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Prominent and successful writer asks ‘Turn to the ballot box’ in addition to math, German and English to cramming school children from immediately the subject of health, school + family medicine Professor Dietrich Gronemeyer. calls in the current issue of parents magazine”. Children know much about computers, mobile phones, cars “, so the brother of singer Herbert Gronemeyer. They hardly know. only their own body” The prominent physician and best-selling author advocates to introduce children early to your own body and the relationship between body, mind and soul. A motto that children can grasp early: Turn to the ballot box! “, so Gronemeyer in school + family”. Through gymnastics, children could learn playfully stretching, balance and coordination exercises.

At the same time the father of three children warns parents to taboo illness and death. We have taken a friend home with us who was suffering from cancer. He died also in us. My children have experienced intense this time.” The whole interview with Dietrich Gronemeyer read in the latest issue of school + family”. “” Focus topics of this issue are also memorized learning training for the head: 7 strategies “as well as the 1st class so your child is ready for school”. The magazine for parents of elementary school students from the Nuremberg Sailer Verlag (Bayard Media Group) is available immediately for 3.60 euros at newsstands. Note: Like we send the complete interview with Dietrich Gronemeyer. Contact Bayard: Nicole Brunner, corporate communications email: Tel: 0821/7004-5557