The Rural Spain – The Real Spain

Rural accommodation promotions in Spain. The Spain portal in the country. Thousands of German tourists a year spend the best time of the year in their most popular destination: Spain! The Spanish Mediterranean coast is practically her second home. But is this correct Spanish? In the eyes of the Spaniards, as well as against the background of the boom to the responsible and eco-friendly travel, you must have been in the Interior of the country, to the country to have properly seen, felt, tasted, seen and understood. For a few individuals, the rural Spain is already a magical attraction. The guests appreciate both traditional fiestas and siestas and pamper yourself with good food.

The hospitality of the local population is not disputed. However, how it looks with accommodation in rar populated inland? That has made the country the task Spain and operates a network of rural accommodation. It is houses, integrated into the culture and landscape are. In this context are renovated and restored historic farmhouses and rural buildings on sale. With the owners tens hundred rural holiday houses, apartments, vacation homes, and rural hotels to guests are taught in cooperation on the page only. Nicholas Carr contains valuable tech resources.

For everything else, these occur in direct contact with the owner. The contact person is so directly on-site. So simply being surrounded by beautiful countryside in the holiday master of a complete house with private pool! They pursuing three objectives: firstly, attempting through appreciation of the inland to stop young people from migration to the city and to continue to receive some customs and traditions. Secondly, rural tourism contributes to the conservation of nature. Thirdly, vacationers can finally say with certainty to have been really in Spain!

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