a higher intake saturated fat. Precisely because of the risk of increasing saturated fats would be a diet rich in proteins, the scientists who conducted the study proposed fat dairy foods such as lean meat and eggs. They are also investigating whether this beneficial effect of burning more fat also occurs in the event that the source is vegetable protein such as beans and nuts. For all the foregoing, it is advisable to exercise caution, take a varied (albeit with plenty of protein that contain saturated fats such as fish or chicken), do some exercise and, above all, do all this under medical supervision. ADELGAZAR.NET Portal dedicated to the fight against excess weight.

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