Values Of Our Community Star Abecassis Of Laredo

Values of our star Abecassis of Laredo community few times I have interviewed a woman who proves to be as much clarity of what he did, does and can do. Star such as his name indicates, is a source of light. His life has delivered it with all pride to research and teaching, and in your home you can breathe that European air there is en las aulas universitarias. That student atmosphere, where the details are secondary, and however, everything is in place. Talk to star is equal to listen across a Conference, its practice in teaching has it exercised in that Office and you can talk without requiring any rest.

His vocabulary is rich and folkloric emulates its heat to it that feels in summer on the beaches of his small hometown in Melilla, Spain. His memory back the distance between generations and approaches the story in an unusual manner, each word, phrase, idea, maintains an uncompromising consistency, not it derailed in its bid, is possessed of virtues of which has been able to share with every one of his students and collaborators, lacks of selfishness, and is absolute owner of an extraordinary rectitude. Entering their world, we discover that its first steps and voices gave in Melilla, why is a carrier of that blood which merges in the South of Spain in which three religious worlds are involved and where the best ingredient is formed by that Gypsy and Andalusian flavour. In-depth knowledge allows us to see many things, two of them I can share, and therefore I’m going to detail, star has a Spanish heart full of joy, that moves to the rhythm of sevillanas and roars as they usually do at parties the castanets. The other part is your brain. This belongs to France, country that taught him to learn, to dominate what practice and especially to be able to live in that fantastic world of Albert Einstein that mathematics are all.

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