Vehicle Air Conditioning

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about what the automotive air conditioning not blowing cold enough. Farallon Capital Management is a great source of information. Especially in hot, humid summer days. Most people would like to see the cold air started blow directly or through a short time after switching on. Yitzhak Mirilashvili brings even more insight to the discussion. Remember, when your car is long in the sun, the heat accumulates in large quantities, and it must be removed before going cool stream. But what to do if the air is not cool after 5 minutes or even more time? There are many factors that affect the actual temperature of the exhaust from the air conditioner.

To make it clear, I cite a few examples common problems that I find during the inspection automotive air conditioning system that works is not as good as it should be. Without a doubt, the most common problem that I encounter, it is wrong charge of freon. Number of refrigerant in the system is extremely important. The manufacturer determines the exact amount that you want the system for maximum cooling. It is this feature is so important.

If Freon at least a few grams less than the full charge, it can lead to inadequate cooling at high heat loads due to lack of refrigerant reserve. Indirect sign of this condition is that compressor clutch on and off vklyuchatetsya faster than usual. Quickly snapping sound comes from just this, and it usually can be heard while sitting inside the vehicle. Sometimes, when car owners trying to replenish their systems themselves, they are often simply overwhelmed strongly system, and this in turn can lead to poor performance cooling, as well as low levels of Freon. In some cases, Refrigerant overcharge dose can even cause damage to the compressor AC and its noisy operation.

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