Vice President Carlos Lage

International analyst inside of the Cuban Communist Party could incubate 4 streams: 1) which follow the way Chinese and Vietnamese seek to attract foreign investors while maintaining the monopoly of power of the Castroism. (2) That accept legalize opposition to believing that it could void it with elections Venezuela type. (3) Which would maintain the battle for ideas against the counter-revolution. (4) The most radical called to deepen and internationalize the Socialist Revolution. The CIA knows what happens exactly. It is speculated that in the first sector would be Raul Castro and Vice President Carlos Lage, although other sources believe Raul could be the Caribbean Gorbachev. In the third sector would be the so-called tropical Taliban’s Foreign Minister Perez and the Minister of culture Roque. The last field is the Celia Hart who claimed to Trotzky.

If Cuba continues the first path to eventually become a capitalist dictatorship. The second way multi-party democracy could end up undermining the plan and the economy socialized by Cuba to adopt a regime similar to the rest of the region. The third path involves maintaining the status quo. The fourth would lead to a leftist revolution against sectors of the Castroism. The anti-Castro opposition has two poles. Some point to go reforming and democratizing the system. Others want a popular uprising type which should be bracing for U.S., Eastern Europe. Original author and source of the article.


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