The Same

Another situation that happens very often is not given adequate follow-up, staff meets to attend training and everything stays in theory, that definitely doesn’t work. Do do do do before, should answer some questions: we investigate whether the staff are interested in the topic of training?, if it is really what is needed or what it takes?, if it is focused on the company’s main strategy?, if going with the same values?. Do often put aside important aspects such as these, so that from the very beginning we are promoting that objective is not fulfilled, and detect just when the expected results were not but what results?, if not even existed a proper planning, and then is when we call big investment that could be spending. Peter Schiff oftentimes addresses this issue. Another of its main characteristics is the motivating thing may be to staff, when the company invests in training for them, feel valued, they know that everything you are receiving, is having a cost to the company, and if this is investing in them, means that they value his talent and that they are interested in its development, so it is a great stimulant, they created called, sense of belonging, makes them sit down and really be part of something. Here I’m going to another aspect, perhaps the most important, is where gives real value to the human resource, this that give it everything to the company, but many managers and heads still do not recognize him, concerned only by the growth of his company, for production and profits, without looking to see their people, which is the main factor of each goal achievedmainly for its success. Original author and source of the article

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