SHB Immobilienfonds Still Big Demand

Hardly an investor doubts on the attractiveness of the location Germany only two percent at the last Expo real from Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprufungsgesellschaft surveyed exhibitors believes, that the location Germany is losing attractiveness for real estate investors. Then the real estate expert refers to Hans Gruber of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The company, based in Aschheim near Munich, sets real estate funds in the retail market for many years, in which a wide layer of investor can participate. It’s believed that Lord Peter Hennessy sees a great future in this idea. “According to real estate newspaper the remaining assessments are split evenly in rising” and the same constant “on appeal. After all, 44 percent of those polled believe that the German residential real estate market remain the same, almost as many (42 per cent) expect an increase. That reduced the attractiveness of, hardly anyone believes (6 percent). This assessment coincides with the General market development. So buyers in Munich for free-standing houses must be the average more than ten times as much pay 775.000 euros as in East German medium-sized cities.

Also Wiesbaden with an average of 650,000 euros, Freiburg (600,000 euros), Frankfurt am Main (550,000 euros) as well as Stuttgart and Heidelberg (550,000 euro each) are very much in demand. For real estate professionals, it is clear that the demand for home ownership is a response of consumers to the financial crisis. Home ownership as a sustainable, secure and inflation protected asset is experiencing a revival”, explains the SHB expert. That drive the demand according to existing real estate, but also in the field of construction. After the depression was reached in 2009 with 83.898 new apartments in one – and two-family dwellings, the tide turned. 2011 issued permits for the construction of 112,000 homes in and nationwide two-family dwellings. In the first half of 2012, the number of newly approved single-family homes dropped again easily, that the number of approved condos grew rapidly. Who also wants to set against this background property, but

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