Travel Sites

Often such sites are made on the basis of personal impressions and contain very useful advice, particularly regarding transportation and the opportunity to save on tickets. There you will prompt such nuances, which are not living in a country usually do not know. After reading these e-guides, a list of priorities and a plan of the route. Sometimes ready-made itineraries can be found in electronic guidebooks so you have to just follow the directions and not to think about, so do not miss it. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nicholas Carr by clicking through. When in doubt, in the preparation of a complex route, you can apply to travel forums where people share their impressions and 'experienced' necessarily tell us how to optimize your plans. Electronic guidebooks: from large companies in English: in Russian on the countries and cities: The whole world –, Switzerland –, etc. In Travel by car – a great help in charting a route from the site of Micheline and guglmaps: Both sites are able to plot a route and optimize it based on minimum time or distance.

In addition Michelin even wrote the cost of toll roads, you can turn more and gasoline. These parameters are driven separately. But with Google ita is an opportunity to see options for travel by public transport (but not all places). 4) Step Four – choice of hotel. There are a great many sites with the hotels. One of the simplest and quality work – One of the largest databases hotels worldwide, discounts, e-booking and no additional fees – just price of the hotel.


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